Uh the website is extreme dash gear.com, i just got an iphone 13 and so of course i want to get a nice case to protect it, and i got one from them. It was the titan edition which was a hundred dollars. Yeah their cases look really nice. The website looked really nice, so i thought for sure it would be a nice case, but i just recently got it in this one on their website uh under some of the first few bulletins. It says that its a waterproof case, if you scroll down later on the bullets i realized after i got the phone. It then starts. Advertising is water resistant, but they had another waterproof case and then one that went and then they had this one, which was the titan. That said waterproof and i expected it to be waterproof. But upon receiving the phone you can see, there is a hole uh here which allows the camera lens to display and uh. I see this hole here where the music comes through, as well as this bottom Music, covering for the charging port. It doesnt really like lock or anything, so you definitely have holes where water would get into this case, so it is definitely not a waterproof case. Um. Aside from that uh i put the phone in the case. The case is supposed to have some type of something in there that improves the signal of your phone. However, after i put my phone in there, i started having problems with calls, getting dropped and breaking up real bad, and my internet was just going super slow, uh.

So i took it out and now its been back to normal again, the case is also also advertised as uh having some kind of design, which makes it improve the sound quality of the speaker. So you know your musics supposed to come through and sound better than it normally does, and that design that allows. That is just this little hole right here where the speaker lets noise out. I dont know what thats supposed to do to improve your music, but it sounded the exact same and maybe even not as good. If there was a change, i would say it was not a good one, but i couldnt tell much of a difference. Um lets see so yeah the case just isnt, really what it was advertised to be and im not happy with it and ive sent them three emails and they have yet to respond uh. The phone number was showing up as a european uh phone number. It was a plus four four and then the phone number um and you can only email them as a way to get in touch with them, so thats not good its starting to look like im going to get stuck with the case. The other thing i got from them was this lightning, cable, um and, it seems, okay seems like it does, what its supposed to do its supposed to charge faster and have something where it like doesnt, continue to charge your phone once its charged uh.

It comes with these little tips here that are magnets yep, just like that. So the idea is that you put one of these tips in your phone and you can leave it in there and then uh you just let the magnet pull it too. Whenever you have to charge um, the problem i was having is that, with this case, theyre really not compatible together. Once you put this piece into the bottom of your phone, it will pretty much just blocks this piece right here from being able to go back in. So if you have this charging piece in your phone case will not close all the way i mean you might. Could like cut off this little bumper right here, um, but yeah thats, just kind of stupid. Right i mean it seems like they designed the case and the cable they could have just made them compatible together would have been a much better option. Uh yeah im im not happy with my purchase from them. I havent been happy with the customer support from them. I would not recommend buying a product from them. Um yep thats. It just leave in review.