Now guys. This smartphone is impressive in some areas and in fall shots in other areas which ill get to in a bit, but one area where the infinix zero 5g is head and shoulders are both. Other smartphones is in the box. It comes with. I mean just look at the size now opening the box. The first thing youre going to see is the smartphone. The color i have here is called cosmic black and outdoors it kind of changes from gray and black, depending on how light hits it now. This smartphone comes with the same ejector tool a two year, warranty card which has a lot of information on it, but the one that grabbed my attention is you get free screen repair for the first 180 days. So if i decide to crack the display of this smartphone within the first 180 days, infinix is going to replace the screen for free wow. Now back to the box, it comes with an x park leaflet that says: win free phones. If you download the app, it also comes with one x, gold, node a tpu case earphones that sound, really good yeah. Listen to this. The last items in the box are a usb type c cable and a 33 watts fast charger, and it charges the smartphone from zero to one hundred percent in one hour 25 minutes which isnt bad now lets talk about the build quality. The infinix zero 5g is made from plastic and it attracts smudges and fingerprints.

If you commit a crime and you leave the smartphone behind, you are done for now. The side of this smartphone is made from plastic and for the front it doesnt scratch easily. Oh, my god, no okay thats, just the screen protector check this out. The infinix zero 5g doesnt have an ipv rating, but, as you can see, i have submerged it inside water, a couple of times and its still, okay, its still working so yeah. Do not try this at home guys, but, as you can see, it can survive being dipped inside water now moving to the external features at the top, it has a microphone at the right side. It has the dual 5g sim card and a memory card tray moving to the bottom. It comes to 3.5 mm audio jack, another microphone, a usb type c port and a mono speaker. The mono speaker sounds all right and when you hold the smartphone, the sound bounces off your hand, making it a bit louder. But man mono speaker in 2022, moving to the right side is where youll find the volume keys and the power slash fingerprint scanner. The volume keys are a bit too flush with the frame of this smartphone and pressing. It can be a bit tricky. As for the fingerprint scanner, the location is very good. I didnt have any issue and unlocking the smartphone is super fast. The face unlock feature is also available on this smartphone and it works well now.

Moving to the red, the infinix, zero 5g comes, the 48 megapixel main camera, a 30 megapixel telephoto camera, a qvga camera and dual flash led lights. Wow check out that glow. Now, switching to the front, it comes with a 16 megapixel selfie camera, with a flash led lights. Now lets talk about the display of this smartphone. The infinix zero 5g comes with 6.78 inch ips lcd panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 120 heads and a tot sampling rate of 240 heads for brightness. I got a reading of 433 nits and yes, its somewhat usable under direct sunlight, so whats it like watching content on this display. Well for youtube. The color looks boosted. It looks very good. The display temperature is just a little bit warm and the size of the display comes in handy in getting you immersed in what youre watching the infinix. Zero 5g also supports hdr10 and hdr hlg, but the color looks desaturated when you watch hdr content for regular content on youtube and netflix. The display of the infinix 05g is alright. Now, moving to one area where the infinix, zero, 5g shines and thats in the performance department, it comes with a mediatek dimension: 900 processor, its a six nanometer processor that is efficient and delivers obsessional performance. To give you an idea, just how fast this smartphone is check out the antutu score of this infinix zero 5g. With last year budget smartphones, i mean you can actually feel just how fast it is navigating the user interface and launching applications.

Now, when it comes to multitasking, the infinix zero 5g is also exceptional. It comes with 8 gigabyte of ram that can be expanded to 11 gigabytes of ram. True memory, fusion, what it does is. It uses some of the internal storage to increase the ram size and the result is the infinix 05g retains more apps. In the background, the ram in the infinix zero 5g is ufs 3.1, its an lp ddr5 extra, making installing saving launching applications super fast on this device. Now all that sounds good, but what about gaming? Well, the infinix zero 5g comes with the mali g60 h gpu and that helps in ranging smooth graphics for pubg play the game at hdr, graphics and ultra frame rate. The gameplay was smooth and, yes, you will win chicken dinners with this smartphone. The gyroscope also works as well now moving to call of duty, which is one of the fans favorites. They played the game at high graphics and very high streamers. The gameplay was also very soon now for one of the most demanding games on mobile game change impact. The infinix zero fighter played the game at the highest graphics settings, but that made the smartphone hot, leaving the graphics setting at medium graphics did the trick and the gameplay was all right for the operating system. The infinix zero 5g is running android 11 with xos version 10.0. Hopefully it will get the android 12 update. Taking a look at the pre installed.

Applications on this smartphone aka bloatwares – i counted 26 of them and yeah thats a lot. Luckily, you can uninstall some of these applications for notifications on pre installed applications. Yes, you do get them, but luckily you can disable them now. Lets talk about the cameras. The front facing camera on the infinix. Zero 5g is a 16 megapixel shooter. How does hdr works? Very well, as you can see, head detection is also good for portrait shots. One thing i noticed with photoshop is the ai smoothens your face. Ladies. Will love this feature, but for men i mean i, i personally dont like this now moving to the rear camera. The main camera is a 48 megapixel shooter and the pictures it captures look good and detailed. The second camera at the rear is a 30 megapixel. 2X camera – i personally, would have preferred an ultra wide camera, but the 2x camera takes detailed pictures. Photoshops on animals look alright, but for romance again the ai is applying too much. Smoothening, dark mode looks very good on the smartphone and it makes a difference now for the battery. The infinix zero 5g comes the five thousand million per battery and it has been solid so far. I got around six hours screen on time and im a heavy user and in my books, thats okay, if youre a moderate user, this smartphone will easily last you the entire day for the charging time. As i said, it took 1 hour 25 minutes to charge this smartphone from zero to 100, using the 33 watts fast charger.

All right guys lets talk about the price. The infinix zero 5g goes for 169, 500, naira or 300 and thats a lot. No thanks to the depreciating naira, if youre in the market, for a brand new smartphone im, sorry to tell you all. The prices have gone up for 169 500 naira. You do get a smartphone that delivers strong performance, good multitasking capabilities, its a good gaming smartphone, and it has a decent battery and average cameras where the smartphone comes short. Is it doesnt come with stereo speaker and it doesnt have an amoled display for that price? But hey if those things dont bother you the infinix, zero 5g is a very good smartphone. So, ladies and gentlemen, weve come to the end of this review. Thank you for watching to the end, hit the like button and subscribe.