So, with each passing year, smartphone prices are getting higher and higher, but the improvements for the everyday person are becoming lesser and less unnoticeable, which begs the question. What features are actually crucial in a new smartphone and how much do we actually need to pay enter the infinix zero 5g, a phone that seems to offer a serious package for its lowly price tag now full disclaimer. This video is sponsored by infinix, so its not going to be a review as such, but more a full walkthrough of all of the main features things that i like, and i will also go over some of the things that i think potentially could be improved in A future product, so the first thing i noticed when unboxing the zero 5g was how much the experience didnt conform to the current norm. Phone unboxings in recent times have become, on the main part, a little bit bland a little bit boring, but not only here do we have this funky shiny, shimmery retail packaging that wouldnt look out of place on the back of an actual smartphone, but inside are a Couple more exciting extra goodies. Firstly, you have the phone which well come back to and next up is this smaller box which houses this racy silicon case inside and something else unique that i wasnt expecting. Can you spot it? Yes, thats right, theres money inside okay, so its not real money, but it does offer you a chance to win some more goodies if you scan the qr code and its just a really cool way of doing so.

The attention to detail and providing the consumer with that special experience seems to be missing from most products. Now, like you, dont even get a charging brick in most smartphone retail boxes now. But you do here with this 33 watt fast charging, brick usb type, a to type c, cable and another cheeky bonus. A pair of earphones. Remember when these were a thing in phone boxes, which of course suggests that we have something else on the infinix 05g and that is of course a headphone jack right. So you may recently see my best smartphones of early 2022 video, in which i did actually feature a previous infinix phone, the hot 10s, a great budget option. Large full screen display big battery lots of interesting camera and software features and all for under 200, and the zero 5g follow suit. But in a few key ways goes that one step further just take the unicorn back design. For example, it is made of plastic expected at this price point, but it has these really gorgeous edges at the camera module where the back panel bleeds seamlessly right up to the three camera lenses more on those later it certainly doesnt look budget or cheap with an Overall appearance that is very much more in keeping with premium handsets and while currently i dont have an exact pricing figure for every region. I am told its going to roughly be around 250 270 us dollars, and this will obviously convert slightly differently into different regions, but theres your ballpark.

The phone comes in three colors cosmic, black horizon blue and skylight orange, which is probably my personal favorite. Now, unfortunately, the infinix zero 5g doesnt come with support for 5g technology, joking of course clues in the name. That would be quite funny, though wouldnt it. This is infinixs, first ever smartphone to do so again, reaffirming that they are continuing to push the boundaries of their devices, striving to compete without burning a hole in your pocket. Now, speaking of holes, we do have a punch, hole. Camera cut out housing a 16 megapixel sensor in the center, at the top of a large 6.78 inch, 120hz full hd plus display. Now it is lcd i would personally prefer oled or amoled, mainly because of the slight darkened edges. You often get on this kind of technology, but again remember the price. Amoled panels are far more expensive to manufacture and include, therefore, youre not going to be getting those savings outside of that its fairly bright and color accurate and the high refresh rate combined with the mediatek dimensity, 900 chipset and eight gigabytes of ram. It gives you a really nice, smooth and snappy experience. A new handy trick that many smartphone manufacturers are using at this moment in time is the ability to expand the ram storage capacity by using a portion of rom, and this is present here, taking the total to 11 improving app performance even further. Yes, you cannotice the difference when jumping from this to a high end premium flagship smartphone that uses a dimension 1200 or one of the qualcomm high end chipsets, for example, but this handles the everyday necessities with ease and you can even enjoy some nice gaming sessions too.

If you are a gamer youll, be pleased to know the phone has dark, link 2.0 and x arena, which should help to improve image, stability and sensitivity of touch control, whilst also recognizing you are gaming and thus enabling game booster. It should also help reduce the temperature of the device alongside the heat pipe thermal module, 2.0 tech. So hopefully you wont have to worry about thermal throttling. The zero 5g also has support for wi fi 6 for faster and more reliable connectivity and its integrated inside the mediatek 900, alongside the 5g modem for better power efficiency up to 33 so expect that large 5000 mah battery cell inside to get you through the day. If you did need to top the phone up, you have the mentioned 33 watt fast charging, which includes to vryland safe, fast charge technology, which means that when your phone is at full capacity once its been fully charged, the power will shut off on the charge. So you dont have to worry about that fast and safe, and another thing: thats fast is the fingerprint scanner on the power button like seriously snappy flagship level, snappy, really impressive. Now one area that im a little bit mixed on in my first impressions is software. Theres areas that i would possibly like to adapt, but also things i love, starting with what i like you, have the option to have the traditional app home screen layout that you would expect, or you can have a large folder option which groups similar apps together in A similar look to ios.

Yes, you can already do similar things on android already, but i like the fact that you can just go from one to the other. Very simple switch: zero effort: zero 5g. They just get worse every single video um, but if you enjoy them, make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on your notifications. So you know when i post those awful jokes, if you could even call that a joke. In addition to this, you have multiple customizable options like lightning multi window and smart panel, which again can really aid your multitasking and productivity by allowing easy to use floating windows and instant access to frequently used tools and apps from any interface really helpful. On the flip side, i do think that the xos 10 launcher is a little bit on the heavy side, especially in the settings and notifications swipe down menus. I prefer something thats a bit more stock, but that is incredibly subjective and, of course, you can throw on a launcher, for example, if thats something youre interested in. So i guess its a case of what sort of person are you and what do you like and that kind of runs through to the camera as well. It covers the basics, well with plenty of customization and ai features, but there are a couple of elements that have been omitted so first up there is no ultra wide angle lens, for example, but you do have a 48 megapixel primary sensor, a 30 megapixel portrait and A 2 megapixel virtual lens, you have 30 times zoom capabilities and a max of 4k 30fps on not only the rear, but also on the front camera as well, and that, for the price point, is really impressive.

I cant i ca. I cant tell you the i cant tell you the amount of times ive even picked up flagship smartphones that have 1080p on the front. Camera really impressive. At this price point and again here, the idea of customization is king with scrollable options for short, video video beauty, portrait and super night, all available with the 48 megapixel mode, just a simple click away at the top. A simple swipe up also offers slow motion with up to 960 fps time lapse and pro mode to name a few and theres, certainly plenty to get your teeth stuck into. There is no wireless charging here, theres no ip rating here, so this phone is definitely not perfect, but it brings me back to the original question at the start of the video. How much do we actually need to pay for a smartphone? Yes, the infinix zero 5g has its constraints due to the price bracket, but do those bells and whistle features actually matter only you can decide that this chair is really squeaky today, really irritating apologies if that keeps coming up on the mic, but i know personally, i Am blessed to use some of the best high end bleeding edge tech going, and while i love using the best of the best, the most expensive tech around, i can really appreciate that a lot of it is at times overkill and we dont necessarily need a lot Of the additional features that get chucked into those sorts of devices and products like the infinix, zero, 5g tick, pretty much every major base going and offers serious value for money is the infinix zero 5g.

The best budget friendly smartphone going right now. Well, its certainly up there, but only you can decide because it comes down to your own, wants and needs, and definitely let me know in the comment section below what you think of this phone number one and also what features do you desperately need in a smartphone And if there are any features that are deal breakers, if the phone doesnt have it like and share, if you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, make sure you check out the link in the video description below.