Now this is the latest reno device from oppo and honestly, it looks absolutely gorgeous. This is the starlight blue comes in two colors theres, also theres a blue and theres. Also black. Now this device comes with a new camera uh sensor, its a 50 megapixel camera with the main lens uh. We do have an eight megapixel ultra wide and a two megapixel macro. Now oppo has done some really nice stuff just with the design, aesthetic and builds of this device. As you can see, color wise this little thing looks absolutely amazing, its just a really nice device to look at stands on its own quite easily, which is nice. So i like that aspect about it, plus you do have your volume rockers on the left side, power button on the right – and this also comes with a 6.5 inch display. Now this display is a 90 hertz display, which is nice. I, like the higher refresh rate, comes with a 32 megapixel sensor, of course, in front for the front facing camera. So lets talk about the cameras for a second 32 megapixel camera, not a big fan of it. Youll see why in a second, but they do have improved low light capabilities for the rear camera, with the ai photography and also some really nice portrait photos so lets take a look: Music, Music, Music Applause cool, so there you have it. Those are the images from the reno 7 pro 5g and i think theyre pretty good uh decent.

Overall, i will let you know that the camera doesnt do video for the front facing camera in 4k, its a 1080p and you do have 4k for the rear. I just wanted to focus on images because they really done a good job, improving some of the portrait photos that you see with this device. Now, as we take a look at this again, that back is truly lovely right. It has a really nice look to it, and this is because oppo has done some really nice work in crafting this to be more unique than what you would expect. So they sent over this nice little board to kind of showcase what it does now. Theyve got different steps in basically the way the coating is done. These are not different layers, its just more different steps for how theyve actually got this done to get to this color at the end. So youve got the uv protective layer here at the very beginning to protect it uh under the upper glue 2.0 glass, then youve got the photoresistive layer here again for you for the resistive protection, then youve got the chemical etching here where they soak in the solvents. Uh, so it gets the glass covered, the photo resistant exposure to light and then finally, that last step here uh with the ever changing colors, giving you the color that you have here. The unique thing about this is that this is a color that feels feels really.

Nice, its got this kind of matte finish to it: uh doesnt showcase fingerprints, as you can see, theyre on the camera housing, but on the back, its just really nice and smooth. I absolutely love it now. As i mentioned, this has a 90 hertz uh display, which means, of course, were going to do some gaming on there. But what kind of processor does they have its got? The dimension 1200 max processor uh, which is a nice processor, and you also have a 4500 milliamp battery. Now. How fast do you charge that? Well, it uses the super volk charger. I put the european version here: 65 watt charge. You can give me some really fast times, uh, which you aiding, of course, into your gaming session. So we took a look at, of course, the games we like to look at standard, which, of course, is called gd mobile pubg, as well as also benching impact. Now, ecology mobile ran well 60 frames per second at max settings, and the game played pretty well, which was nice pubg mobile, on the other hand, can only run at swedish extreme and were able to get it close to the 60 frames per second mark. Although it did dip down to 57, sometimes where normally, you would see standard either 60 or 59 frames per second thats, just something to take note now, of course. Finally, we checked out gentry impact and gen xin. We could run it on its normal settings, not the extreme, which is usually around 30 frames, were getting 25 frames per second.

So what does this mean? Is this a bad processor? No, it simply means that this is not built for gaming. A lot of that focuses on the camera, the camera ai features, but you can game on this device and thats something thats nice, just dont, think of it as a gaming device because thats just not what its here for, although it does have gaming features by the Way when you power up your game, um in once, the game starts up it loads up a game center which is, on the left hand, side of your screen. So you can swipe from left to right, allowing you to basically put the phone into game mode which shuts off all notifications and youre focused on the game. Uh. You can also see your stats. It gives you fps readings, your gpu and cpu temperatures and, of course, percentage use, and then you can screen record and all that fun jazz in there. So youve got those capabilities built into this device. Now, what do i think of this device? Overall, i think its a fun device now it depends on the price point at this point in this video i dont know the price, because output didnt give me the price, so once of course, this video goes live, you guys will know how much it will cost. I would say if this is priced mid tier then this is a solid device overall, if its anything higher, i would say, maybe hold up for something else from oppo, but i do like what they have to offer here, at least from what ive seen that this Is something that could be affordable for a lot of people and gives you some nice functionality the one thing they definitely need to fix that front facing camera? The images are there just make me look extra white and pasty and im? Definitely not oh.

It looks like i have super ashy skin, so there you have it. If you guys have any questions or any comments. Let me know otherwise.