So today i will briefly review and re unbox. My daily driver, realme ace before we go out any further, make sure you click the subscribe button and also turn on the bell to get the notification from this channel. So heres the book im going to open it now box, content of user manual books. Here, the user manual books, the cash the device and, of course, the charging cable and the charging head, the charging head powers it by 30 watt darts hearts with 500 of battery capacity. Whichever satisfies you until the night and you dont have to wait long to charge because the charging head powered by 30 watt dart charge Music disclaimer. This is not the screen protector from the default factory, because the default factory screen protector had removed it. So this this i bought, puts it separately from other shop, so now lets turn on the smartphone Music. This smartphone was released on april 7, 2021 in indonesia. At a price of 3.5 million. Rupiah lets check the slot card Music. Here the card slots. We have three cards card slot, with two nano card slots and one micro sd card slot. The design used by real me has a super slim and light design with the thickness of 177 gram, which is comfortable for be used every day. So real me end is equipped with a 0.4 inch super amoled screen, which is which is definitely supported by an in display feature print and always on display.

Realme 8 also has a full hd plus resolution with the highest brightness is at 1000, nits 1000 need, but unfortunately, the refresh spread of this phone. It has only 60 hertz, even though the previous generation had a high refresh rate, for example like realme 6.. There are four best cameras here: the main camera 64 megapixel ultra, what lens 8 megapixel macro lens, 2 megapixel and black and white 2 megapixel for the front camera that used by real me powered by 16 megapixel of camera. Now we will do the gaming test with this smartphone. This phone is already equipped with the helio g95 gaming processor from mediatek, which you know its performance with antutu, very smart bridge Music, and it worked for the mid range phone for pubg mobile. We get smart ultra settings and higher resolution reach, hd height, okay, now im im playing pubg mobile for a while. The fps that we got is around 40 40 fps and the gyroscope runs smoothly without any problem. The screen also smooth and theres no problem Music. Here we check the sound Music good good, no problem, okay. Next, we will test mobile legend Music for mobilizing. We got ultra ultra resolution with the high frame rate lets play practice for a while and lets. We see the performance of this phone. Okay, so were here at the practice of mobile agent Music. This we can see here, Music, the screen is run smooth and theres, no problem so good.

Now i will sell the disinfectants of this smartphone. I have used used this smartphone for about seven months and the disinfectants that i feel is it it could hit it easily. This problem definitely be found when we play for a long time, but it also natural because we use the full performance of this phone. Second, the disinfectants that i got from my experience is, from the refresh rate, its still 60 hertz, but its okay, because we we see again the price 3.5 million rupiah its already worth it with 60 hertz, refresh rate and amoled screen, while the effects of this phone, Its already 30 watt charge big capacity of battery and with gaming processor, the dot chart is very helpful for me after i did my task with my smartphone. The battery capacity has useful because its really helped me and can last up to one day. The processor is also very helpful for playing games. You can see earlier when i did the gaming test. In conclusion, it is worth it or not back again with your budget. If you have 3.5 million rupiah there you go, this smartphone is worth it, but for those who are not affected by the refresh rate and only choose the performance of this device. Thats all that i can say in this video dont forget to hit the like and hit the subscribe button.