No notch display well upon punch pop up in camera. Very very innovative: the oppo 5×2 pro super camera lens, the oppo fine x3 pro youll get a microscopic camera kara badan out of this world technology, and here comes the oppo. Find n is its black and white, important information and warranty card oppo find in ultima, and what is this? My card, nice qr code in a nice package, Music, nice and thats – pretty much it. You would unbox absolutely unfold into a 7.1 inch beast. This will cause it to go dual screen application, so left side of facebook, so right, side, gogel. This is great for multitasking. I love it. I love it so much and of course, just like a tablet: mm hm obstitutional, optimize for tablet orientation for somebody, youtube, separation, recommendations, the right side, achievements, details like in comments left side and, of course, right side, which is a nice feature in the near future. Most of the other apps like in google play store full screenshot. Google chrome is fully optimized, then ultimately mobile legends, guys inside guys. I think its gon na be oh by the way. For the first time ever, some movement legends high refresh rate up to ultra frame rates. Yes guys, this is the smoothest mobile legends experience ever finally, considering ultra frame rates, 90 frames per second or 120 fps im, not sure, but it is here: sobra, smoot yeah and yes, this phone does have high refresh rate display 120 point.

The 7.1 inch ltpo amulet display in the mirror hdr10 plus up to 1000 nits of brightness. It is not too big, not too small as a tablet. This still feels like a very compact design, very comfortable old style landscape. You can play the game just like your usual smartphone nice, kai along 5.49, inches long displaying atoms compared to the usual smartphone today, like a six point, five inch, manganon and also high refresh rate tango high refresh rate along the mobile legends 5.49 inches Music. Actually salman is pointing my picture picture, which is nice and convenient its about convenient detox and with this kind of technology, a one is to one aspect: ratio: 32, megapixel, selfie cell phone mode, 32 megapixels. But of course, if you want the best camera rear Music, 60. 000 pesos and 512 gigs of internal storage 70k.