So if you have watched the anime in another world with my smartphone, you may know that the season one of this anime came in 2017 and after almost four years there seemed to be almost no chance of a season 2. But there is, however, a manga which covers the story after where the season 1 left off and in this video i have voiced the dialogues of the characters from the manga using different text to speech voices for a new experience. Please let me know in the comment section if you enjoy these types of videos or want more of these also like and subscribe to the channel for more such content now without wasting any more time lets get into the video all right today, ill go and buy That thing ill buy, the engagement rings, huh, speaking of which is something like that, a norm in this world having an engagement ring. Hmm, maybe i should check that out by asking the shopkeeper at the jewelry shop you see nietzsche on, i dont know where them coins came from, so you cant use them here, understand thats, so troublesome. I dont have anything besides those coins, you see, if you have no money, then youre stealing my food dont make me hand you over to the guards huh cant i just buy with these. This is money too. You know, like i said this country doesnt use those coins. Excuse me, what do you want im, just a passerby but ill pay for his share thanks.

You helped me back there. Please dont mention it. Leaving that aside, do you really dont have any money from this country back then i could use these coins to buy things. You know theyve got quite a peculiar shape, huh, where are these coming from even each and that far away uses the same currency as here. If theyve caught your eye ill, give you some as thanks for earlier. After all, i cant use them here. Really, i wont hesitate to receive them. Then antoya mochizuki toya and you ended nice to meet you toya um. What should i do now not having any money makes doing anything hard? Yes, sure it does. You should find a job to get some money. I guess toyah whats your job im, sort of receiving money by finishing jobs that are given by the adventurer guild jobs like hunting monsters or escorting merchants. Ah, i see i might be able to do those kinds of jobs as well. You decided to register at the guild. If so, i can lead you to the guild, but you dont have any weapons. Will you be all right in case you cant wield one. There are gathering quests available. I dont need any weapons right, its not like ill be going to fight dragons. Were you able to register yep it went well now. I only need to complete the quests. It seems the guild has branches all around the world. That makes things easier for me because im seldom in one place for very long, hey for a traveler, he sure is dressed considerably light, but how was he able to arrive at this place without any money? Well, everyone has their own circumstances.

I guess all right then ill leave. You now remember to take simpler, quests at first and dont. Take anything thats impossible for you. Gotcha thanks toyah hope we meet again somewhere yeah ill, see you around now. Shall i go to the jewelry shop. I have enchanted. Those rings with excel transfer and storage excel should be handy during battle and so does transfer. When you need extra magic, then you can use storage as your personal storage. Thank you so much toya. Also this one is for elves. For me, you wont be able to wear your gauntlet if youre wearing the ring right. I figured that it worked just fine when you put it on as a necklace right, thanks, toya im so happy. Ah, i received this from a peculiar guy called end whom i met this morning. Do any of you know: where are these coins from ive never seen this before ill say they have a very elaborate design on them. They must be extremely valuable. I guess i have come to serve. You t um master, i wan na. I do indeed have a request. Liam is not around, so you can speak casually wren. So what is it? I also want to ride a bike i really want to practice, but with the ones here my feet, cant reach the pedals. I heard that toy and made a small bite for sun nature on before all right. I get it now ill make one especially for you, then what color do you like? Really the then a red one yay? Thank you lolita.

Give me a break. Is this currency still being used in this country up till now? Up till now you said cesca. Do you know anything about these coins? I do these are partino silver coins. They were first minted 5284 years ago and were used around this region as well. Im surprised that they are still in circulation 5284 years ago, cesca were there any boys among those of you made by professor babylon boys. No, there were none. The professor had never made a male type android. There are a few of gynoids with boyish personality. However, im not really sure if end is really a boy or not, though i mean hmm boy cut me. Some slack will ya robo girl, no matter what masters preferences are. I will try to adjust myself to suit them. Shall i wear shorts from now on? Then you dont need to wear that jeez.