This is the dji mic. It is a wireless dual channel microphone that pretty much anyone can use and its pretty impressive for 329. You get everything thats here, thats the box, all the parts here, but what you dont have is. This is probably the first dji gadget ive seen that doesnt have an associated app. That means you dont have to install anything on your phone to use it youre. Just plugging it into your phone or plugging it into your camera and youre, ready to record the dji mic system. Ships with both of these microphones and each microphone has a little clip on the back, which means you can clip it to the top of your clothing. But they also have these really powerful magnets on the back. Now you can use these, attach them to your clothing inside or out, and you will still record record your audio, both of them connect to this receiver, which has on the front an lcd touch screen display, which shows how much audio youre getting through the microphones as Well, as battery power on each of them, the receivers do not connect to your phone through bluetooth they actually plug directly into either android or ios iphone. So you slide in comes with these little adapters. You slide them into the bottom and then you take your phone and you plug it in right there. So at this point the phones going to recognize it, you just have to tell it its not a pair of headphones and then youre ready to record video.

Just as you would normally, you just have to attach one of the microphones to your clothing. So you might be wondering why the dji mic microphone is kind of larger than your typical lav mic. Well, thats because its a microphone and a transmitter so theyve squeezed both into this little box here youve got the microphone up top transmitter inside theres, also room theres, onboard storage, eight gigabytes of on board storage, which means you dont, have to connect this to anything. You can just start recording through this and then download it to your computer. Afterwards, the mic is flush against the housing, but there is room to attach bayonet style and included tiny fur windsock. So the dji dual mics can record in 30 minute increments and youve got about 14 hours of battery life for 14 hours of recording life. Basically, with these devices, then, when you run out of power just pop it back into the charging case, so magnets are kind of a running theme with dji mic uh. This case is fully magnetized, so nothings going to drop out of it thats the good news, the only thing that bothers me a little bit and its not hard to get the mics out of here or even the receiver, but these guys i can barely grab them To pull them out, my the magnet holds them in place, and then you know i dont know why its so hard to get them out of there.

The tiny magnetic squares that start off holding onto the back of each magnetized mic clip are so strong that when one got misplaced on my metal table, i couldnt pry it off. I had to slide it off the edge, but its just a little bit of overkill. On the magnet side, but otherwise great case, you can see that its uh its almost fully charged, and you can of course use the port usbc port here to add more charge. For my outdoor test i attached the windsock, then i attached the mic to the outside of my sweater and started walking and talking through new york city didnt have to shout. I just spoke in a normal tone of voice, not nearly as cold as i expected it to be. So the question is how easy, im speaking a normal tone of voice? How easy is it to hear me? Stop this? The dji mic did an excellent job of picking up both my voice and the appropriate level of ambient noise. None of it overpowered my voice, but i think you could tell i was walking and trotting through a city in another test. We put the mics under a thick denim shirt under the pocket area, which actually doubled the layer of fabric and under a sweater now only the tiny magnets were showing for both tests. We wore our pandemic mandated face masks. This is me speaking in a normal voice. Talking directly through my garment, which is a fairly thick piece of denim ive, actually got that and my mask ive actually got it underneath the pocket flap here as well, so theres, two layers of denim there yeah yeah well now this is this sweater is somewhat yeah.

I can see it too. The sweater is somewhat thick and i would think it would cut it back a lot, but i was surprised at in the city how much it picked. How clearly my voice came through the sweaters knit allowed more of the sound to come through to create a clear recording, the dual layer of denim muffled, this sound just a bit, but it was still pretty good testing one two three, oh god. Why am i on here? What are you doing? This is a dual mic: wireless dual mics. My wife had no idea what she was wearing. I tried to explain and then ask her to leave the room. The wireless mic has about a 250 meter range. She complained. She couldnt hear me speaking: i yelled it didnt matter. The mic was picking up her voice, so its a microphone, its picking you up, but youre, not saying anything. I am saying something: barely anything im talking. What do you want me to say mostly youre saying i dont get it? What else am i? What exactly am i supposed to say to an empty room? I have to hand it to dji. This is a tremendous first effort for a dual wireless microphone system, its well designed its easy to use, theres everything you need in one box and its just 329 dollars.