Today i will discuss about a Samsung new flagship phone., its releasing in 3 version. S22S22. S22 Ultra. I will say details about these full specification like cameradisplay, which will bad and good. Why will you buy this phone and how much its price release date in Bangladesh Details? I will discuss. Ok, i am starting the video you will get this in total 3 version. Thats are S22S22 S22 Ultra see the color here. S22 is, and – and here you will not get pink gold for ultra only. – You will get burgundy instead of pink. now network GSMCDMAHSPA. This are previous version .Obviously. These are supported., and here Many people dont know about EVDO Its evolution data optimized Its mainly used in broadband internet data transmission. Now we use LTE Its called long term evolution, .Its and 4G same.. It will support maximum 5G. Our country 5G – still not started.LTE, is maximum., So you will get 5G network in this mobile. It will be launch on 9th february of running year. If i say about body Its length, width and thickness Its 227 gram Front glass is gorilla. Victus plus what is victus plus victus plus, is the toughest and updated version of gorilla glass, the benefit of victus plus Its 100 scratch resistant. If the phone fall from 2 Meter length, then it will not be broken., So it will protect, even though you, through it from meter distance, Its the plus point of victus plus glass.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 6.1 inch Full HD 2340 x 1080pixels Dynamic AMOLED 2X 2X display. Details. I am saying later Its same for s22 plus phone 6.8 inch Quad HD in s22, Ultra Phone 3080 x, 1440 pixels, Full HD. We know QUAD HD many peaple dont know Many people. We know about 4K. Its high resolution display 4K and QUAD HD same NoIts, not same.. If you want, with almost same quality like 4k in lower cost, then QUAD HD is for you, AMOLED called new generation display for its color and brightness Its the best display in AMOLED Its best for its color and brightness.Already, its used in samsung, note and Z Flipe.. Its 2nd times faster than super AMOLED display SoYou, will get a smooth diplay. If i say about platform, then They are using their Exynos 2200 for internationally For china and USA. They are using Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon, 8 Gen 1. We know about Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.Its, the best processor, after Apple bionic, 13 and 15.. So no need to be confused. It is updated. Processor Bionic is apple processor. Only they use. Here you will get Android 12.Its. The android latest version .Previous its used in 56 phone.. Now, coming to main camera S22 and S22 plus camera same., You will get 50MP. 50 MP wide camera10 MP, telephoto 3x optical zoom 12, MP ultrawide camera, But its changed in Ultra 108 MP wide camera10 MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom10, MP telephoto camera with 3x Optical zoom12 MP, ultrawide camera with super steady video, So already you understand, Ultra is an another level.

Phone S22 and S22 plus same only difference in S22, ultra Ultra have two raw camera, but S22 and S22 plus have one raw one camera more. In ultra 10, MP, telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom is more in ultra. I think ultra is the best camera phone now For S22 and S22 Plus have 10 MP selfie camera and ultra have 40 MP For camera processor, its a package phone. It is best ever phone in android history. You are getting 3700 MA for S224500 MA for S22 Plus5000 MA for S22. Ultra 3700 MA for S224500 MA for S22 Plus will take 50 minutes to 1hr for full charge. You will get 45 W fast charging in ultra. If you confused about anything, please mention in comments In next many video will come on review and technical knowledge Hope you will subscribe my channel and stay with this channel.