Im um kwan ive been using this device for a little while now and heres everything you need to know so. Huawei have launched the p50 pocket in two variations, including a subtle white, with 3d micro sculpture design, and this one in my hand, being the more extra the more eccentric. The more premium version in this stunning gold mind you. This is more a subtle, copper like gold than a typical, yellow or bling gold, and i like it its been co designed with iris van herpen. It takes design cues from nature; it certainly tops it as being the most premium. Looking folding smartphone on the market in the hand its got a nice amount of heft certainly feels well built and more premium than other folding smartphones out. There youve got the huawei branding on this new multi dimensional hinge that works by spacing the screen out inside. To help it give a much more flat display with minimal creases when its fully opened the display inside features a stunning 6.9 inch, oled display with vibrant colors and 120hz dynamic, refresh rate with 300 hertz touch sampling for smoother scrolling and responsiveness back to the front. You have another screen as part of this iconic double ring design. The cover display is intuitive, with a range of themes that can be customized with, looks and additional quick functions. It actually is more useful than youd first think and check this ive customized mine to have a camera weather and calendar app.

So you can also view notifications here and have music controls theres. Also, this cool selfie mode that makes taking photos and videos while its folded really helpful. This particular version is powered by emui, 12 and huawei are continuing to add to the apps available where you can download from a huge range of existing and common apps performance wise. You get the snapdragon 8, 4g chipset and adreno 660.. So, if 5g is a necessity for you, then just something to be aware of youll get 8 gb of ram and 256 gigabytes on the white version, but on this premium version, youre getting 12 gb of ram with 512 gigabytes day to day performance, including multi, tasking Gaming found to be fluid and responsive. The added advantage of the display aspect ratio means that the display feels more immersive playing certain games, an extended gameplay of about 15 minutes or more and youll start to notice. It gets slightly warm on the back, but nothing unusual lets talk about the camera because you get a triple camera setup made up of 40 megapixel, f, 1.8 paired with a 13 megapixel ultra wide, f, 2.2 and finally, a 32 megapixel, f, 1.8 ultra spectrum camera. So, if youre confused by this new ultra spectrum camera, its purpose is essentially to enhance the clarity and visibility of the light. That means you should get better detailed and vibrant shots that ultra spectrum camera even has a cool little trick with the inclusion of mirror mode.

That allows you to detect sunscreen on an ai based precision recognition a strange use case, but you know it does show off the capability of the ultra spectrum camera. So the end result is in terms of photos youre going to get true to life images in terms of color and accuracy across the different modes and focal lengths huawei have greatly improved on this. In my experience and youre going to get great shots, youve got 10x zoom for photos and 6x zoom for videos and low light photos come out nicely, but there are some distortions and noise when zoomed in the front. Camera features a 10.7 megapixel ultra wide angle, with f, 2.2 aperture, okay, so heres an example of video 4k up to 60 frames per second, but im currently recording in 4k 30 frames and you do get ultra wide going all the way through to 6x. In terms of zoom, let me know what you think of the quality over all of the video and also of the audio quality as well. The huawei p50 pocket also features a four thousand milliamp hour battery that helped me get through to around five in the afternoon. Before i needed to charge it up, youll get a little more if youre, not as heavy a user as i am, although i would have liked to see more battery life uh in terms of performance, but the included huawei supercharge fast charger means that i was able To get close to 70 to 80 really quickly, though, at this price point there isnt wireless charging – and you know i love wireless charging, so that would have been nice to see included.

Now, talking of price prices start from around 5099 dirhams, which is over 1 300, though, if you pre order, youll get a free watch, 3 and other gifts, so ill post, more details and links in the description below the question i have for you now is: would The p50 pocket convince you to try a premium folding smartphone.