This is one of the latest releases, the xperia 1 mark, 3 or iii. When you read it online, this thing is an absolute powerhouse brimming with specs. The main draw is that its 3840 by 1644 6.5 inch screen 12 megapixel camera at 2160p, 12 gigs of ram and a 4500 milliamp battery. This is a personal phone of mine im actually going to use this. I havent even opened it yet. The reason im just filming it is because its kind of a wasted opportunity. Why are we going to do this? Because there is a little bit of relevancy here? The sony reader store is actually still alive and well in japan and we will be showing you in the full review, manga, ebooks and a whole bunch of other e book and e reader related content and applications. But for now lets check out what comes in the box. Someone seemed to really touch the box on the outside from factory, because this is brand new but theres, some weird fingerprinting on there for the most part, xperia phones, we know last three gens havent had any seals or anything like that. So we hope this is a brand new phone. Well, i do because it is mine, this ones, actually just a im going rogue with this one, its completely my device here that im using. So what do we have in the box here? We have a dual sim, but it is not a true dual sim.

It is a hybrid dual, which means you can use two sims or a sim and a micro sd, because it has 256 gigs on board. I bought it because i require two sims to run the business operations of good e reader, my canadian cell phone plan and my japan cell phone plan. I have no idea whats in this box, completely honest, theres, no cable, unless theyre under here or unless its not supposed to come with a cable. I know the mark ii, my buddy got one and he said there was no cable, so theres, actually no cable. In here and theres nothing inside there, because i can shake it and i can hear that theres nothing in there thats very interesting all right. I did not know that, but thats totally fine. I believe this has wireless charging and it has usbc and we have one million and one cables around so here is all of the information youll want to know about how to transfer your information, fingerprint sensor and nfc on off theres, the type c adapter. Why is there a usb type c adapter, no thats, not an adapter thats, just showing the usa to potentially other regions, uh wall adapter, so it doesnt come in plastic. It comes with this paper, which is kind of nice. Ive always been a big. A big fan of manufacturers that put paper on their devices rather than plastic, also that says paper on there, so we know its actually paper.

This is a very, very nice phone ive wanted for a while just waiting for the price to go down, and i believe the four got released the iv. So it was my perfect time to strike. The only downside is that, at least in my region here in the japan office, they didnt have a white color. I wanted a white one, they have gray green black and purple berry, which i got. I, like the white one, that the mark ii had this. One is only a purple so thats fine, i like purple so theres the dual sim card. We have a bunch of cameras on the back im, not going to say anything about the sensors or anything, because i do not know the actual angles. The wide angle, if its flat, i dont, even know what that one is. That is super deep down in there. That is a deep lens and we have a bunch of buttons on the side fingerprint sensor. We have another button im, not sure, because this one acts as the power button as well, and an individual shutter button with a usb at the bottom and a headphone jack at the top. A lot of people like headphone jacks, i like headphone, jacks, im glad it has it. This is everything that comes in the box, with my personal purchase that i will be using in my everyday life, the sony xperia 1 mark iii in berry. If you guys want to see about how much the sony reader store, has a life left in it in the japan market and to see some ebooks some content, some manga, some business magazines, newspapers and a whole bunch more well try to keep it relevant stay tuned To the review coming up soon for goodiereader.