A few days ago, the latest model of the lineup, the renault 7 series, was officially released with significant upgrades in terms of appearance and imaging capability. Today were going to go deeper into the alberino 7 pro and show you what real updates it got. Reno 7 pro is really impressive, with a whole new look featuring a flat and sharp design inspired by the recent apple design. There are not a lot of curved details on the reno 7 series and meanwhile, its especially slim and lightweight though it comes with the polished metal frame. The pro models has a thickness of 7.45 millimeters and a weight of 180 grams, which is quite a surprise, considering that the iphone 13 pro features a smaller display, but weighs more. On the other hand, due to the bigger 6.55 inch display, the reno pro brings a quite different hands on feeling than most other models did before. Probably for those who are used to curved bags, it could be a little bit uncomfortable when holding it for a long. While there are three colors for options morning, gold, stary night, black and star rain – wish well the color names sound a bit strange, but their names are for a reason. So lets take a look at the star rain variants in our hand on the back. The model applies a new process to simulate a new gradient texture of star rain. They claim that they leave 1.2 million fine traces on the back cover and make it like a meteor shower across the night sky that is just gorgeous.

Meanwhile, the new process also brings much better scratch and fingerprint resistance, but this process is a little bit delicate. The back feels a bit slippery. The new design also includes a new triple camera setup, adopting a module that is divided between a glossy part and a slightly raised knurled part for the primary sensor. The other two sensors are an 8 megapixel ultra wide one and another 2 megapixel macro sensor and around the camera module. You would find a really interesting detail. The protrusion, under the rear camera is used to include a notification led ring light now. Lets move to the front face this optimized narrow bezel on the phone is such a pleasant surprise with the fantastic screen to body ratio of 92.8 percent, which brings an even more stunning visual experience when looking at the display, the envelope 90 hertz hole. Punch display has the tight sampling at 180 hertz with gorilla glass 5 protection for display quality, its not exactly a top option at this price range, but thanks to the super narrow bezels, it still has a pretty good visual experience and a good support for hdr content. The reno 7 pro is powered by the mtk dynasty 1200 max that varies from the standard model, which was featuring the snapdragon 778g. According to the results, we got from the benchmarks, its pretty obvious that the mtk chipset can deliver performance that almost equals the snapdragon 870 compared to the standard rhino 7.

The pro boasts upgraded 256 gigabytes of ufc 3.5 storage, stereo speakers and an x axis vibration. Motor all these upgraded features greatly improve its gaming performance and experience Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, yeah. Everybody knows that im breaking down. Everybody knows i aint faking. Now everybody knows my hearts faking now yeah she hates me now. I made mistakes, but now i dont ever want to be alone. I dont really ever feel at home on my own in the zone thats. The only way i know feeling low bout to blow back up Music couldnt even hear another surprise for gamers – is the pre installed gaming assistant software and with the software actions like keeping games running in the background and turning on pro gamer mode for best performance. Now are all available on this phone, even though its not designed as a gaming phone in the actual gaming test, pubg mobile didnt put any pressure on it and the frame rate was stably, kept at 60 frames per second, while in ganshin impact the phone seems to Apply a more conservative strategy to maintain a stable running state, but relatively lock it on 50 frames per second, but eventually the average frame rate of 50.1 frame per second is not bad at all. In another game, the neemium legends, the game experienced much more fluctuations and the frame rate eventually reached 41.7 frames per second, the triple camera module is another big selling point for raino 7 series, so lets check some photos shot on the renault 7 pro the images shot On the 50 megapixel sony, imx 709 are pretty decent with great dynamic range.

Even when taking pictures facing the sun, the exposure was still excellent. With great shadow detail. The colors are pretty close to what we actually see in real life, and it also does a great job of solving the purple framing issue Music and under portrait mode. The images shot on the main camera also present a wonderful bokeh effect, naturally simulating the light spots with different apertures. As for the wide angle, camera, the images are not as surprising as what we got on the main camera due to the limits of 8 megapixel resolution. The samples do not look very sharp and the dynamic range is not as impressive as the main camera. Sometimes it also loses control over the exposure for brightness as we move to the night shooting we found that the night mode on the raino 7 pro works pretty well, no matter for the main camera or the wide angle sensor, its greatly improved the overall brightness and Reserved much more detail for night shooting, especially for the main camera. The restoration of the knight sense looks pretty natural with a better pureness. As for the wide angle, sensors, the improvement is definitely more visible and effective. Speaking of the front camera, the ai algorithm tends to offer beauty effects for portrait shooting, even when there is no retouch being activated. In addition, it also has wide options of makeup and filters for users well its probably more attractive and useful for female users. The third sensor is a macro sensor for extremely close shooting, but we didnt really find anything special from other macro sensors, so just check the samples here on your own.

The combination of a 4500 million per hour battery and a 65 watt fast charge also provided great power support for the rainier 7 pro with the included 55 watt charger. It could charge back to 50 percent of power within just 15 minutes and be fully charged in just 35 minutes, and here is the simple battery life test. We did on the renault 7 pro at least from the results it performed pretty well and by the way the color 12 os run on the reno 7 pro looks pretty nice and during our time with the device it offered a pretty smooth experience with the 90 Hertz display, though we still want to complain about it, not having a 120 hertz option Music, so thats it its hard to define the rayno 7 pro as a flagship model or a flagship killer.