How is that phone so im using this phone from couple of days? Let me tell you how this one overall, so we know about the redmi number series. It is their most popular and most important ambassadors, because this is the phone which is being sold in the ball. Camels. Okay – and you know the reason why, in the box, you get the usual thing like a cheap case, hopefully around 50 to 100 rupees doesnt matter. Even if you go and check xiaomi 12 pro, you get the same quality case, so no discrimination. There phone is already on the other side because im using it and you get a usb type c cable. Also, you will get a 33 watt fast charger and here is the phone. The first feeling that i got when i held this phone, its super lightweight. I mean not the lightest phone like the v11 light, but surely it is very comfortable lightweight and somehow it is slightly more comfortable because it has the same edges like you have seen on the xiaomi 11i a little bit of boxy, but not completely boxy. Like you see on the iphone 12 13 or maybe oppo vivo smartphones, it is a very comfortable and convenient phone to hold and use. The back panel is obviously here of the plastic side by side with the redmi note 10.. This one is more glossy, and this is more of the matte finishing anyways in both of the phones.

There is no fingerprint smudges fry side. You get the power button, slash fingerprint sensor on the top. You have the volume button here you get the headphone jack and speaker and the ir blaster in the bottom. You have the again a speaker usb type c, and the calling mic left side is not completely clean. You get a dual sim card slot there. Two 4g sim card plus an sd card, so lets get inside and check out the display. This is the 6.43 inches full hd plus super ambulant display. The brightness is very good. You know, even if you watch it indoor outdoor, it is perfectly viewable display. Yes, there is only 90 hertz of refresh rate, not the 120, which i think it is reserved for the pro model thats why you are going to go for the pro one. But the good part is that if you compare it with some of the premium phones like the oneplus note, 2 and other phones like renault 7 vivo v23, they come with the full hd plus 90 hertz, but with just 600 liters of peak redness. This one gives you a thousand minutes of pre brightness lets check out the software. There is google now feed also, and they are not too many application installed about phone section. This one is running the 13.0.1 ui, but yes, it is still based on the android 11. So the rom is good, its fast and fluid. So lets talk about the performance on the specs youre, going to get the snapdragon 680, so hows this processor.

Overall, i mean this is the second device i am using with the snapdragon 682. It is not very fast and very fluid, as you can see, applications are taking little bit of time see. There is a good amount of delay. If i use and open any application, they are not very instantaneous, they are not very fluid. They take some bit of time and the same processor. We have already used on the realme 9i. If we compare the benchmark between these two phones, the numbers are just kind of average, not very good. Also, if we talk about the bgmi, we go inside the setting and check out the graphics, the max you can play is smooth and high frame rate and balance and medium frame rate. This is just about this setting even on playing the bgmi, you can easily notice, you know good amount of lags. I mean in 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay easily you cannotice four to five serious lags. I mean. Certainly this is not a very good processor. On the same price segment, you can easily get the media g95, which is a very good gaming processor. Yes, there will be some other limitation like you may not be getting a good display that youre getting here. The point is, what im trying to say is dont expect too much from the performance side. With this processor you get acquired camera setup on the rear side. The main sensor is 50 megapixel, followed by 8 megapixel ultra wide, and you have to extra 2 megapixel macro and the depth sensor.

So how about the actual color quality in the details? Couple of samples, uh, you can see, details are good, you can find out and you can see good amount of details when the light is good. But since this is budget phone, there is a good amount of chances like youre not going to get very accurate colors, which you are seeing with your eyes. Dynamic range is satisfactory from the main sensor. It do tend to change. Some colors like skies are completely blue, which is not the case, because currently it is a winter and foggy here ultra wide. It is just 8 megapixel youre not going to get a very good amount of details. Okay, this option to do up to 10x of zoom. Obviously, there is no telephoto here, so quality will be like just average, and if you try to take some of the photos on the indoor lighting situation, maybe artificial light or if there is a bit of less light. Photos are good, provided if the object has a proper lighting condition on the complete low light photos are not great, like i told you its a budget phone, so you cannot expect more than that. On the video side, you do have capability to fill 10 db 60 frame per second and the colors are slightly over exposed. Not too much you can say, 10 to 15 overexposed. But, yes, you do have a 2 megapixel macro video feature available on the front.

You have 13 megapixel selfie camera by default. The beautification is on so you need to turn it off. Otherwise, for the 13 megapixel it is decent. It takes good, portraits too. You get the dual speakers here, one on the top and on the bottom they are not the loudest speaker, but yes, the loudness is good enough and even on the full volume there is not much distortion. So speakers are again very good. This phone comes with a 5000 battery and the 33 watt charger in the box. Also, this phone supports the quick charge 3 plus plus usb power delivery. 3.0. So thats it guys for the redmi note 11 overall for the price youre going to pay for this device. Youre, getting a lot of good features like many things, are very good, except the performance. I think there has to be some different processor, but still company has to do something to cut the cost and make it a cheaper phone all right. Those are my thoughts with the redmi note. 11 whats, your thought over this phone. Do, let me know in the comments. Thank you so much and stay tuned for the redmi.