Now, before we go any further, i do want to remind you to go ahead and hit that subscribe button. It helps out the channel a lot and for your convenience. I have included the link to this phone in the video description, so be sure to check out that link for the latest info on pricing and availability, because this is always changing. But with that being said, lets get started. So this phone has a 6.52 inch lcd display with a resolution of 720p a ppi of 269 and an aspect ratio of 20 by 9. so were getting a pretty tall and narrow form factor here, which is going to be great for content consumption. If youre reading its going gon na fit more stuff on the screen, so you wont have to scroll as much and if youre, watching a video or something like that, especially in landscape mode. Its gon na have a nice cinematic, looking aspect ratio and, of course, in addition to this, the phone is definitely on the larger side. Now its not the biggest phone out there you can get, but at 6.52 inches i would say this display is still decently large. Now, as far as the actual image itself goes, it does look decently sharp for what it is really only being a 720p display and the colors look pretty nice as well. Now the screen is decently bright but i will say the viewing angles really arent the best.

Really, unless youre looking at the phone straight on youre, really not going to be able to see it very well, so thats, definitely something to keep in mind. I have seen much much better, even in this price range, but overall for just general use provided youre in a normal kind of setting. The display is decently good. Now we got a water drop notch up here for the front facing camera, and this camera is 8 megapixels, so not bad. Overall. As far as the general look of the phone goes, the bezels are a little on the thicker side and this isnt the thinnest phone out there, but overall, i wouldnt, say its bad. It is a pretty standard. Looking entry level phone, i feel like ive, seen plenty of phones that look almost exactly like this, so its nothing special but at the same time its nothing exceptionally bad, either. Now for storage, this phone is getting 32 gigabytes of internal storage with microsd card expansion. So while this is pretty common for an entry level phone like this, i would say that 32 gigabytes is really not that much. So if youre, maybe new to smartphones – and you dont quite know yet how much storage things really take up. Just keep in mind that 32 gigabytes of internal storage in this day and age is really not a whole lot. To give you an idea of what this really looks like right now, as you can see here, im using 14.

64 gigabytes right now and thats 46 of the entire storage available and, as you can see right here really all i have on here is the system which You cant not have and then a few different apps, and this is really pretty much all i have. I will say this is barely anything as far as apps go and again its taking up 46 of my entire storage. So you can probably imagine, as youre, accumulating apps photos and videos data from text stuff like that, its really going to add up fast, even if youre, just an average user. Now, if you do hardly anything on your phone and only have a couple different apps, then you might be able to get away with it just fine. But if youre used to more moderate activity i would definitely suggest at least getting a micro sd card. So you can offload some photos and videos and stuff like that to save some space now, if youre a power user, i would definitely recommend looking into a different device that has more storage, because even with a micro sd card, nothing really beats having more internal storage. On the phone – and there are plenty of entry level phones that have 64 gigabytes. So if you are one of those people who has a lot of different apps and photos and videos and stuff like that, you might want to consider this now. One cool feature: this phone has thats kind of unique for a phone in this price range is wireless charging.

This phone actually does support 10 watt wireless charging, so thats a real nice feature to have for a couple different reasons. The first reason is simply the convenience factor, because sometimes its nice to just put your phone on a wireless charger instead of having to plug it in the other cool thing about wireless charging is if something happens, to your charging port if it breaks or something like That, if you dont, have wireless charging, you basically just have to throw out the phone and get a new one, but with this phone, since we have wireless charging, if the charging port breaks – and you have a wireless charger – youre – probably going to be able to use It for a little bit longer since with wireless charging, you dont absolutely need the charging port to keep the phone alive. Now, of course, wireless charging is not a game changer by any means, but since this phone does have it its definitely a nice feature, especially once you get used to it now for security, this phone has both a fingerprint scanner and face unlock, and the fingerprint scanner Is located right here on the power key? I always thought this was a nice spot for it, because, since youre going to be touching the power key to wake up your display anyway, its nice to have it unlocked at the same time and then, of course, having face unlock doesnt hurt either. Because when you have both options, if youre in a situation where one is more convenient, of course, youll be able to use that one or if you prefer one over the other, you wont have to worry, because this phone has both so lets give this fingerprint scanner A try and see how well it works there.

We go one more time and there we go. So, as you can see, this fingerprint scanner is real, fast and responsive. In fact, i would say its actually quite a bit faster than a lot of phones that are more expensive than it so thats a nice thing to see now taking a look at the rear camera setup. Here we got a 13 megapixel main camera, a 5 megapixel ultrawide camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensing camera for portrait mode. So this is a pretty decent setup, its not really anything extravagant, but im glad that this phone has an ultrawide camera, because there are lots of other phones in this price range that dont now it doesnt have a macro camera. But i personally do think this is outweighed by the fact that it has an ultra wide camera, because an ultra wide camera honestly has so many more uses than a macro camera. A macro camera is more of a niche type of feature than not everyones going to benefit from, but with an ultra wide camera. Most people are going to be in a situation where it would come in handy one way or another. So, to give you an idea of what this phones camera can do here are some photos taken with the camera for what it is. This phones, camera really isnt, half bad its actually pretty impressive, how it captures the colors and details and the pictures are a lot brighter than i expected now.

These are a couple photos taken with the ultrawide camera now in terms of ultrawide cameras, these arent really the best ive seen if youre using the phone to take photos for social media, or something like that that you really want to keep. Then i would say you could probably do better, because there is quite a bit of distortion here. They definitely dont look the greatest. But if you just want to take a few photos here and there just for the sake of using the ultrawide camera, then it should be okay, but as far as the regular camera goes, i do think the photos taken with the regular camera, considering that this is Just a hundred dollar entry level phone are actually pretty impressive. Now this is a photo taken with portrait mode. I will say with portrait mode on this phone: it is a little bit tougher to focus on things than it may be with other phones, but if youre patient enough, it does get the job done now. My only complaint about this photo in particular is that its a little dim – and that does seem to be a common thing that you find in lower end phones, so its not really that big a deal but just keep in mind. If you want to get nice photos for social media, or something like that, that you want to keep this phone does have that capability, you just will have to probably be a little patient with it and really just take the time to get the right shots and Angles now for video, this phone can shoot in a max quality of 1080p in both the rear and the front cameras, so thats pretty standard nothing out of the ordinary there.

I probably wouldnt use this phone to shoot videos that you want to keep, especially if theres audio in them, because the microphone of this phone is really not going to be very good for anything besides talking. But if youre just making videos for snapchat or something where the quality isnt too important, then it should be fine. Now, internally, this phone is getting three gigabytes of ram with the mediatek helio p22 processor. Now we ran a geekbench 5 benchmark test on this phone and it came back with a single core score of 147 and a multi core score of 820.. Now, in and of itself a geekbench 5 benchmark test score doesnt really mean a whole lot. You really need something to compare it to so what i would do is run a geekbench 5 benchmark test on your current device and compare it to this to see if this phone will be an upgrade. Now, in my experience using this phone, i havent really had too many performance issues. For the most part, it has run pretty smoothly, but i have had several apps crash on this phone that i didnt really expect to crash. There were really simple things like instagram facebook, even geekbench, 5 itself. When i first tried to run the benchmark test, it actually crashed in the middle of it and that rarely happens on geekbench 5. This is one of the few phones where it actually had trouble running the benchmark test.

Now that doesnt mean that its going to crash every time, you try to open an app because for the most part it has been fine, but its still something. To keep in mind, because if youre going to be on your phone, a lot youre, probably going to experience this once or twice with at least a couple different apps. So if youre going to be in that situation, where youre constantly on your phone, you might want to consider getting a different device with a better processor, because while this phone is fine for more regular use, if youre constantly on it youre bound to notice it struggling More frequently now for the battery, this phones battery is pretty decent, its not amazing, but its not half bad either. So we got a 4 000 milliamp hour battery. This supports 10 watt fast charging again its not the biggest battery out there, but its not small either. So youre gon na get a decent amount of battery life throughout the day, and even if you use your phone pretty heavily and drain it a lot, the 10 watt fast charging is definitely going to help because, of course, with fast charging, you can charge your phone. A lot faster now in terms of longevity, this phone is going to be pretty decent with the 4 000 milliamp hour battery as the battery degrades youre, probably not going to notice it nearly as quickly as you would with say, an iphone battery.

This is typically a lot smaller, but at the same time, youre not going to get the same longevity as you would, with a 5000 milliamp hour battery, of course. So will the batteries longevity really be a problem with this phone? Definitely not, but if it is your priority, if you want a phone thats going to have the best type of battery longevity, when you can get and keep it for years without having to replace it, then you could still do better. Now, unsurprisingly, this phone doesnt have nfc, despite more and more budget phones getting it. You still dont, typically see nfc and phones in this price range, but maybe sometime in the future. Phones like this might start getting it, but as of right now, if you are looking for a phone that does have nfc, this is not going to be it now in case you dont know what it is. Nfc is the main technology behind contactless mobile payment services like google pay. So if you were hoping to use it on this phone, unfortunately you wont be able to so now that weve gone over some of the specs of the phone lets take a closer look at the device itself. So, on the left side, here not a whole lot going on just the slot for the sim card and the micro sd card on the bottom. Here we got the microphone a usbc port and the speaker on the right. We got our power key.

That also doubles, as our fingerprint scanner volume down volume up on the top. Here we got a three and a half millimeter headphone jack and the noise canceling microphone on the back. Here we got a camera setup, the flash and the visible logo right here. The back is made of a matte material that doesnt really pick up fingerprints a whole lot, but you can still see them a little in certain lighting. Overall, the phone does have a decent design. It doesnt really look too unique or stylish or anything like that, but it gets the job done its not the thinnest but its definitely not too thick either. So its still going to be comfortable to hold in your hand and carry in your pocket, and one thing that actually surprised me about this phone being that its really only a hundred dollar entry level smartphone is that it does have some decent weight to it. It doesnt feel cheap at all, so if youre looking for a more inexpensive phone but still want it to feel like its good quality, then this phone is a good option for that. But overall my general thoughts about the visible midnight i think for what it is. This is a pretty good entry level phone. One thing that was a little disappointing to me is just the processor, not necessarily the processing power itself, but the fact that it was a little buggy when i was trying to use certain apps.

That was a little disappointing, but despite that, the performance was decent. So if youre going to be using your phone, a decent amount for more basic activities like sending text messages, making calls browsing the web and some light social media use, then this phone is gon na. Be fine, but if youre gon na be on your phone all the time, youre, definitely gon na start to notice a few little bugs in it and its definitely gon na struggle a bit with higher end activities. So if youre more of a power user, i would definitely suggest looking at a different device with a better processor. As far as the storage goes thats. Another area where i was a little disappointed just because 32 gigabytes really isnt a whole lot of space. But again you do have microsd card expansion with this phone, so that is an option and its really just an entry level phone. So you can only really expect so much, but i do like the quality of the phone itself again. It does have some nice weight to it, and the materials do feel pretty premium for what it is. It has a decently nice camera a pretty good display, despite the pretty bad viewing angles, its got a fairly large battery and wireless charging on top of that. So if youre looking for an entry level phone to do basic activities with and maybe take a few nice photos here and there, then the visible midnight is definitely a viable option.

But i hope you guys enjoyed the video and i hope you found this information useful. As well, if you did dont forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel, and once again i will be including the link to this phone in the video description so be sure to check that out for the latest info on pricing and availability, because That will be changing from time to time, but thats it for this video.