Let you know my experience and by the way guys i use this as a normal business user, who takes a lot of calls, does everyday stuff and all these things, but again im not a gamer. So i havent done extensive gaming on this one. If you want to know about the gaming aspects of this smartphone check out with others, but lets break it down between the pros and cons here, is the box and again check out my unboxing video. If you want to know more about this one – and this is a proper retail unit that i had purchased from amazon – and i have been actually using it with the supplied case – guys so ill give you my experience – also uh so lets uh break it down between The pros and cons, in fact i would say, uh this one plus nine rt – is a far better smartphone for compared to the regular oneplus, 9 or even the 9r, that this is the phone it has to be. It should have been, but again its not without it, some unique flaws that ive found uh so lets get on with this. So lets lets first talk about the good things that i liked about this device that those other pros – and there are some nitpickings – also ill mention about that one also so first thing is regarding the screen: its a 6.62 inch screen, so its neither big, neither small And again its a amoled screen and its 120 hertz screen, so very good.

In fact, in direct sunlight also, i was using it for gps navigation. It was adequately bright, so i did not have a problem about uh and for 99 of the users. You will not notice this, but guys yeah oneplus did slight cost cutting here. This is actually a 8 bit panel, not a 10 bit panel, like some of the other vendors in this price range now have started, leaving a 10 bit panel. So but again as ive told you most of you wont notice that, but that is something that ive noticed and again the screen quality is good. The touch response is good. It has the in display fingerprint scanner and thats working very well uh thats the case with almost every one plus device, so thats the case with even with this one out of brightness ill, just disable it, because my camera will go bonkers, but overall uh its a Good phone and the size is okay, i would say its neither too big nor small uh, so it fits comfortably in the handout slightly bigger but again youll get used to the same uh next thing is uh. Regarding the os uh again, we know the new oneplus is basically a color os, but this comes out of the box with android 11.. If you go to the software about the phone uh as you can see, uh this comes with oxygen, os version 11 and uh. This is still on android 11, guys uh.

This will be getting the android 12 update uh. I was reading some forums march or april time frame, um, not clear. So yes, this will be getting android 12, and i just want to make this very clear. There have been rumors that this smartphone will be just getting two android updates: uh thats, actually not true. Yes, this comes with android 11 and this will be getting actually three android updates. So this will get android 12, 13 and 14, so thats regarding the android. But again the android 12 is going to be based on color os, though technically they might say so. Its basically color was under the hood that youll get with android 12 on this one. But again i would say this is the good. This will be the good part of it because again, uh still uh, it does not have a lot of ton of bloatwares and stuff. Spotify was pre installed, but again thats a decent app, i would say, and some oneplus specific apps apart from that and netflix was also installed apart from that no junk wear or blow to it. So that way, i would say still a very clean experience that youre getting and the phone was very fluid to use ive set it to 120 hertz again, the panel is supporting 120 hertz ive been actually using it for 120 hertz. So no issues regarding that. So this is again, i would say the clean version of color overs that way so that way, software experience is decent.

I noticed some mine, some jitter here and there, but again thats sort of nitpicking guys. I was just looking for it sometimes, but overall, most of you again as ive told you, 95 of people, as of now will be happy and uh uh oneplus is not adding a lot of chunk uh with what you say of a smartphone. Another thing that i like – and this is specifically for this color – i dont – know how applicable this will be for other colors. This is that matte black one, and i like that, the back im using it for the case supply case. But if you plan to use it without the case, this one does not get any fingerprints, so thats actually really nice, and this is glass. This is not what you say, plastic or something like samsung is doing so that way, this feels a lot more premium. I would say to look and in fact, in build quality. You also have to give full marks to oneplus this time. The. What do you say? Chases outer chasers, is metallic, not plastic or anything. So when you pick up the phone and hold it in your hand, it gives you that premium sort of feel so there no cost cutting or something like that, and i still like that. We have the alert slider. So i like this. This is a unique thing and pretty convenient, i would say so that way in terms of build quality, its good – and i like this mad pack.

So if you use it without the case, you dont get those ugly fingerprints and actually, to be frank, this actually really looks cool in this black color anyways moving to the next one is – and this is a uh thing that i liked on the smartphone again. This is having a flagship, processor, snapdragon 88, not a issue uh, but one thing i noticed is that the wi fi reception is actually pretty good on the smartphone lets test. It out results, as you can see: 794 766. These are some of the best that ive seen uh these sort of speeds. These very high speeds i get with the iphone 13 pro so that way in terms of the wi fi reception and antenna uh, they havent compromised uh. Another uh decent thing is this one? Actually supports eight bands of 5g uh still it can be improved because many of the smartphones around the 40 000 price point are giving about 11 bands, 13 bands of 5g, but still 8 bands of 5g, its far better than two bands of 5g. What oneplus was giving just a year ago, uh so thats regarding the uh think wi fi is good. Okay. Another thing is that this is the base variant. Uh, thats minor, lag that i i you saw sometimes, but so again some optimizations are needed. I would say: uh look, i checked with update guys uh, so they are not giving monthly updates. If i go to the software update, as you can see, it says, december 5th was the last update that i got and i didnt get the update now.

So uh looks like uh monthly. They are not giving an update so month, maybe once in two or three months, thats recording security update but android 12 will be coming soon to this uh device. Uh next thing uh then some of you have asked me uh. This is having the snapdragon 888 and the uh regular oneplus 9 pro had heating issues. I had a retail unit of that one also, and that was not also giving me good battery life. It was known that heating issues, so they had to throttle down the processor or something like on this one with the regular day to day usage, guys im using it daily. I i would say the battery life is okay and even i did not notice any excessive heating. Yes, the back slightly gets warm if youre doing heavily using it multitasking or something like that, but it never became uncomfortably hot or anything like i experienced in the oneplus 9 pro. So i wont say this is a heating or something like that. So dont worry in fact does this got warm as much as the samsung galaxy s21 fe, when i was using slightly warm but not hot, so thats regarding the heating. So that way i would say shouldnt be a problem. But again, as ive told you im not a hardcore gamer, so i didnt play games continuously for one and a half hours. If you want to know that check out some others, so heating is not an issue now coming to the battery on this one uh.

It has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and, i have to say the battery life is okay, decent enough that we expect uh with the flagship smartphones uh i was getting. Let me actually show you, i think ive saved the screenshot, so lets look at it. Okay, let me actually show you okay here it was at 17 percent and one day of the charter thats slightly over 24 hours, and we got a screen on time of five hours. Four minutes on this one, so thats, the typical that i was getting about. Five to five and a half hours of sot – and this is the usage that we were getting one more uh here – just got about four hours. I dont know i think so. I use the gps quite a bit. So here i got a four hours and typically but again standby time is more one and a half one hours, one day, seven hours and uh. Here again, as you can see, it was at 11 percent four hours 54 minutes again one one day, seven hours or something like that. So this is the battery life. I was getting about roughly about five hours uh to about four and a half hours with my typical uh usage scenario. Guys – and this is neither great nor bad, i would say because this is the same amount of battery life. I was getting even on the recent samsung galaxy s21 fe that came with the exynos 2100, so its like that.

But if youre expecting eight nine hours 10 hours of battery life, i mean go for the mid ranges with snapdragon, 778, etc. Those get far better battery. But for typical uh days worth of usage, it was lasting me uh. Without any issues i would say, and it didnt create an anxiety and again it comes with the fast charger in the box. So, even if you just top it up for 15 minutes its good to go so that way, i would say battery life. Okay, but dont expect keep your expectations realistic guys. This is a flagship smartphone with a snapdragon 888, and these flagship processors consume a lot of battery so that way decent, but not extraordinary. Anyways lets move to the next thing and uh lets now move to the uh. What do you say? Uh camera on this one? Uh, the main camera is a 50 megapixel uh thats the imx 766 on this one, and then we have a 16 megapixel ultra white, and i dont know why the 2 megapixel macro. Yes, those 2 megapixel macro in depth are ok for 20 000 and even up to 25 000, i would say, but for a 45 40 45 000 uh smartphone thats, not cool, but yeah thats. What we have a front facing is a 16 megapixel, but let me first actually show you camera samples taken with the rear facing camera and outdoors, i would say, the rear facing camera actually does a pretty good job.

In fact, i would say the pictures are a little bit more saturated than what i uh would say. But again many people like that saturation slight color boost is there in the pictures, but most of you would actually like it, but the problem is that in portrait mode i felt that the camera was pretty weak. For some reason, the portrait mode was simply not done. That, well, i dont know if oneplus is doing this intentionally, because i have tested some other smartphones uh with this imx 766 and those come out great. The pictures, the portraits, come out great on that, in fact, i cant reveal im testing one more smartphone. I dont know the exact price. It also comes with the imx 766 that might be priced around just 25 000 and that takes uh better pictures than this one. So i dont know what oneplus is doing. Uh looks like they are not optimizing, the camera intentionally so that this smartphone does not compete with the oneplus 9 pro. I feel because the camera is decent, i would say, but in certain scenarios it just falls apart, which is very weird. In fact, dont get me wrong. The camera is pretty good, i would say most of you would like it, but if you compare with some of the cameras in this price range, then its slightly weaker, in fact uh the samsung galaxy s, 21 fees. Camera is far better than this one, specifically the rear facing camera.

In fact, i made a comparison video. You can check that out for more info now, moving to the front facing camera thats a 16 megapixel here, i would say, im liking the front facing camera. The pictures that come out over the front facing camera are actually really good. Even the portrait mode actually works very well uh. In fact, now lets talk about video, and here ive noticed some weird stuff. I dont know again, i think so. Oneplus is intentionally doing that, but here are some of the video samples recording. This part of the video with the oneplus rt is a front facing camera and, as you can see, im just walking around one strange thing that ive noticed is that uh, though the front facing camera is capable of recording 4k video, but for some reason there is No 4k option uh with the front facing camera, which is very, very puzzling because it has the snapdragon 888. I just dont know why uh oneplus did not enable 4k, video or recording with the front facing camera, but again uh. This is a sample with the front facing camera, and audio is also being recorded via the same uh. It looks cool here at least in the preview, but they should have given a 4k option. I hope they enable this 4k video recording option with a ota update. Now, recording this video with the rear facing camera of this one plus rt and ive, set it to 4k guys, and i havent enabled the stabilization option.

There is also the stabilization option which crops in a little bit. This is without the stabilization option, but im walking and this isnt 4k. Now let me do the same thing and ill enable the stabilization option to see the difference guys. This is the stabilization option, but whenever i enable the stabilization option its not staying in 4k, it is dropping down to 1080p at 60 fps. This is a weird bug. I dont know why they dont enable what do you say: uh stabilization at 4k. Hopefully they enable it with the ot update, because the snapdragon 888 processor is capable of doing it, so that was the camera sample. Okay, i completely forgot about uh one more thing: network reception was uh, no issues uh, it works even with what do you say? Uh, a tel or wi fi that wi fi calling and all these things and all these things, but so my primary sim is in this one and the magi tells it so that way. The earpiece is also good on this smartphone, not an issue its clear and something. But there is one major issue that i noticed with this smartphone and lets talk about that and now lets talk about the con, some of the nitpickings and things that i did not like with this smartphone. Okay. First lets talk about uh the call quality, and this is regarding the proximity sensor again. Yes, this is the first oneplus smartphone that ive tested is having a proximity sensor and, as ive told you guys, i was using it with the case and for small calls.

It was not an issue at all, less than 30 seconds or whatever, but on slightly longer calls. There are more than three four minutes. Almost every time i had a proximity sensor, issue uh the calls were going to mute or getting cut, or something like that and i removed the case and used it directly like this and that reduced it a little bit, but it was not completely gone. So i dont know the proximity sensor issue is there at least on my unit, and this is a retail unit. So that is something uh that i do not like. So if you are a what is a business kind of a person – and you take very long calls, then that this can be a real issue to you, uh so again check with real users, guys those who have purchased a retail unit. Are there having a proximity sensor issue? I dont know why this is. Was a speciality of xiaomi xiaomis phones used to have the proximity sensor issue? I dont know how it uh went to this oneplus. So, if its an exception again that talks about the quality control, but that is something that i did not like, and i was baffled because oneplus devices never have this sort of proximity sensor issue. Okay, moving to the next thing is again: i i feel the camera. The sensor is great or something intentionally, they have crippled the camera so that this does not compete with the.

What do you say, one plus nine pro and in video man youve got a great front facing camera, but youre restricting the uh, the video from the front facing camera, not to four key. I dont get it why you guys are doing moving to the rear facing camera. Also, if you want that stabilization option, it does not shoot in 4k, and we know the snapdragon 888 is a fabulous such a powerful. What do you say? Uh processor, with one of the best isp, that is image signaling process. It can easily handle this, so it looks like intentionally. They are not giving these features. I hope oneplus listens to users feedback and enables uh those options with the software update anyways. Moving to the next thing, uh is uh regarding, and this is sort of nitpicking guys. Most of you will not be worried about this because i test so many smartphones. I have noticed this uh. This has stereo speakers good and in fact the stereo speakers are quite loud also, but the stereo balancing is not done very well. I would say about 60 to 62 percent of the volume comes from this one and just about 40 to 40 odd percent of the volume consistency you will not notice it, but if youre picky, you will notice that in balance this is a small thing, but i Have one notice at that and uh again uh this one comes out of the box with android 11.

It should have come out with android 12 uh, but well get three years of and three android updates, so android 12. This will be getting 13 and 14, but not android 15, guys so thats what it is, and overall i would say i like this smartphone um, its a far more practical and a better smartphone than the oneplus 9 or even the 9r. They have actually fixed a lot of flaws, uh that they had but again uh. There are some things that they have uh crippled on this device. I dont get it uh. Why is the portrait shots? Dont come out good on this one, so i feel the camera can definitely improve because, with the same sensor, other vendors and in fact uh oneplus – is indirectly owned by open. Now, oppo smartphones are getting better results with the same sensor, so i dont get it. Why? Uh so hopefully they fix it with a software update, but the only nitpicking that i have from a practical usage point of view is that proximity sensor issue and that can be an issue. If you take a lot of calls so again check that with the real users, if they are also having the proximity sensor issue, it is definitely there on my unit uh so guys. This was my review of this uh oneplus 9 rt, certainly a much better smartphone compared to some of the earlier oneplus 9 series of smartphone.