The goods, for this come directly from Dubai and come from China.. We just buy from here. Welcome back guys, Two Smartphones Coming Now Just Five Minutes Ago, Its a small box. I think it should be redmis latest redmi, note, 11 And its a big box, so its a must have one plus 10 pro Ill. Show you next day For now today well check the more exciting phone by the way. Trackon courier service is absolute garbage courier. I also have some old redmi phones Lets see. How are those phones now note? 6. Pro note, 7 note. 8 note 9 series And here are Note 10 and Note 10 Pro and finally note 11. There is not much change in the design. I think it is somewhat matching with Note 10 Pro. The camera layout is made something similar anyways. It was all side stuff i showed you Lets see. Whats inside the box. Note 11 Qualcomm Snapdragon, 680 90hz, full hd, 33 watt Pro fast charging, 50 megapixel, AI quad camera wow. The phone looks very light weight. Like I picked up the note 8, it looks quite heavy Note. 10 is also quite heavy. Note. 9. Pro is also quite heavy. It looks to me the lightest. I think its weight is equal to redmi, note 7 or even less yes, Note, 6 Pro and its weight looks almost equal So see that by increasing the weight, then the weight is being reduced.. You will find many of the usual stuff like there should be a case here: Cheap Phone, Cheap Case, Expensive Phone, Expensive Case In Xiaomi 12 Pro you get Rs.

50 case in white color. Even if the phone is of 10000, you will get a case of Rs.50. The company does not do any discrimination in between expensive, cheap phones, usb type c cable, and there is a 33 watt pro fast charging 12 volt 2.25 ampere at the last here is the phone. The back panel here has been given in matte finish.. Like redmi note. 10, The back panel in Redmi Note 10, was very glossy, but a little has changed here., i believe. If you go to 11 Pro, then you will get glass back panel on that Redmi made in china. Xiaomi communication corporation limited power by Redmi, ok power by Redmi and design by Redmi on the top speaker, grill headphone jack ir blaster noise cancellation mic On this side. Here you will find the SIM card slot dual 4g sim card and can put an sd card And theres a little gasket protection on it too, in the bottom, usb type c, of course, speaker and clean on the first impression Feeling good enough to hold. There are many reasons. First of all, this phone is quite light weight and a little slim has also been made.. The back panel is a bit matte finishing, so it is a bit good to hold. Also, at the last, This frame is not complete. Boxy, like Nowadays as smartphones, have started coming, such as iphone or vivo Oppos, Its a bit boxy design like the one on the Xiaomi 11i.

Well, its Motorola. There is a side mounted fingerprint sensor. The volume button is on this side, which is convenient, Lets go inside and see whats on here. Here is the 6.43 inches display And it is amoled display and its brightness is looking very good. It has a peak brightness of around 1000 nits, And this display size is quite common, 6.43 inches display. We must have seen in many phones like one plus nord 2, reno, 7, vivo, v23, and many phones come in budget. Also So 6.4 would have a nearly perfect balance size. If you go over it. The phone starts getting very big.. There is a full HD display and the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 has been given., So this display is very good to see in indoor also to see in outdoor. Also, This display looks great from all sides. This is a wonderful thing in the phone of Xiaomi Redmi. You get a good thing in a low price. Like this display here is 1000 nits. 6.43 is 90hz. If compare it like one plus nord 2reno 7 and vivo In Vivo in 30000, you get 90 hz and full hd display that too only 600 nits brightness. It has 1000 nits brightness. Here you will find a quad camera. It looks like there are five cameras.. Actually, there is a led flash here: 50 megapixel main sensor, 8 megapixel ultrawide 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor time to test the camera Lets go out.

Take some pictures make some videos, then lets see how the camera actually is. Lets see how the details are coming in the shadows and Not very excellent, but as i can see, there is a little darkness aint so much better. How are the colors coming? The colors are coming mostly fine, 5 to 10. You can say there is over saturation Feeling a little more green, but not that much green exposure is also okay, not that bad For the price. I think it is performing very well See how the color is changing. As soon as we walk around, it suddenly gets brighter and everything becomes a bit more vibrant. The best part in Redmis phone is that you can also make macro videos.. Of course, the resolution is limited just 720p, but you can see great detail if you make it in good. Lighting.. Practical use is very less, but still it is ok. Where are you running? You can only make 1080p with the front camera. Look at the background. Everything is blown out, nothing to shame. Oneplus phone in rs 65000 only makes 1080p with front camera Here. Also, the same calculation is done, Details are becoming quite over exposed, Selfie is coming, fine from front camera. Face is coming fine, but other things are very shiny. Like you have reached heaven. welcome back again Lets talk about some more factors like how is the performance? How is the camera and how is the software.

Ive taken a lot of photos? So lets start If we check the color, how is the color accuracy coming so Photos are looking fine to me in most of the situations. Colors are coming right. White was a bit too white here its dark here and pink is almost ok. Thats. Ok too Now look here: the color has changed a bit. It is red, but it has become a little pink here.. So color accuracy is not that good. You can say that 80 to 85 is coming right. If you take photo in good lighting condition, then photo will be good, And here there is a 2 megapixel macro. The good thing is that you can take the macro in 16 9 ratio and not have to do 43 In complete outdoor. The result is changing slightly here. Like if you just took the photograph from the main sensor, then the right details are coming.. There is a slight change in the color of the glass and the sky is getting a little more clean blueish By the way. Winter is a bit foggy here. It is not that clear.. If we go to ultrawide, then the colors are coming natural here, but the one which is blue has become a little green here. And which is 8 megapixels. It is coming a little faded. The trees, which are there they have become a little more faded. So this problem was with me Here: you can zoom up to 10X from the main camera.

. So how is the quality? You can also see that off course. If you zoom 10X, then you will not get that great quality. There is no telephoto lens here, but atleast you have been given this feature, which you can use. have some indoor shots Again, if you take it in artificial light or in low light, then the performance will not look that good here. Here. The color is completely changing. It can be said that it is faded.. The color of the background has also changed. and The color is not sharp. If you zoom in a little detail, then you will start feeling a little noise., But yes, it is ok. According to the price See also here, the color of camel has changed Its a little bright green, but its turned dark green. There is a 13 megapixel selfie camera here stays on by default. Beautification. You will see that your skin will be glowing, So you have to turn off beutification. Then you can take natural shot.. Selfie is fine here, working fine at 13 megapixels. Camera summary is not that bad, because you are getting more set up. You are getting four cameras.. Will use it in some way or the other Videos are also fine. There is a slight color change, So, according to this price, the camera is decent. You might be a little disappointed. Lets start first, with the unlocking. There is a side mounted fingerprint sensor here, See fingerprint is not super fast.

It is taking some time You can get better, unlocking than this, its not too slow, but its ok, Snapdragon 680 processor is given here. This is 4g processor and same processor. We have used before recently we saw realme 9i. There was also the same processor And if I show you the benchmarking scores of both the phones, then you will get a little idea. And here is the antutu benchmark 8.4.0 for both the phones. So you can see that the score is nearly the same, not too high just fine., So it was a matter of score In using the processor. It is fine, You use casually open the application and launch it all is well, but it is not super fast. It takes a little time. There is a slight delay, see it is opened, it is taking a little time. It is not opening immediately. It is opening with a slight jerk taking some time like this. The camera also wont open super fast. If you take photographs, I am not saying that it should work super fast, but you can get better performance from it. Like if you have used g95. It is also available in the same price, but it works much better. and if i show you the score of bgmi here, In which graphics can you play Heres the graphics You maximum here in balance with medium and in smooth with high, not even hd, is not Given here, smooth high is just maximum.

My experience with this processor in bgmi was that If you play the game for ten fifteen minutes, then you will see lag for three or four times.. I am not talking about minor lag. You will see good lag. Three four times. So clearly, this is not a gaming centric processor Good for day to day task. If you do social media whatsapp thats all. If you do casual photography, then it is okay. For that thing, you will not get super high end performance. You can get better than this, but you can also get the drawback in those phones, as the display may not be as good about phone lets see. What is the story of the software, and here is the about phone section. Here is MIUI 13.O .1 and it is still in base of android 11 still android 12 is not out. Do you remember when we saw the Xiaomi 12 series, the Xiaomi 12 X had Android 11 and MIUI 13, While 12 and 12 Pro have Android 12, i.e. Xiaomi has Android 12, but it is reserved for super premium phones., Because if you pay more, then you will Have to give phone support for a long time. Who cares about cheap phones? So this is the thing MIUI. You know there is no issue. Miui is fine. Good features are available. If you have used Redmis phone, then you will not have any problem with it.. Google feed is also given here, thats a good part actually – And here I put the app drawer by default.

You will find all the applications there, So it is fast, it is fluid. Its rom is good. It is not lagging in the slightest.. If you go to the display setting, if you put 90hz, then you will get a little better performance., Not very instant. It took a little time here that to means 60 90, So here its performance will improve a bit. about the battery Here 5000 mah battery is given and 33 watt charger is given in the box, which is a good thing. on the extras. Here is usb power. Delivery 3.O And heres Quick Charge 3, So you should get a good back up by the way. This is a first impression, so I have not checked much. In full review. I will tell you how it is actually working. One lakh followers have been completed in Facebook. In just six month, Thank you guys, you gave great support. Lets see, do unboxing here. Speakers sound good, not too loudest. I have seen louder than this in this price, but atleast dual speakers are given here. This is a good part. One is given at the top, and one is given at the bottom, so yeah guys Thats it for the Redmi note 11. As always, A lot of things are given in Redmis phone. It is also given here. According to the price. You can say everything is absolutely fine, not that bad. I am not sure. Will it not bend like redmi note 10, we will have to look further stay tuned for that And Ill show you as soon as 11.

Pro comes. Thank you so much guys.