This phone is beautiful. This phone rocks. It is so good, the first of its kind in terms of specs and the first tecno phone with a 5g network, thats really cool, see guys if theres any smartphone brand. That has tried to offer everyone a smartphone on your budget, its techno moba. No, no for a fact, its, not a market gmack its the truth, and today i will be unboxing. The all new techno cover 5g and ill. Give you guys my honest thoughts on how it feels having the new technopol for 5g and hopefully youre, going to buy this smartphone after watching this video so guys before i get started please if youre new and watching this video please hit on the red subscribe button. Thank you very much. Its totally free and dont forget the bell icon for notifications on my next video. This one is available at 147, 000 or 257. For that you get a tall looking box that houses the phone and its accessories. So inside the top box you get the smartphone. This is beautiful guys. It comes in this item, black color, which some will probably say its masculine, no, its not it suits everyone. You can see the techno pover logo next and the 5g, and then you have the manchester city logo that really complements everything. Next, you have a plastic case for the device it feels premium and fits the smartphone. Well, it comes with a 12 plus one month.

Warranty card the headphones, the sim ejector pin a usb type c cable and the charger for the design you get a premium. Looking device that is made of plastic looks like the techno common 17 pro in a way, but its more beautiful and feels lovely. You also have a plastic frame here with a glossy finish and have some shiny touch to it. It retains fingerprint all over, but when you have the premium case, it feels a lot better. This one is almost seven inches tall with a control in the front and thats, really an ideal size. Think of whatever you love to enjoy from a smartphone. This tall looking device is going to satisfy all of that needs. It has a thickness of 9.07 millimeter and thats pretty much a one hand, usage smartphone. I love the smooth response Music, so the external features include an extra microphone on top of the device and below you have the microphone. The speaker, grill, the usb c port and the 3.5 mm earphone port and then on. The left side is a tray for sim and micro. Sd card on the right side holds the power button. That is also the fingerprint unlock and the volume up and down rocker behind you get a rectangular camera bomb that houses three camera lenses and a flashlight. I love how techno placed the camera lenses on this device. Unlike the tecno camon 17 pro, it does not protrude overall design.

This smartphone spots everything decent and it is okay on first look. Youll definitely fall in love already. What do you think of the design? Moving on to the display it refreshes at 120, hertz and 60 hertz with a resolution of 2460×1080 pixels, it is a full hd display, with pretty colors good contrast and sharpness thanks to the mediatek dimension 900 chip. Here, this phone display is ok. It feels almost like an amoled display with very thin bezels and almost nothing to obstruct the 6.9 inch display. It is so smooth for gaming and also surfing the web very fast and also responsive. You have a total and two two benchmark score of 482 606 on this device. This should really be the fastest technophone ever or should i call it a smooth operator app. Switching on app launching is a breeze and nothing seems to be a barrier to the speed of the techno pover 5g. You have an 8 gigs of ram here and 128 gigs of internal storage, a density of 389 pixels that makes gaming so enjoyable here. This chipset also allows for exceptional gaming performance, and the response is fast. You have money g68 gpu that controls, graphics and also a big battery to compensate your desire for the fingerprint unlock. It is fast, not the fastest in the business, but it is very responsive. Im impressed well done techno. The battery here is a six thousand million battery capacity with an 18 watt fast charging ability.

So when fully charged, you have a non stop three hours of gaming experience on this device and takes almost three hours to charge from zero to hundred percent the 5g modem in this phone chip provides a faster network coverage and also consumes power. The bad news is, there is no 5g network, yet in nigeria, but not for the worse. This phone is fast. On the camera side, you have a 50 megapixel main camera lens, an extra two camera lenses. I first tested out the autofocus in video recording. I was super impressed and the quality is okay. It shoots videos at 4k, 30 frames with an ultra steady feature that is only available in 1080p. You can also shoot 1080p at 60 and 30 frames. Overall picture quality is good. You have lots of details present. The color reproduction is okay and also have decent amount of saturation. The selfie camera also makes good picture quality and its okay overall image quality is fine and detailed enough for whatever i need a good camera phone for. What do you think this is beautiful and also very impressive guys i love what im seeing the colors are intact and for me, the skin tone is on point so guys. What do you think of the sound quality and im currently shooting at 4k 30 frames, and you have two microphones right on the top of this smartphone and i think it sounds better. So please tell me in the comments what you think of the picture quality so guys.

In conclusion, i love this phone honestly and i comment tegnu for such an introduction. It should actually be amongst the flagship options of 2022.. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below thank you so much guys for watching this video, please, on your way out, dont forget to hit the subscribe button if youre new and watching this video for the first time.