The huawei p50 pocket its proper compact. Just like samsungs galaxy z, flip the oppo find n and such forth, but its also a proper expensive stun at 1299 euros. And if you want this premium edition version well, thats gon na set you back over a grand and a half. So is the huawei p50 pocket actually worth this premium price tag? Well lets whip it on out of the box, taking a full on tour of the hardware, the software and from one of the latest and greatest. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So the first question is: what do you actually get in the box besides the huawei p50 pocket? Well, it looks like youve got some sort of posh letter from the designer iris van herpen. The natural phenomenon is translated into the artistic creation of parametric patterning, which is being integrated. I think you might get a protective case of some description with the final retail model, but for my review sample that is completely empty and then in here a bit of power. Adapter and usb cable action, exciting stuff and the actual adapter is a bit of a beast, but it does max out at 40 watts supercharge and that i love these is everything that you get in the box with the huawei p50 pocket all right. So here is the huawei p50 pocket in all of its splendor, and you can grab this here global edition in two different designs: either a blingy white offering otherwise this here special premium edition, which features organically flown patterns in a stunning gold tone.

First thing i got ta say it kind of reminds me of sea monkeys. Does anyone remember sea monkeys? They were like the worlds crappest pit back in the 90s. They kind of looked like this, except they had two beady little lies at the end. Youve got a glass of metal finish here on the huawei p50 pocket and it weighs 190 grams, so its definitely still got a solid heft to it. So it doesnt feel like a toy or anything its just over 15 millimeters thick when its folded up like so so a bit chunky. But you know like the zed flip 3 and things like that. It will slip into a pocket, no worries whatsoever and obviously quite small handbags and the like its a fairly stiff hinge mechanism. So its not the easiest to sort of flip open one handed uh as you can see there could just about do it, but i dont exactly look steve mcqueen called doing it and, as you can see there, when im folding and unfolding the huawei p50 pocket, the Hinge seems to keep the screen in place wherever you leave it at first. It was a little bit loose, but it seems to have sort of sorted itself out now and there is a clear crease in the display when the light catches it just sawn. When you run your finger over it as well, but when the screen is actually turned on its really not noticeable at all, you dont get any official ip rating or anything here with the huawei p50 pocket.

Unfortunately, unlike the p50 pro, so you definitely dont want to go getting it too. Moisture, though, should be fine if it just gets caught in a bit of drizzle or whatever, under, like some of the design touches as well. That huawei has implemented here, like keeping with the dual ring design, just like what youve got on the p50 pro, though here, of course, one of those rings isnt used for camera tech, it is used instead for that dinky external display, definitely more on that in a Bit now, on the software side, what youve got here is wow, his very own, a motion, ui 12, its not sat there on top of android or anything because of the whole huawei us spat. So as usual. Yes, unfortunately, that means no google services nor google play store for downloading apps etc. But huawei has you covered with the likes of the app gallery, certainly nowhere near as well stocked as the google play store. Unfortunately, though, its getting better with every passing month and if there are any apps that you cant find on the app gallery, the likes of whatsapp, for instance, all you need to do is type it into the petal search, and this will help you to find the Apk file for installing that app on the huawei p50 pocket uh, either on the likes of apk, pure otherwise direct through the actual apps website. So you can get iplayer, prime video audible. All of that good stuff and ive also installed like facebook, messenger and whatsapp on here.

However, fans of googles own apps, like some gmail and youtube, and everything well have to access these via the quick app service instead, which essentially just loads these services in a browser window, its a little bit messy, not quite as good as the actual dedicated apps, and Also, some google apps, like google podcasts, i simply could not get working. The actual ui is very, very similar in layout and everything to the likes of googles, android, of course, so flick this. Where youve got the today window, this basically serves up a whole bunch of widgets, and then youve got your usual news feed down here. If you keep on flicking, youve got an apps tray for conveniently storing away all of your apps. You have to have them scattered all over your desktops youve got your notifications window, which you can drag down like so, and then youve also got the control center as well, which you can drag down from the right hand, side. This is quite similar to the control center on ios and also in xiaomis own miui launcher just setting up lots of quick access shortcuts and the like. If you jump on into the settings menu youve got lots of customization. You can do in here so, for instance, dive into home, exterior screen and wallpaper and theres lots you can play around with in here changing up the icons the wallpaper fiddling around with the always on display. I love huaweis always on display options, theres, some really really uh slick designs and everything in there highly customizable as well.

Of course, some of them are super super cheesy, but at least you can actually edit them make it something a bit more appropriate. And yes, you can fully customize that exterior screen as well get it set up exactly how you want. So there are a variety of themes that you can choose from for that screen. These range from the sort of artistic to fit the premium edition to the slightly bonkers like this here ufo effort youve also got a variety of uh animated characters, including an alpaca. Why wouldnt you choose that he certainly looks like a jolly wee fella. Oh, yes, you can get some some beaver action on there too. Personally, i prefer just setting my own wallpaper to be honest and you can set a separate, exterior screen wallpaper to the main wallpaper, so you can set this up. However, you like using pictures that youve downloaded pictures that youve taken on the camera whatever, so i thought id go for a bit of a neon genesis theme here on the huawei p50 pocket and when the huawei p50 pocket is all folded up. That external display is pretty handy just for quickly checking your notifications. You can just drag down like so you can see the time and the date. Of course, youve got access to a small selection of widgets as well, including checking on the weather report. You can see what your schedule is all about. You can fast access that camera as well, which well touch on in a bit and youve got fast access to your media controls as well.

By the likes of deezer or huawei music. You can customize the widgets that pop up on that external display in the exterior screen settings, as you can see only a very small selection available right now, but hopefully that will improve over time and the one with p50 pockets bought some exclusive and funky new features. As well, including smart, sunscreen detection, which would be helpful for a pasty, skin northerner like myself, who singes in mere seconds out in the sun, but apparently this is only available in select markets right now and not here, which is a bugger now, of course, flick open. The warrior p50 pocket in that really excellent cool way that i always do and you will unveil inside a mighty 6.9 inch oled display. This is a cinematic 21×9 panel, so absolutely perfect for kicking back with the movie playing games and the like. Youve got a 2700 by 12 28 pixel resolution, similar to the p50 pro, so those visuals are nice and crisp boy, howdy, fantastic, viewing angles on this thing as well: a nice poppy punchy in your face, colors as well, although you can choose between more standard and Those more vivid hues to sort of suit your own tastes, as it were, on the peak brightness levels as well. No issues with visibility when you want to venture outdoors and its actually sunny youve got reasonably skinny bezels surrounding that oled screen and only a dinky little pinhole cut out camera thing up top intruding on the action when you do go full screen and its not quite As bad as the likes of the notch, for instance, on the motorola razer, of course, youve got all the usual display settings that you can play around with likes the eye comfort mode.

You can stick it on dark mode as well, if you like, and if we scroll down a wee bit here, youve got the screen refresh rate setting. As you can see, this is set to dynamic by default here on the one with p50 pockets that can scale the refresh rate between 60 hertz and 120 hertz to either conserve power or give you a nice silky, smooth experience when youre playing with supported apps. Of course, you can just bung it on 120 hertz full time if you like and theres even a smart resolution, feature as well, which can lower the res just to again conserve battery power when youre not in need of those super crisp visuals. As for the audio? Well, youve got a stereo speaker set up here on the huawei p50 pocket, but is it actually any good lets boost up the volume and see people we know in real life and drink obscene amounts of alcohol with them in pubs like we used to well? First up, even though it is a stereo arrangement, youll notice that if you do accidentally muffle this bottom speaker here, suddenly the sound gets a lot more tinny its not evenly distributed between the two speakers reasonably loud on top volume, but its not exactly gon na. You know do the job if youre in a super, noisy environment or anything so the audios alright. But i would say definitely you want to be getting connected to some headphones if you want to really enjoy a bit of video or obviously some music, but the girls like the huawei p50 pro and most of the premium phones these days, no headphone jack action at All to speak of so youre gon na need to either dongle it up or get some bluetooth on the go so lets talk.

Security and youve got an edge mounted fingerprint sensor here on the one with p50 pocket just built into that power button there and so far touchwood. That seems super super responsive, no issues whatsoever with it, uh figuring out that i am me that also works as well. If the phone is all folded up and hibernating, just again tap your digits to the sensor, youll, wake up that external display and then youll be able to check your notifications and play with all the widgets. Otherwise. Alternatively, the huawei p50 pocket also supports face recognition using that camera technics yes, again works with the external display, so you can unlock it and get access to all your widgets and the face. Recognition also works with the internal camera, like so on. The storage tip youve got a choice of 256 or 512 gigs of internal a space, as you see that ive got the 5 12 gig model its going to take me a bit of a while to fill that one up, and you can even boost that. If you want as well by slotting one of huaweis very own proprietary, nm cards performance comes courtesy of the snapdragon 888 chipset, though it is the 4g variant of it, not the fully 5 gfid version. So if you do want a bit of 5g youre going to have to look elsewhere, unfortunately – and that is backed here on the huawei p50 pocket by either eight or twelve gigs of memory – and certainly the everyday experience – is nice and smooth and games like asphalt, costs Run perfectly super super smooth frame rates, no dips or drops whatsoever, and thankfully, even with the fair bit game – and i did not notice the huawei p50 pocket starting to heat up, the battery life seems pretty decent here on the huawei p50 pocket as well.

Sometimes it can be the death knell of foldables, like the motorola razor. Absolutely terrible is usually dead by sort of late afternoon at the very latest, but here on the barber p50 pocket its got four thousand milliamp capacity battery. I used the phone for most of yesterday. Gaming on it streaming some uh, some video shooting lots of photos, my cats, all the usual bollocks and it happily survived the day. No worries when the battery is dead. Youve got 40 watt wires. Charging support, no wireless charging support. Unfortunately, here on the p50 pockets. Now, on the outside of the p50 pocket, youve got a triple lens: camera setup, 40, megapixel, true chroma, sensor 32 megapixel, ultra spectrum lens and a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter and its your standard huawei camera app as well. Once you load it up, although if you want to you, can just slightly bend the display, as you can see, this brings all of the main camera modes and features down to the bottom half so its much easier to use. One handed you can also, if you saw wish prop up the huawei p50 pocket, so you can get it to take a photo or a video like so now. As far as i can tell theres no way of sending a preview of whatever youre shooting to that little dinky external display, so your subject, cant, you know: do their hair quickly strike the right paws. All of that, unless thats a feature that i just i just simply cannot find buried away in in here, because there are a lot of different settings and features.

However, if the one way p50 pocket is all folded up, you can just flick to that camera widget, and then this does give you a preview on that external display. So you can merely snap away using that instead of the internal selfie cam, oh jesus, serious bags under the eyes today, definitely more sleep and the photo quality here on the huawei p50 pocket, while not quite as strong as the p50 pro still very strong. Indeed, even in low light environments, youll tend to get plenty of detail packed in there and reasonably natural. Looking colors too just make sure that if you are trying to shoot a live and breathing subject in low light that they bloody well keep still. Otherwise, all of your photos will look like a blurry mess. Naturally, youve got all the usual bonus. Camera modes, including the portrait effort, which gives you a beauty option and you can choose from a variety of portrait effects. Youve also got a night mode to help out with those low light shots again only really useful when youre dealing with a static subject – and this does make a real difference – really help them to brighten up your shot and producing those more natural. Looking colors again, you also have a pro mode on here, which gives you full manual control over the iso level. White balance, shutter speed all that good stuff, and you can shoot in raw format if you like and then, as always loads of bonus, camera.

Bollocks stuffed away in the more section as well, including the fluorescence mode, which, as you can see, theyre supposed to capture really vivid trippy images in dark conditions. Although i gave this a go – and i got ta say i just could not get it to work at all its probably just me being rubbish as usual dont forget to tell me how rubbish i am down in the comments and then for your home movie shenanigans. You can shoot a video at up to 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second, and i get in solid results as long as youre not trying to shoot in low light environments. Nice crisp detail, strong audio pickup and good image stabilization and then yeah inside the huawei p50 pocket. You have that 10 megapixel selfie cam up top as well that little pinhole housing uh but, as it says, its only really necessary for if youre doing like skyping or something where you need the p50 pocket to be unfolded. Otherwise you can just use that external cam. Just as easily to shoot your selfies, and so that, in a nutshell, is the huawei, p50 pocket premium edition a very expensive but very funky, foldable blower, which of course does lack the google services but boasts plenty of really slick, emotion, ui features stashed in there, so Be gritty your thoughts in the comments below and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell check out my huawei p50 pro full unboxing and tour, which is live right now and have yourselves a bloody, fantastic rest of the week.