I mean, maybe surprisingly, not the cheapest phone that you can buy from this company. You can actually buy phones that are 50, maybe 60 70. This one is a little bit more expensive and still cheap for a smartphone. It was around 90 and after tax and shipping and all of those costs it was around 97 dollars a six inch display, which for me, is huge because not only have i just not owned smartphones for very long, but i have not owned smartphones that were had A six inch display, maybe five inches, maybe about a six inch display. Wow just feels like a huge device like im carrying a tablet, and i guess it kind of is a tablet. If you want to use an unlocked smartphone without a unlocked smartphone without a sim card, you can certainly use it as an internet tablet, but anyway we are just going to talk about this phone. The initial review of the blue j9l around 90 dollars that we purchased. We purchased it for on amazon, after after tax shipping is around 97 dollars, so this is relatively not the cheapest, but still a budget friendly smartphone. What do i have to say about this phone? The blue j9l. I really really like it. I like the battery life. I, like the responsiveness i like, that it works well with my application that i use for my electronic train ticket. My monthly pass just a very, very nice kind of very easy to use.

Im gon na just be clear. With this initial review. I like this phone. I, like the display i like the battery life. I like that its responsive with the simple applications that i use in the simple internet browsing that i do, but i just want to make it clear that this is not a phone that i use heavily. I dont sorry, i do not use these phones for playing games for video streaming online. So if youre gon na say well, is this a high performance device for only a hundred dollars, im gon na, say thats im, not the person to answer that question? This is really something that i use just for calling and texting. Maybe some internet browsing here and there some applications like the one i use for my train ticket or the one i use to access. My my desktop computer remotely this one duo mobile, so simple applications that i just need um and i need this phone to be reliable to open these simple applications, thats. What i use it for so im not playing these games that require lots of memory im, not playing im, not watching videos online uh using the internet, while im like going from while im on the train, so this isnt, something that i can say well is this A high performance device i dont know, but for a large kind of tablet, sized phone that has nice battery life in my opinion and can run these applications with no issues and has been very reliable so far, im very very happy with this purchase, and that is What im saying in my initial review good job blue? This is a really cool looking device.

A large display very easy to use the worst thing about this phone, in my opinion is surprising, because youd think that i ive tested some phones from this company before and they had pretty good cam camcorders for the most part. But this one is actually this more expensive phone. I think this phone kind of did not just they didnt. You have these two lenses here this i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but this phone has auto focus, so it sounds cool right. I mean, if you have the camera very close to something its going to try to focus if its away, if theres like a if theres gla, if youre looking through a window its going to try to focus on something but the the problem. Here with this phone camera is that it just keeps trying to focus. If you want to look at some videos on my channel feel free to do so, but it keeps trying to focus on something and, as a result, the picture goes from blurry to clear blurry. To clear every couple of seconds, especially when im trying to record videos this video camera, the camcorder has great quality, and so does the camera im going to record a video it keeps trying. It keeps trying to focus on something and not being clear, quality isnt being clear, because its nice feature auto focus, but it keeps going back and forth between focusing, not focusing and as a result, as a result, its impossible to have good clear video consistently because it Keeps getting blurry every couple of seconds disappointed with that, because my favorite feature on these devices is usually the camera just to play play with it, but not in this case, but its okay.

I didnt buy this phone for the camera. I bought it to call and to have applications like the one i used for my monthly train ticket metro. North e takes application. So, despite that, i can say im very happy with this phone. Just a little disappointed that, with this very cool, looking camera with auto focus, it just doesnt seem to work very well because its constantly trying to focus anyways. That is my initial review of this blue j9l. An unlocked android powered smartphone that would be purchased on amazon. For around ninety dollars and total cost was around ninety seven dollars, six inch display android um came with this case that you can see this rubbery case uh no, no earbuds uh, but we have the charger: slash: usb cable wall charger with the the wall, charger adapter And the which connects to the usb cable so overall, very happy with this too bad about the camera. You can see another video if you want to know what the issue is, what my thoughts are, but im very happy with this phone. I kind of like the larger phones now because it just seems more convenient. Initially, i thought six inch display was just way too much, but now i think its actually pretty cool, so more screen space, so the blue j9l android cell phone unlocked smartphone. That is my initial review.