This is an hd microphone, smart for a smartphone, since i have a newer generation iphone or 7th gen its, not gon na work with that. But since its kind of auxiliary on were gon na, do something a little outside the box in this video, so this game – i found this at walmart for about 14 bucks. So it concludes the smartphones mount sign for vlogging low self noise shock absorbing superior sound. This was made by bold series, so some of the key features that are offered is the bower hd microphone kit will give you the high quality audio that you need to make professional videos, make videos anywhere with this lightweight and compact design great for creating live videos With smartphones, perfect for vlogging live videos, video chat, social media, live streams and more create awesome. Videos and vlogs, like professional lightweight microphone, can be used on your camera. Your smartphone mini shotgun microphone should be used to remove noise from smartphone and enhanced sound shock. Resistant noise reduces vibration, noise provides already a better audio wind screen and wind waffle included for extra nice specifications, power supply or battery cr2 3 volt, so basically its like a button cell battery. I doubt that this comes with with a battery connection 3.5 millimeter auxiliary, so were going to be doing it on this laptop over here so thats. The computer that were gon na do that test. On signal to noise ratio. 58 decibels, one kilohertz to one pa output in tenant, 200, ohms sensitivity, negative 30 decibels, plus two of the decibels with the equation of the algebraic expression of zero db equals one hc.

So this is obviously not compatible with, because in the fine print it says, iphone. 7 later is not compatible, so youll have to buy a separate cable, but i do have a cable here that would work so in a later video. We can but were going to do it on this computer. For for the time being, just to kind of give you an idea of what so well get our pocket knife out so Music, this, oh, it does come with a battery okay, i didnt think it so heres a little instruction booklet. It comes with so its pretty self explanatory, just from looking at the pictures, so theres a little battery cover, so just to show you what we all got here so we got. This is your battery cover and this battery has a cr2, lithium, greater power. I have a funny suspicion that okay, so it does. You can also use this on a tripod if you want to, but we also have so well just set that over there. If you, depending on the size, your phone, you can adjust or make it and, of course, put the cover back, so i doubt that this camera has itll be kind of interesting to actually see initially, i think this camera does, you know honest, beat yeah im going To look at something real, quick here, hey, i hook the microphone up to the video camera itself and i will do a playback to see how the quality sounds compared to the built in.

But that is a very nice looking microphone for 14.95. It looks very professional. It does use a very rare battery, but so far it looks like its okay, so we will do a test with it on my smartphone at a later time when i actually get the adapter for it so, and we will also test all this, but thats pretty Cool that it works on on this camera, so the next thing that we will do is test it on see if itll work with this asus laptop so bear with me. While we get this actually kind of get it Music, so well get this thing powered up.