So this can be called a full review. So by now you should probably know the huawei p50 pocket its a clamshell style, foldable foam from huawei, just like the regardless z flip, but huawei does a couple of things better than the gausss z flip. The first thing you notice is that the phone actually floats completely flat there isnt that gap in the hinge that you get from the gauss z flip. 3.. The second thing is the screen: 6.9 inch oled panel, you dont, really see a crease and, more importantly, you can feel the crease too. When you run your finger up and down on the screen, you only feel a slight indentation in the folding point, not like on the z flip 3, which has a very harsh like gap, its almost like a dip. Now, because the hinge can fold completely flat. That makes the p50 pocket a little bit thinner than the z flip three. This thing measures 15.2 millimeters in thickness right now, when folded and 7.2 millimeters when unfolded, despite the phone being so thin, theres a 4 000 milliamp hour battery inside which can power this phone for almost all day, if youre a really heavy user. Like me, if youre a more lighter casual user, it will power the phone all day. This is a 21 by nine aspect. Ratio screen, so the phone in the hand when its unfolded feels very much like a typical slap phone. Just a lot thinner.

This is a 120 hertz panel by the way – and you have stereo speakers so pretty good for video. Watching now around the back. I have the white color variant of the phone and youll see this little diamond edge pattern thats, because huawei is going for fashion and luxury with this phone theres, also a gold model designed by this dutch designer and its its very opulent. Looking so um. For me. Personally, i like the white color better, but the gold one is the premium edition that huawei did a couple of fashion photo shoots with, and it did look pretty good in the hands of like good looking models. But lets go back to this hinge, so this hinge actually can stay open halfway and yes, that means you can do things like take selfie videos or photos, hands free by just putting this on a table, but youll probably want to take selfies with the main camera System because theres actually a one inch oled display out here that allows you to use it as a viewfinder. Now this is a little bit small compared to the screen on the z flip three, but its still pretty functional and you can cycle through the switch to videos all that and then you also have other widgets like weather calendar. You can read notifications too, as it comes through, but you cant really interact with the notifications. Now speaking of this camera system, huawei calls is a super spectrum.

Camera system, its hit on by a 40 megapixel main camera, f, 1.8 aperture and then a 13 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 32 megapixel super spectrum sensor. So super spectrum sensor detects colors and it helps the xd optics engine in here to produce shots with lively punchy, colors that are still accurate and true to life. So the xd optics engine huawei first introduced it in the p40 series and then the p50 pro got. The gen 2 version that was upgraded and if you saw my p50 pro review, you remember that that phone really had a brilliant camera photos came out. Looking amazing im happy to report that the main camera here keeps up very closely with the p50 pro. In fact, lets take a couple photos right now of um, a bunch of colors right here. Okay, so we have a lot of colors here. So lets put this camera to the test. So we have the main camera ultra wide camera and you can go two times. Zoom but theres all digital zoom, because theres no zoom lens and 10 times zoom. If you look at the photo, youll see that you have excellent sharpness and pretty good color accuracy you see compared to the actual building, so i actually took the p50 pocket on a camping trip uh over the weekend i took a lot of photos and videos, so As you can see, for the most part, the p50 pockets main camera does a really good job, particularly at night.

Now, unfortunately, the ultrawide camera is below par, particularly for a device at this price point during the day is fine, but at night the ultrawide camera really suffers and even night mode only helps matters a little bit. So overall, i would say the p50 pockets main camera. Its really good its flagship territory, but the ultra wide camera is a little bit weak and there is no zoom lens at all, but you know small photo phones having a compromise system is not new. The zflip3 also has a weaker camera than the galaxy s21 ultra. I think if i have to pick a camera system, the p50 pockets camera system is a little bit better than the z, flip threes, but of course, theres. A major elephant in the room that everybody should already know by now is that this phone cant run google. So that means it automatically makes the phone very hard to use for a lot of people. But i just want to say for me its actually usable its its, not ideal that i cant have google apps natively, but it doesnt it doesnt make the phone unusable thats, because there are a lot of alternatives on here. For example, you can still run gmail in microsoft, outlook, microsoft outlook will sync you to your google account and run gmail and google calendar fine. You can still watch youtube on the web browser. In fact, if you jump into huaweis web browser, youtubes actually listed on the bookmarks automatically and google maps actually works on it.

So you can get from point a to point b. So, for the most part, ive been able to put my sim card on this phone and use it fine for other apps like instagram facebook, twitter, you can just download it from a third party source or huawei, has a search engine called pedal search that will help You find the app that you need so unless you really really need access to like google drive and google docs on a daily basis, you probably can get by using this phone, but it is more annoying its not going to be as seamless as using the gausss Z, flip 3.. Now the reason this phone camera on google is due to us sanctions, not unfortunately, those same u.s. Sanctions have prevented huawei from building its own 5g chip and also from sourcing 5g chip. So that means the p50 pocket runs on a snapdragon triple eight, but its just the 4g version of snapdragon triple a so. There is no 5g connectivity on this phone now, its not really a big deal to me. I think 5g is still in its infancy. So right now, youre not really getting much benefit of it, but that means this phone is not future proofed as other 5g phones, because maybe in a year or two 5g networks will be more widespread and widely used now. Finally, the biggest hurdle of this phone is the price, this phone retails for 1 200 euros, which comes out to 1 400 us dollars, and this is for the white version, the gold edition, the premium edition retails for around 1 700 us dollars now.

This is really high, considering the gaza z. Flip 3 starts at 999 us dollars, but i think what huawei is going for right now is the luxury market, the niche market, because huawei understands that, because this phone doesnt have google mobile services its not going to be a phone for mainstream average users. Anyway, the only people who are buying this phone are fans of huawei or people who want a niche alternative device to samsung and apple. So for those people they may be willing to pay more theres. No denying that this phone is relatively pricey compared to the gausss z flip three, but to some people it may be worth it because this is almost like its marketed like a luxury item and then and in hong kong. This phone has already sold out at my friend trinity in the china store, so there is demand for this phone but um. Ultimately, i im just happy to see huawei still coming out with new phones and still selling products at a premium flagship range. They have not given up, despite u.s sanctions, now its going to be an uphill battle for huawei to sell this in europe at 1 200 euro, when the galaxy z, flip 3 is there for less money, 5g connectivity and google apps support, but huaweis just gon na Try anyway, so thats about it for this review of the huawei p50 pocket. I like this thing a lot, but ultimately i just prefer my foldables to be bigger.

I still like the huawei mate x2, better on the gausss z43 or the oppo find n, but this is really good for people who, like something compact, portable and i guess a little bit fashionable so thats about it.