This is ranjit and in this uh video lets, do the unboxing and have a look at these two smartphones thats, the oppo renault 7 pro and the oppo renault 7. Both of them were actually launched and ive already opened. The regular renault 7 ill show you that later, but lets uh have a look at this one and guys uh. Both of these are actually review units, so i dont know the exact pricing, but i estimate that the pro version might be somewhere around the 40 000 price point and the regular 7 variant would to be about ten thousand rupees less so approximately around thirty thousand price Point but again ill add the exact pricing once we know in the description so check that out. So here is the big brother, the renault seven pro and in fact, oppo says again, as these are oppo smartphones. These are camera centric smartphones. In fact, uh oppo says that the main camera sensor is a sony sensor that was co developed by oppo, specifically for these. So lets have a look at this one and uh, as you can see guys uh. It says 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, so it looks like thats the variant we dont get that 128 gigabyte uh version on this one, so youre getting the 12 gigabytes of ram on the regular seven uh, its actually eight gigabytes of ram. But storage still is 256 gigabytes of storage. So lets open this up and have a look and regarding 5g guys.

Uh here are the 5g bands and this 7 pro is having 10 bands of 5g. So let me just slide this out, so it just comes out like this says oppo over here. Thank you so lets see. Box looks like there is. The case might be yeah, so youre getting that uh plastic tpu case in the box, so thats nice and here is the handset itself. This is a 6.5 inch screen, guys of course, amoled screen that we are getting and the back is also glass on this one guys uh the front is actually gorilla: glass. 5. The back is panda glass protection and i, like that again uh. It plays around with the light, in fact, this area also when the camera is used and charged actually glows around the camera. So here it is so i like the finish – and this is actually resisting the fingerprints also so thats, actually nice, that matte finish youre getting so nice and the handset looks sleek guys not that bulky uh anyways. What else do we get so were getting this 65 watt charger, a type a2 type c cable in the box, thats it that we get in the box? So let me just keep this to the side for now and lets look at the handset itself. Let me just remove this and uh on the top. Actually, we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and we have that boxy design, guys uh, whereas on the regular renault 7, its that standard, rounded kind of design.

I actually like this industrial sort of design anyways uh over here. We have some antenna bands power on off button that we are getting. It gives a good feel uh bottom, we have a speaker ill, have to check if its serious, because of mono, i need to check that we have a type c port and again we have the sim ejector tool. Again. Storage shouldnt be issue its a 256 gigabytes of storage that youre getting, but i dont think so well have a micro, sd card anyways, yes, uh, so thats what it does and were having a rubber gasket, and this is ipx4 that is splash proof, so lets just Put this back and this here we have the uh. What do you say, volume rockers, so it definitely feels stylish, and one thing i noticed is that its does not feel that heavy in fact uh. This weighs 180 grams. If i recall yeah so thats what it is – and let me just power this on guys – and this is part by the new media tech diamond city 1200 max and that max lingo is because its different from the regular diamond city 1200 uh. This has enhancements for photography and video uh, so let this uh boot up and ill set it, and then we will continue so guys. I have set up this smartphone, so lets have a closer look at the same now. So here is the smartphone itself and guys this is having a amoled screen: thats a full hd plus amoled screen and on the left.

This is color os 12 guys on the left. We get the google pin so thats, nice and uh chrome by default. The default browser is chrome, so i like that they didnt change it. Im using the gestures, mode and uh looks like a lot of apps are installed quite a bit of junk, as their daily hunt lets see. We can un remove it. Yes, though, there is junk, but quite a bit of junk was pre installed, as you can see, josh watch so lets see if we can remove it. So, yes, there is a lot quite a bit of what is a pre loaded apps, but you can remove them. So thats what it is and uh, though this is having it available screen, and this is having this, what do you say in display fingerprint scanner and, as you can see, that works really well, but the screen is guys if i go to. Where is this? If i go to display and brightness and if i go to high refresh rate uh, it supports 90 hertz uh, what you say refresh rate, not 120, it would have been great, it was 120, but this is it uh, 90 hertz and its handling. As you can see, without any issues and the screen, quality is really good, so its a good quality amoled screen that they have put on the smartphone so thats what it is even on this regular 7, its a 90 hertz refresh rate guys – and here are all The specs for your reference, guys about this device and the build quality, looks to be good.

The in display fingerprint scanner is good lets see uh. So here are the quick toggles that youre getting with this one, and it also has nfc and all these things and if you go under the hood, if you go to about the device color os is version 12, but its still on android 11., and i asked The oppo team and the oppo team said that this device will get the next two android updates and three years of security updates, but out of the box, software would have come with android 12.. It would have been better and uh. We get that 256 gigabytes of storage, as ive told you, and out of that only 24.2 gigabytes is sort of used. So you have ample storage on this one, and you also get that virtual ram. Even on this one, though its having 12 gigabytes of ram, you really dont need it, but that option is there on this one and again, the diamond city 100 is a very fast chipset, guys, its based on six nanometer process uh. But as this is the max variant again, oppo says that its enhanced for camera uh purpose for enhancement of what is a portrait photos as well as videos. So i, in the later part of the video uh, this video ill actually shoot a lot of samples and videos so that you get an idea about the camera performance. The in hand feel looks good guys so gives that nice vibe, and i like that, though its a glass back.

The back is panda glass protected, guys its not getting those fingerprints so actually its a nice. So that was a nice touch and regarding the camera setup guys, the main camera is a 50 megapixel camera on uh this one thats, the new uh imx 766 sensor that we are getting – and this actually uh oppo says – is co created with sony. So this is sort of the first time its being used and uh eight megapixel is ultra wide. Then the last is just a 2 megapixel sensor. Instead of the 2 megapixel macro, they should have gone with a telephoto or something but thats what it is ill show. You, the camera samples later on front camera again. This is also a sony sensor, and this is imx 709 and oppo says that this is also a hugely improved new sensor. In fact, this they claim that this captures about 60 more light. So definitely apart from the regular stuff, this is a camera centric smartphone that we are getting on this one and again as its a camera. Centric smartphone guys lets also look at the camera on this one and lets see the video mode lets go to the photo d4 mode. This is the regular one and again snaps are fast uh by the way, guys on the pro. The storage is ufs 3.1, whereas on the regular it is the what do you say, ufs 2.1 – and you can also get this ultra wide and we also have this 2x, but this is actually guys digital zoom, its using the main sensors, 50 megapixel and just zooming In and if i go over here to more, we have the other modes.

Also, we have the expert thats sort of the pro mode uh. We also have the dual video mode on this one lets just let me just go again dual video right. What happened? Oh, i have to be in the video, then i have to be in the middle. Ah, okay, so yeah as you can see it splits and we can actually change the layout. Okay, like this or like this uh, so ill also try to shoot a sample of this one so thats regarding some of the modes that you are getting on this and exit and again this is the front facing camera, and it can also go slightly light screen. As you can see, and i believe if it detects multiple people automatically, it goes to the wide angle screens, and this is the regular photo mode, and here also it can go a little bit wide. So let me actually do something. Let me shoot some samples so that you get a better idea regarding the camera samples with the rear facing camera regular shot. This is the 2x zoom, and this was that ultra wide again regular shot, and this is ultra white and again this was a regular shot and this was ultra wide. Even with ultrawide. The skin tones are pretty swell, and this was in the portrait pokemon. Some random samples that i took and the hdr is also good. This was a difficult shot, but hdr did a good job.

As you can see, i was against the light and the hdr is doing a good job. This was in the portrait mode. This is taken in the normal mode and the skin tones are produced well, this was in the portrait mode and it does a good job, but you can also just the background blur here. I increase the background blur in the portrait mode and, as you can see, the portrait mode actually does a very good job on this smartphone. This was with the main camera, and this was with the ultra wide again, to give you an example, regular shot and ultra wide. I like that, even in ultraviolet, its not distorted again regular shot, and this was an ultra wide. I took some more random samples also and, as you can see, the rear facing camera is doing a good job and the color accuracy is good. Some samples with the 32 megapixel front facing camera and, as you can see, the skin tones are produced well, and these were taken in the portrait bokeh mode with the front facing camera. Guys recording this video with the front facing camera of this oppo 7 pro and, as you can see, just im walking around and the audio is also being captured while its front facing camera. So this is a quick sample with the front facing camera of the oppo renault 7. Pro guys now recording the video in the dual view mode and, as you can see, uh its capturing both from the rear facing camera, as well as the front facing camera.

And this also can be a nice option for narrating kind of a video. So this was a quick sample with the dual view: mode guys, shooting the video with the front facing camera. And if you notice, the the background is actually in black and white. This is ai color portrait mode its in the filters and do let me know what do you feel about the same so guys this is the oppo renault, seven pro smartphone? What do you feel about this one and, by the way, guys uh, the regular seven uh? Is very close to this one, but the some of the main differences that are there uh on this uh regular. Seventh, the processor is the mediatek diamond city 900, and the back is actually not glass guys. This back is actually polycarbonate uh and also regarding storage uh. This also comes with 256 gigabytes of solder, but ram is eight gigabytes on this one, unlike 12 gigabytes, that we gain on the pro and this one. Strangely uh, the regular version has 13 brands of 5g, whereas the pro is having 10 bands of 5g – and this is also slightly lighter. This, i believe, is 173 grams, but anyways.