Yes, they are indeed at least their name is used for it. The nokia t20 is an entry level tablet that costs around 230 and for that we get a 10 inch. Full hd screen a metal body as well as vanilla, android 11.. This price class has lots of competitors, however, so how does it compete against the samsung galaxy tab, a7, a8 and others im andre from and thats? What you will learn in this review? We start with the design and thats. Certainly, one of the plus points of the nokia t20 were getting a metal body that is premium feeling and has a nice metallic blue color on the top theres, a plastic part for the antennas and thats, where the volume rockers and micro sd card slot are placed. Theres, a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right side, as well as a usb c port, its 7.8 millimeters thin and weighs 465 gram. No, we dont get a fingerprint scanner, but you can unlock it using the webcam and facial recognition which works fine, but is not that secure. The front facing camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and the main camera has 8 megapixels and an led flash considering its price. Both are pretty good. The nokia t20 tablet has a 10.4 inch display with a resolution of 2000 by 1200 pixels, its an ips screen with good viewing angles, and the resolution is high enough, so that text and icons look sharp.

There are no higher resolution screens in this price class anyways. I think the contrast is fine, but i notice that the screen has a bit of a blue tint to it in the settings. You can adjust the white balance a bit. The samsung galaxy tab a7 has a very similar blue tint and it could be that both screens are the same ones. Active pens are not supported and its a bit disappointing that the t20 has a wide van level of a3. That means you cannot watch netflix with hd resolution youre stuck in sd quality on its sides. The nokia t20 has two speakers in total and you can hear a real zero separation. The sound quality is fine for its price, but it could be better in comparison. The samsung galaxy tab a7 is noticeably louder inside the nokia t20 tablets, its a pretty rare unisock tiger t610 processor, with 4 gigabyte of ram and a 64 gigabyte internal storage theres a version with integrated lte as well. You can see my benchmark comparison, that the graphics performance of the nokia t20 and geekbench 5 is above the samsung galaxy. Tab a7. However, that competitor has a better cpu multicore performance in 3dmark. The graphics performance from nokia is better again. The new samsung galaxy tab a8, which i just started to review, is a tiny bit faster though my gaming test confirms those benchmark results. I was able to play pubg mobile with hd, graphics, and the game runs great and looks great with those settings on the samsung a7.

You can select balance settings only so one setting below the nokia with that being said, the galaxy tab a8 can handle hd graphics too. The operating system itself runs surprisingly smooth. I think thats due to the solid chipset, but also because we get standard, vanilla, android for the most part sure its not as smooth as a premium tablet, but it does run very well for its price class and multitasking is possible too. Lets get to the software. The nokia t20 tablet ships with android 11 without a custom ui its vanilla android, including tons of pre installed, google apps and the google entertainment space with that one. You can get an overview over your entertainment content from netflix prime video, kindle books, youtube and others. The google kit space is included too, which is the kids mode. Some other apps are pre installed like expressvpn, netflix spotify and the amazon shopping app. Those are ads, of course, which are free anyway, and you can just uninstall them. How is nokia going to handle updates? Well, we dont have any reference here so its unclear if it will ever get android 12 or 13.. Samsung is very good with updates and usually releases two or three, and if you get a lenovo tablet, you often get at least one, but i have no idea how nokia will handle this. In my standard battery test, the nokia t20 got a runtime of 6 hours for this im, always looping in hd youtube video with maximum brightness.

So is the nokia t20, a good tablet, well its at least a solid one. The build quality is great for its price. The graphics performance is good and i love that we get pretty pure vanilla, android. Other aspects like its screen and speakers are fine for its price, but could be better. I do think its very disappointing that you cant watch netflix in hd quality, and i doubt that it will get many software updates, usually smaller brands like this dont care. Much about it. I could be wrong, though, as i said, the nokia t20 is a solid tablet, but its lacking a unique selling point like. Why would you get it? I think the competition, especially from samsung, is a bit better at a similar price lets check out those alternatives. Depending on the sales, you can find the galaxy tab a7 and the samsung galaxy tab a8, which is newer, can be great alternatives, while the galaxy tab a7 has a weaker graphics performance. The a8 is a bit faster. Other aspects like the screens and build quality are very similar, but the speakers are a bit better and you can watch hd netflix on both samsung and im, pretty sure that they will get much longer updates. On a negative note, the samsung tablets start with 32 gigabytes storage. Only if you want another affordable tablet, with 64 gigabyte of storage, you can check out the lenovo tab p11, which is a bit pricier.

The performance is on a similar level as the samsung a7. It has a good and a little bit bigger 11 inch screen almost pure android 2, as well as the metal body. Here you can get an official keyboard cover and even an active pen, if you like, while its been released with android 10, it got an update to android 11 already, but i dont think it will ever get android 12.. Cheaper alternatives are the amazon fire hd10 and fire hd10 plus. Here we get amazons android. Without the google play store and a cheaper feeling plastic body, however, the 10 inch screens are good, hd netflix is supported and the performance is on a similar level as the nokia. They are a great alternative if you want to save some money and are using all of amazons services anyways, they are deeply integrated into the software. Alright thats been my review of the nokia t20 tablet. If you have any questions, write them down below im andre from mynextdoublet.