Music. The unboxing experience is quite nice. I never had the box so grippy in my hands. I can see that dbrand put a lot of work into offering this experience just for only a case inside the box, there is a fiber cloth in the middle. There is the case and on the right side there is the teardown scheme. Now i have to say that, although i was so pumped up about the unboxing experience when i saw the case and the skin, i was kind of disappointed bear in mind that this was the first time i interacted with this brand. So had no idea of what to expect of or how this product would be. My impression was that the case is ready to put on and no need to assemble. I dont know why. But this is what i thought take the case from the box and put it on the phone. So what happened? Dbrand have this grip case that they also sell it on its own and they have the option to customize it, but the customization is made by the owner thats why the skin was not applied. But let me go back to the case. I can say that the case is worth every penny. I have never hold the phone case so grippy. It sticks to the hand and stays there. It doesnt move even when placed on different surfaces because of its grip. It is hard to put it on the phone, and the worst part is that it nearly takes two hands to put the case in the pocket.

A friend said that it feels like a sandpaper that grippy there is no installation guide in the box, and probably you think that you dont need one its just the case right. Well, i was happy to see that there was a link printed inside the box which shows how to apply the skin. The link takes you to this site, search for your product and click on the item. You have skin or case as this tear down skin is made of two parts. I had to click on the skin to see how to fit a part on the camera and then to click on the case to see how to fit the rest of the skin. It is easy to apply the skin on the camera bomb. After a couple of attempts, i managed to do a good job. It took me more time and attempts to apply the skin on the case. I managed to do it in the end, but there are some creases where the camera cut out is. I think i did a good job and it looks great. The skin is also grippy. The case overall feels good in hand, and it gives a unique look to the phone this until you spot another person with the same skin applied if you have a hard time trying to fit the phone in the case, just sliding the left side in then press On the bottom right corner and then press on the top right corner to do a quick product review of the case, it sticks to the phone.

The top part where the speaker is, is sturdy and doesnt move on the left side, where the volume buttons are. It moves a bit and is not so sturdy, probably because of the cutouts at the bottom, where the speakers and the charging port are. It is sturdy and i would have liked it on the left side to be the same, and the part on the right side, where the power button is is also sturdy. So the only weak point is at the volume buttons. This case has a design that i havent seen before the normal iphone 13 cases have this ray sleeper on the camera bump and when placed on flat surfaces. There is this space on the top left corner that doesnt make any contact with the surface and when pressed there, it wobbles, but the grip case has a different design. The raise on the right side is present on the left side as well. This way the case stays put and touches the surface with every edge, bye, bye, wobbly phone now, having used it for a couple of months, i can say that the only downside is that it collects dust like a lot as i clean the phone for this video. I cant show you how bad it was. It collects a lot of dust where the cutouts are so around the speakers. Charging port and the slide button. Collecting dust is not the biggest issue. The problem is that its very difficult to clean those areas because of the grip of the case.

So, instead of removing the dust, it gets more debris the best way to clean the phone is by removing the case, which, on other items, can be easily done with the case on beside this all is well. I tested the case in cold weather when i visited iceland while snowing and raining, and it survived time will tell how long the skin will last as it will be in contact with all the surfaces and pockets and hands. The link to this product is in description below feel free to like this video subscribe to my channel and click on the bell icon to be notified of other product reviews.