This smartphone by motrola model is edge20 pro, and this is meant to be motorolas flagship. Smartphone. The price range is very good as well. You can purchase one of this for around 650 pound uk currency, so its in the same price range as a google pixel 6.. Now it did catch my interest, so i purchased one and my main focus was the camera itself, because apparently the camera is really good. So i had to test it out myself. The build quality itself is very good as well, and it operates very smoothly. I love that the operating system uh the software etc all operates very good and in general, when it comes to the operating the software, how smoothly operates everything? The speaker is very good as well, but there is one downside that would um show you afterwards is. Regarding the camera, now, if youre a camera person and youre purchasing this for the camera purpose, then you might be disappointed. Theres only one feature that really disappoints me, but ill show you that before that in the box, you would get a silicon case. However, theres no screen protector, so you will have to purchase that separately. It comes with this hdmi connector, so you can connect this to the tv and it will directly transfer everything on the smartphone to the tv and that comes along with the smartphone. It also comes with a usb type c charging cable with the mains plug, and this does charge and charge up this smartphone 30 watts turbo charge still not as fast as the new smartphones are coming out, with 65 watts, 120 watts from what i know.

So it could do better when it comes to certain features like that, so you could have at least had 65 watts built into it. So you can charge up very fast, and the screen size of this is 6.9 6.7 inch screw screen size. It has a built in 4500 mah battery capacity and, like i mentioned, the charger provides 30 watts turbo power fast charge. The rear camera has a 108 megapixel and ultra pixel technology built into it, and it has five times: um telephoto camera plus a 50 times zoom. The zoom, because it has a 100 megapixel when you zoom in it, does still capture very well in daylight in low light. It struggles to capture pictures. I will show you some pictures in low light, its still good, but i still think it could do better now. It does have a built in 12, gig ram and 256 gig internal memory, so ram wise um and the memory wise is very good and it operates very well like i mentioned, and it has a built in snapdragon 870 qualcomm, the it has. A q led display and the item weight of this is 200 grams. Up to 30 hours of talk time, full charge and battery may reduce quickly. If you play game star that use up a lot of power so, for example, call of duty, mobile or fortnite, etc. They use up a lot of um power, so it could reduce your battery life very quickly and ive seen a lot of reviews regarding um gaming because they say that the battery life is not as good, but certain games take up a lot of battery life.

You will need to get a gaming smartphone now. It also has a next gen data speed with wi fi. Six uh operating system is android 11 uh. It has built in ip52 water, waterproof resistance, so a bit of raindrop etc. Going on, it wont, get damaged and the speaker is tuned by waves max three microphone. Speakers uh microphones are built into this and it has bluetooth 5.1. Now, on the right side, you can see, has a volume, control and the power button there on the left side. It has this button here. That, basically, is the google assistant at the bottom here thats, where the sim tray is the usb type c. Charging port is and the speaker at the top theres nothing really there and thats about it. So these are all the features that this smartphone has. Let me go to uh the settings so wheres the settings, the settings here now like any smartphone, any android smartphones. It has all the all the features that you require. Apps notifications, you can call the battery here display – sounds vibration, storage, so storage without um. I havent connected the wi fi or anything at the moment or havent downloaded any apps. You already used up eight percent, so you still got plenty of memory built in, but eight percent of the memories are used up with the um built in apps, and then you got the location, the privacy, the security, the security got, the fingerprint unlock you got the Face unlock option as well, and then you get accessibility, digital well, being parental controls, google system updates rating and feedback, etc, etc.

Okay, so thats everything. Let me get this set up, so i can show you the pictures ive taken and the video ive done. So you can see the quality and ill show you the features that he has when you go to the camera, so the features ahead built into the camera so before ill show you. The camera, features im going to make sure that the full brightness is on now. Let me go to the camera now to get the best out of this camera. You need to make sure the settings are all up to date to get the best out of it. Otherwise, it doesnt have the best um features at the moment, so you need to adjust the settings to get the best out of it now. This is on the photo mode right now and youve got the settings here now. The settings youve got the ai settings here, where you can put autocad smile capture on gesture, selfie, smart composition. You got the short, optimization, low light, ai and google lens and then for the photo. We got front four resolution where you can change it to 8 megapixel, but its 32 mp to chord pixel and then go rear, photo hdr, auto front photo hdr, auto selfie photo mirror watermark option as well for videos. You got the efficient videos where it reduces file size from for ultra hd videos, and you got the stabilization thats required when youre recording in 4k, otherwise its really bad.

You got audio zoom here as well and for the capture settings. Youve got a quick capture tap anywhere to capture sound assistive grid, leveler, etc, thats everything for the photo mode. Now, when you go here, i got all the feature settings for the photo mode. So you go active photos. Auto youve got aspect ratio, so you can put 916. I normally record on uh take pictures on 916 or you can put on full screen if you want as well and youve got the timer, the flash, etc. Youve got zoom as well. So, for example, im zooming into this um it takes because it doesnt have laser autofocus. It struggles to focus on stuff, even though its zoomed in its meant to have, if you had laser, auto focus that would have been focusing on this bit straight away. However, it struggles to do that and then, if you zoom out as well, it is good, but i mean when he zooms in it lacks um, focusing on things and daylight is good in low light, its bad now videos. Here now i like the video quality, but because of the laser autofocus, you know there are certain things when youre moving your camera, it lags, and even after ive adjusted the settings. So, for example, i put on 4k 60fps yeah its good, but its still. You can see that if youre moving the camera, you want it to be focusing constantly, but at the same time you see it lags it struggles to focus um at certain objects in low light and yeah thats thats disappointing for uh for a flagship smartphone for motorola Youve got 8k recording as well.

Even then a case 2 struggles to focus but thats all the options. You got: 8k. 4K. 4K 30fps. You got them, you can switch on the mic or switch you off. Youve got aspect ratio there and you go there to torchlight. If you want to switch on or not but yeah thats all the features and then if you press this here, youve got a few more other features for photos. So, for example, sport color panorama live filter, dual capture cut out, cinegra sinner cinema graph, auto resolution 180. Megapixel um android mega pixel looks much better and it focuses much better, but still not good, though, and then you got um scan. You got portrait night vision group sophie pro and for video got time, lapse: dual capture, slow motion, sport, color portrait and ar stickers.