There are a couple of things to consider right off the bat this phone doesnt support, google services or 5g connectivity. So does the p50 pro offer enough, despite those to be worth getting over other flagships im, will for gsm marina and lets find out in our full review Music. The huawei p50 pro was a flagship through and through and like many high end, devices brings a curvy, elegant glass design paired with a metal frame. The most unique design element here is the camera bump, which is divided into two symmetrical circles. It resembles something like a cassette tape. The phone also feels quite thin and at less than 200 grams, its easy to hold in one hand plus the p50 pro is ip68 rated against water and dust to help protect your investment, and you can get 128 256 or 512 gigs of storage on the p50. Pro and thats even expandable, using a huawei nano memory card on the front of the p50 pro is a 6.6 inch. Curved oled display its high res with a pixel density of 450 ppi and theres, a fast 120 hertz refresh rate too. This high refresh rate smooths out motions like swiping and scrolling, and it will dial down to 60hz to save energy when youre, not interacting with the screen theres, also a fast 300hz sampling rate, which means the panel is extra responsive, which is nice for things like gaming. The screen is quite nice in other ways too: theres support for 10 bit color and hdr 10 plus, and the color accuracy is excellent.

Finding hdr content is trickier than on other phones, but more on that, in a minute, the panel is also brighter than the previous model. The p40 pro we measured a maximum of over 600 nits when using the manual brightness slider, and this can boost up to 750 nits if youre in auto mode in bright conditions, and you get an under display optical fingerprint scanner, which is quite fast and reliable. To wake up and unlock the phone when it comes to audio the p50 pro brings a pair of stereo speakers, which is an upgrade over the p40 pros single speaker setup. The output is loud with a score of good on our loudness charts and the sound is rich, clean and nicely balanced, with pretty good bass. As far as phones go Music when it comes to chipset performance, the huawei p50 pro doesnt disappoint. It brings a snapdragon 88. Just like 2021s flagships and the ui and heavy games run great here as youd expect. Like i mentioned at the beginning, though, on the p50 pro you dont get the 5g modem, so connectivity is limited to 4g networks and as far as thermals go, the p50 pro is about average for these sorts of high performance phones. That is, we do see some thermal throttling after some heavy use, lets move on to battery life and in this regard the p50 pro is a bit lackluster. It has a 4 360 milliamp hour battery, which is sizeable enough, but the phone was able to score just a 76 hour endurance rating in our battery life tests, unlike some other flagship phones, the p50 pro ships with the charger in the box and its a 66 Watt one with it, we were able to charge the phone from zero to 73 in half an hour, and, alternatively, you have support for 50 watt fast wireless charging too.

The interface here is huaweis emui 12 and its actually based on android 11.. The layout overall is familiar to android users, except that here you get a separate control panel for various settings accessed by swiping from the right corner. What youre missing here compared to a typical android phone, are google services youll get something similar through huaweis proprietary package, which includes apps like pedal, search and pedal maps? Probably the thing we miss most here is google play. You can use huaweis app store, but it comes with ads and some popular apps and games arent available. You can find alternative apps with almost the same names, but dont expect the same quality and they may have banner ads too. You can also sideload the real apps through apks, and the search function can directly find the apks online for you. Even so, you cant get apps that rely on googles, mobile services to work right, and on top of that, you cant make great use of the hdr screen due to lack of support by netflix prime video or youtube. At least you can access youtube through the browser, but it doesnt work as well as on the app. For example, you get black bars on the sides of the video. Still huawei has made progress with their own backbone services for developers, and the number of publishers on app gallery is growing. Finally, weve made it to the p50 pros cameras: theres, a 50 megapixel main cam with ois a 40 megapixel monochrome camera a 13 megapixel ultra wide and a 64 megapixel telephoto camera with 3.

5 times, optical zoom and ois. During the day, the main cam takes outstanding 12.5 megapixel photos, images, look balanced and natural with true to life. Colors abundant detail, and just the right amount of sharpening contrast is excellent and dynamic range is impressive. The main cam is also the primary portrait shooter, and these are brilliant. Separation is proficient and subjects are detailed and sharp. The monochrome camera also captures photos in 12.5 megapixels to keep things consistent. Its black and white photos are stunning with magnificent detail and amazing contrast. The ultra wide cam is quite capable during the day. Its photos are sharp and detailed enough and, like the main, cam, have excellent contrast and colors and great dynamic range. This camera has autofocus and is not always on point resulting in the occasional soft photo tapping. The viewfinder to refocus before shooting seems to prevent that, and thanks to the autofocus, you can use the ultra wide to take close up macro shots. These are detailed, sharp and contrasty with well preserved colors. The p50 pros telephoto camera provides 3.5 times optical zoom, and these 16 megapixel photos are exceptional. Theres high resolve, detail and foliage looks great with balance. Sharpening contrast is excellent, colors are accurate and theres no visible noise. Dynamic range is superb, too theres also a seven times. Lossless zoom created by cropping from the center of the original 64 megapixel image. These provide the same great quality as the lower zoom level, except that they arent quite as sharp 10 times zoom on the viewfinder is achieved through upscaling.

So the detail, level and sharpness are a bit lower. Still the other qualities like colors contrast and dynamic range remain great now on to low light photos, while many phones rely on a night mode to produce good nighttime shots. Huawei has integrated such processing into its regular, auto mode. Photos from the main cam are brilliant. With plenty of detail. Great exposure, outstanding, color, saturation and excellent dynamic range blown highlights are rare and shadows. Look natural. There is still a night mode, you can toggle, but its effects are pretty minimal. It brightens up some shadows and the skies add some color saturation and if there were any clipped highlights it fixes them. The monochrome camera takes great nighttime photos with a balanced exposure. Plenty of detail and admirable contrast: there are plenty of clipped highlights due to the more contrasty look, but they actually add a stylistic effect. Ultra wide cameras, arent known for good performance in the dark, but the p50 pros is an exception. These shots are great with punchy, colors, good contrast and exposure and low noise night mode doesnt do much here, except that it might make the colors pop a bit more. If you zoom in the dark, the phone may use the telephoto or it might decide to make a crop from the main cam. If the scene is too dark, if it does use the zoom lens, the results are sharp enough and you get adequate detail. Good exposure, low noise and excellent color saturation turning on night mode may improve the sharpness and colors in some scenarios, but the difference isnt huge zooming at 10 times will get you all right results with low noise and good exposure and colors, but the detail level isnt Great again, night mode doesnt make a big difference.

It can occasionally improve the sharpness and brightness of the photo, though on to selfies. These are taken with a 13 megapixel front facing cam, which has autofocus and a wide field of view in the native wide angle mode. These are among the best selfies weve, seen from a phone theyre. Incredibly sharp and detailed with accurate colors. Superb contrast and great dynamic range. The 0.8 times toggle is a crop from the wide angle photo, and you cant tell that theres digital zoom, going on theyre as sharp and excellent as the default pictures. Finally theres the one times toggle, which is just a bigger crop. In this case, you cannotice a drop in sharpness, but the quality is still fantastic. Overall, the p50 pro can record video and up to 4k, with all of his cameras, and electronic stabilization is always on the main. Cams footage is pretty good, though it seems the sharpness takes a hit from the eis still theres enough detail and a balanced look with accurate colors good contrast and, above average dynamic range. Video quality from the monochrome camera is outstanding. Its detailed with a natural look and superb contrast and dynamic range 4k clips from the ultra wide are good too. They have enough detail and the colors are accurate, though more contrast would have been nice here. The telephoto can capture clips at either four times or ten times zoom at four times. The quality is excellent. With more than enough detail, good sharpness, realistic, colors, commendable contrast and wide dynamic range ten times.

Zoom videos are softer and the level of detail is less otherwise. They have good contrast and accurate colors, so thats the huawei p50 pro the main benefit you get here are these cameras theyre some of the best weve seen on a smartphone. Yet there are also nice flagship features like a waterproof, build a curved high, refresh right, oled stereo speakers, a high end, chipset and fast charging. However, these sorts of features can be found on other flagships too, and besides not having google support or 5g connectivity. The p50 pros battery life is mediocre and its launch price is no less than the competition still if youre a fan of huawei or youre just trying to step outside of the google and apple ecosystems.