You can win one of three of these theres an led theres, a light around the entire camera area which can actually glow in order to notify you. So the whole thing will light up, leave a comment down below, but you do need to mention your favorite feature. Thats, crazy right, barely looking at you thats, so crazy how effective that is how well from back here, no right there holy cow. So the comment should have your favorite feature and your twitter handle good luck, im getting real beauty, moisturized right now, im going to natural! First off lets: do the black – oh, maybe like a little bluish hue to it, but i dont mind it in here theres a case to get you started standard clear case just to stop from scratching its matte finish on the sides. Ooh. The device is quite squared off now. The back is definitely a little bit different. It has a kind of a sparkle to it. When you hit the reflection in a certain way, is it resistant to fingerprints? Yes, theyre calling it the ai portrait cam, you can see up here, apparently theres been a lot of focus, thats gone into their portrait mode for both photos and videos. The power button has this little green accent indicator on it and its a fairly large sized power button. You can also see some of these antenna bands cut out along the exterior 5g connectivity, plus wi fi, six distinct up and down buttons for your volume.

Instead of a rocker on the bottom of the device, we have our usbc port and this is going to be used for charging up via supervooc at 65 watts. It is a dual sim capable tray with a little gasket on it as well for a little protection from the elements we have a single cutout for the front facing camera, also capable of face unlock. I think theres a screen protector on here by default. You dont have to take it off, but i will its kind of nice, its like a black to blue ish, gradient starlight black. We have our power brick. This is super vook, capable at 65 watts, thats type c to type a into your power. Brick lets catch a glance at the star trails, blue. Oh, this is definitely the flashier option of the two holy look at that thing. Thats got a huge color shift to it around the camera unit. You have this mirror finish now: theres a ceramic material going on here, which is actually going to aid in durability a little bit when it comes to scratching and stuff around the camera area. And then the other thing. And apparently this is a first theres, an led theres, a light around the entire camera area which can actually glow in order to notify you. So the whole thing will light up im noticing the pattern on the back theres like streaks to it. You have to hit it in the right light and obviously the color gradient here is a lot more shift.

So this one, you kind of have a black to very, very dark bluish and then on this side, we go almost from like silver to pink and then that baby blue is in there as well still have that green accent on your power switch and the entire Frame of the device has this baby bluish hue to it, so oppo sent over this little demo board in order to kind of showcase how this finish works on the back of their devices, its called ldi the technology, its the way that light interacts with the color. This is the glow base layer, so this is how it all starts out. As far as the black back plate is concerned, uv exposure and photo resist development – you can kind of see through it a little bit this unit already. Has this diagonal pattern. Oh chemical etchings. This is what stops it from being a glossy fingerprint magnet Music. So there you have it thats, step, one two: three and four uh theyre, calling this ldi yeah. So this is obvious. It looks like a typical kind of like sparkle. Now were seeing the same thing, but, along with these streaks, this ones a little tougher to pick up and then obviously the final uh product here. This just gives you some insight into the background. As far as the developments of these types of colors. One thing i like about: it is moving away from everything, absolutely everything being glossy and attracting fingerprints.

You can still have a really vibrant and flashy device without the downside of having it look like a bunch of fingerprints im just going to go ahead and tell you that, in your hand, compared to devices of a similar scale. This is quite a bit lighter. I, like the symmetry as far as the bezel is concerned, so its almost identical the whole way around screen, refresh selection, all the way up to 90 hertz, of course, like a lot of other devices, you can knock it back to 60 hertz in order to conserve Battery and have the lower refresh, lock screen options we have face or fingerprint i like to have both enabled for maximum convenience. That was fast. Its very fast i mean so face. Unlock is basically instantaneous. Having multiple options for unlocking is nice, depending on the circumstance. Obviously, you might have a mask on or something like that, but man, the convenience, really gets. You ill tell you that thats crazy right, barely looking at you thats, so crazy, how effective that is how well from back here, no right there holy cow. There is something about it. I know you, you probably have your security questions, but if uh the face unlock makes, you feel uncomfortable then just use the fingerprint and call it a day. In fact, how about this for a prop, we have the multi colored device. Lets start off with just our 1x coming closer. Maybe we will try just a tree, its, not a tree, its fake grass.

Why did i call it tree? This is also one of the longest standing items in the entire place. You cant get rid of this thing. It keeps showing up many things have come and gone. The plastic plant is not youve also got a little bit of a zoom here, and you have an ultra wide as well main camera is 50 megapixels yeah there theres a 50 megapixel button actually right. There now youre getting insane resolution, obviously im getting real beauty, moisturized right now, im going to natural Music. Oh yes, beard hairs. Those are beard hairs mo such an improvement in the selfie category, specifically all right now. What about this portrait mode? That theyre talking about obviously were gon na get with this. This uh sort of bokeh effect going on lets see if we can one sec will with the expression, i would say he nailed it actually americas next top model. Look at how mysterious he looks. Oh, we were at f28, so we can do we can get more boca. Who am i talking to the microphone? Is over here check it out, see how you can you can select the amount of bokeh that you want f16 and you can see like moe in the back and the car, like everything got pretty blurry. This was the maximum that was fully maxed. Lets see the edges wow and then you can see the difference. So this is the f16 setting so thats the minimum maximum.

Quite a difference there max boca video, oh boy, moe, im, recording you in boca video right now, whats up. This is cinematic. Welcome to cinema youre now a part of cinema. I never thought id see the day mo here we are. Can you give us like a wink or something did you practice? That spoke a video i mean you would need some serious glass to attempt anything like that. Obviously, we do have some serious glass around here: most people dont and even if you did it, wouldnt be in your pocket. I wouldnt want to see you try to fit that in your pocket mode. You might give off the wrong uh impression to people with that. Much glass in your pocket now, as far as resolution goes, you can go up to 4k. You can shoot in 4k as well. Theres. Also, this feature called ai highlight video. It aims to capture clear or brighter images when you do not have optimal lighting. If youre in a dark environment, then youre going to want to make sure you have this feature, enabled oh theres, also a macro mode Music, oh yeah wow, we kind of did it and well they didnt say it like that they were like right. Well, they didnt say it like that: a little bit of stereo most of the sounds coming out of the bottom speaker, but then you have it coming out around the earpiece location as well. Oh cool check out this.

That is how it works. It will always be on while charging it can quickly blink for incoming calls, and it can slowly blink for notifications. You know what else is nice about this. It does have some functionality if you happen to be in silent mode youre in a meeting or something display. Specs 6.5 inch amoled. It is a 20 by 9 aspect ratio. They claim. The screen to body ratio is 92.8 percent, 90 hertz refresh hdr 10 plus mediatek demensity 1200 max 12 gigs of ram plus 256 gigs of storage with ram expansion. The original 12 gigs of ram can be supplemented with seven gigs of temporarily allocated rom. The 65 watt super voop charging can top up the 4 500 milliamp hour battery to 100 in as little as 31 minutes and five minutes of charge can give you four hours of movie playback. So there you have it. That is the new oppo renault 7. Pro 5g in two new colors and two new finishes as well for your chance to win one leave a comment below with your favorite feature from this device in the comment, as well as your twitter handle for your chance to win.