We first seen the box contents, Music, mobile charging, adapter usb type c, cable and headphones. These are the box contents. Raman roma option is 8 gp, ram 128 gp, rom and 20 gp ram 256 gb rom 50 mb main camera 8 mb wide angle, 2, mb macro Music, this mobile opera, using the powerful chip diamond city thousand 200 max Music. It includes 90 hertz, refresh rate screen protect with turning earlier glass, 5 Music battery 4 500 megahertz with 65w charging adapter sample video Music. This phone is boxy finish with premium look. This phone includes a separate gaming mode. Lets see the gaming sample Music Music. This phone black panel is made with mad finish, so i do not pick up the fingerprint. Smudges Music also see the live test Music. This mobile back includes here rgb lights. It is surrounded with the camera rgb lights when incoming car or incoming message are charging when charging it will be good. Music lets see mobile weight, 181 gram. Music, see the display quality screen panel is bright and punchy color when used with 90hz reference side screen panel. Is so smooth to use the mobile Music, see the charging speed and see the animation so guys we come to the end of the video. See you in an another video bye bye, you do not forget to like subscribe comment.