Music. Welcome back to another episode of dads 10 tech reviews where our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder. We review everyday items from amazon and other purchase sites to help you determine whether or not theyre worth buying at the end of the review were going to tell you whether or not gets the dadston stamp of approval, but first lets get into whats in the box. It comes with the microphone. Of course it comes with this windscreen. I typically dont use the windscreen in an office setting like this, because i feel the windscreen cap does enough also comes with the shock mount. It comes with your arm and, of course, the mount for wherever youre mounting this and then a six foot, cable, which is really nice, because it can attach at a distance to whatever youre, using your macbook pro your pc, your playstation 4, whatever youre using this for And by the way, everything im using for this recording today from the lighting equipment to the camera to this microphone, theres going to be a link down in the description where you guys can learn more about those items. You can also purchase those items if you want – and just so you know – were actually using this microphone right now for this review, so everything that youve been hearing so far is coming from this microphone. So this is kind of your audio test. We will do an audio test later, where i compare this microphone to the audio from the camera youre going to hear the difference in that in just a few minutes, but anyway lets get to some of the features of this microphone.

This is a cardioid pattern, microphone, meaning that, when youre talking directly in front of this microphone, that is where its picking up the sound from your voice. All the other ambient sounds that are surrounding this microphone are being blocked, because the microphone is a one directional microphone. So if you start talking or you hear, you know, somebody walking by or dogs or little noises to the sides of this mic or the back of this microphone youre not going to hear it very well its actually going to be dimmed out and dulled pretty well, It also talks about a heavy duty housing, so this is made out of metal this arm and everything here – and i do have two other microphones just like this, and one thing that i really dont like about those microphones is the fact that whenever i move the Arm like this, it makes a ton of noise. The springs are making a bunch of noise, its just constantly making a bunch of noise, so im actually moving this around and i want to know if you guys can hear anything or not because i cant – and i love that so much so if im moving, you Know i like to move around a little bit. You know just you know that, and i dont want you guys, hearing all the springs and all the different noises that are coming from that. So i really like the housing for this. And lastly, this is just a straight plug and play you can plug this into your macbook.

You can plug this into your pc. You can plug this into your playstation 4., its just a usb plug plug it in boom, youre done off and running and youre ready to go. I know that there are people out there that are specification nerds. They want to know the numbers frequency range of 20 hertz to minus 20 kilohertz sensitivity is minus 43 decibels to plus minus three decibels at one kilohertz and if you want more specifications, just click the link down below, but those are the main ones that everybody typically Looks at now lets get to this sound test, so what im gon na do here is im gon na switch to the audio on my camera. Youre gon na hear that now so now, im using the camera audio. Tell me what you hear. You should hear a little bit more echo. It shouldnt be as clean and crisp as this microphone, so anytime youre going to use a cardioid microphone like this. It should sound 100 times better than just having a microphone on a camera like this. I will move a little bit closer just so you can kind of hear that you guys can tell me whether or not you like the sound from here or here better all right now, im switching back to this microphone, and you guys can hear this now. What im going to do is im actually going to talk around this microphone, so you can hear the difference when im talking about that cardioid pattern: okay, okay, so im directly in front of the microphone now now im to the left of this microphone.

Tell me how that sounds now into the back of the microphone. Tell me how that sounds now into the right side of the microphone. Tell me how that sounds. That always feels really weird, when i do that, because im like off camera and im doing that, theres got to be a better way to do that. If youve got a better suggestion for me to do that, put it down in the comments now all right thats. It for the sound test lets get into pricing. This is currently on amazon for 49.99. Yes, you heard me right 49.99, what a great price i know what i like to do on these is i like to give you a little bit of comparison because were talking about amazon here, so im gon na search, usb cardioid pattern microphones and see what the Comparisons are im gon na leave out other brand names just because, but here is one for 149 heres one for 46.99. There is one for 87.99. There is another one for 45.99. There is another one for 79.99 and another one 499.99, so you can see from those prices. This is a budget microphone. So, if youre looking for a good microphone on a budget, i could definitely give this the dads den stamp of approval, so amcrest thats in stamp of approval for this microphone and again, link is down in the description. If you guys are interested in purchasing this microphone. Just click that link you can learn more about it and if you have any questions of what i was doing with this microphone, how you know how much of an audio input i was putting and things of that nature.

Just let me know – and i can give you some of those specifications um in the comments that is going to wrap up this review.