com and today i have a review and unboxing of the samsung ring light lets. Do it: okay, Applause, okay, thats it! What an easy unboxing so first impression its very pink, very pink all right. So this is a ring light and its been for um live vlogging streaming. You want to put a you, put a cell phone in front of it. It brings around the cell phone and then you can film yourself. So its got a a pink usb cable. Clearly this was meant for the female live streamer, but all right, so we will set this up and see how it works. So this goes up here like that, oh, oh, i see i see, and then i go like that and then this little this little cover slots in there to hold it in place. Okay and then you can, i just you – could adjust the height, okay, cool, so lets say here and then lets say this was me. I would be like yeah yeah right about there and then a little knob here to tighten it up yeah and in the front here. This little brackets will hold the phone and oh check this out. Makeup mirror. So you know before you get on you make sure you know you. Everything, looks good, nothing in your teeth and stuff like that, and then, when youre ready slip it around put the camera on its adjustable. Okay first thing: i noticed that it doesnt seem to hold big cameras like yeah, i dont.

I guess this is a s21 ultra, so its just its a pretty bad, its pretty big phone. But i guess, if you adjust it, you know you got ta yeah, because you you lower it down to try to balance it and now hits the ring light. So its got to be within this area and its its kind of yeah, its tilting so were going to have a tilted shot. So i guess itll work for a smaller phone, a smaller phone, so this is a definitely probably not recommended for a big phone. Like a samsung galaxy, alright, so uh, unfortunately, im going to test it with this phone because thats all i have right now so power wise plugs in the usb. So i guess i could plug in my computer or in this case ill just uh use a usb battery here so ill, just plug it in and then use the control. Oh pretty cool. Okay, so it has a 10 levels of brightness. So i can make it level one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten, oh yeah thats pretty great and you can also change the color temperature. So you could make it a like a blue depending reddish. You want to change the tone of your skin yeah blue layout, cool all right, so lets uh lets actually test this thing out here on how you would typically do this so uh yeah. I think im gon na make it easier by removing the case off my phone, make it a little smaller that way, all right, all righty, so im ready to live stream, its a its a little tall in the head.

So i lower it down like so yeah there you go uh. My setup here is, i guess, typical of what most vloggers would do. Theyre theyre sitting at the desk, which is butted against the wall and behind me, is a window that is open, letting light in so theres light behind me and and in normal and in that kind of situation. What happens your face is washed out and i can see that with the on my selfie right now. So let me start the recording, okay, so uh right now, uh it is on and uh what i got running is i got both cameras going. I got my a7 running here and i got my little selfie cam running here and, as you can see, uh typical situation. The uh wall im facing the wall, which is how most people have to death but against the wall and behind me, is a window, and you see the window, its kind of blown out and in most situation, uh. My face will be blown up if theres too much light in the background, but uh smartphones today do a pretty good job of actually compensating for this, but we can improve it by turning on the lights lets see what happens here were going to turn on the Lights here, oh look at that yeah thats, an improvement like a definitely brighter, and let me just i can adjust the color. Oh yeah thats cool yeah, so you can see the change in front of me yeah.

So let me look. I think yeah that looks nice. That looks quite nice and let me change the color temperature see what effects that oh theres, a blue light blue yeah, you can see its my face is changing. Oh thats, too red there. That way too right. Okay, yeah yeah, very blue, so one two three yeah, so three color three different color temperature. I think the uh, the most natural is probably the blue blue is very natural, and i see when i wear my glasses. The ring lights been reflected in my glasses. So, okay yeah there you go that thats kind of strange but yeah it works quite well, and i suppose if this was dark, let me turn off the lights in the room here. Let me turn the lights in the room and ill also. I will also close this window here. All right, so lets see how that was hey there. You go yeah and i can – and i can like it, make it like a little brighter. Oh yeah, thats, looking good so yeah. I can you can imagine how uh how this can improve your live, vlogging or or zoom call. You know youre youre, with people youre clicking on the zoom call and ive been on a few zoom call where the person was totally blacked out, because behind them were the windows, they were open and they were sitting against the wall if they had this light ill.

Be able to see the face a lot better, so cool cool okay. So this was the uh pink floating ring, light by sunset technology. It only cost 19.99, so its a its pretty much an impulse purchase and they actually didnt send this to me. They sent us a sally because yeah, you know sally shes, a girl, shes pink. She does. She does zoom calls on her phone and and stuff like that. So this she actually says she actually likes this a lot since she uses it so and really 1999. It does a job, it does a job. So, if youre looking for a solution to improve your your zoom, your live vlog, your live streaming and you dont want to spend a lot of money pink ring light from samsung technology yeah there you go uh, because the only the only downside is, if you have A big if you have a big samsung galaxy ultra phone yeah, you probably want its probably meant for phones that are not bigger than six inches, all right, so thats, the majority of phones, so that should be fine. Okay link to get this product is below this. Video basically its at the sunshine amazon store, and if you want to pick one up cool, it works johnshaw Thank you very much for watching.