I run a little astro blog called evt astro.com and, of course, this youtube channel. So if youre not subscribed, please do consider subscribing um over the years. Ive had the privilege of owning over a hundred scopes more accessories than i can count, and guess what ive got a new accessory for you guys that im reviewing today. So this is the celestron. Next y z, smartphone adapter, now um, i dont, know how well this is going to show up on camera. This thing kind of looks like its like out of some kind of alien movie right. I mean theres like a claw on it and like all kinds of handles and stuff you know it. Actually, you know it looks pretty cool, i will say um, but were gon na find out how well it actually works. So anyhow, uh lets get outside and well kind of check out how this then, you know hooks up to your telescope, how your smartphone goes into it um and you can kind of see it in action. Alrighty guys welcome outside you guys are like wait. A second vlads drinking coffee. Again i like coffee. What can i say: Music, um, okay anyhow, so we have got the adapter all set up and lets check it out in action. All right, just real quick equipment weve got going on tonight, is of course, the las monde g11 mount that i frequently use my beater 5 inch apo and none other than the celestron adapter and, of course, youre like you know what ips should we be using the Battery zoom, you guys knew that was coming for those of you that watch my channel know that i like that eyepiece uh anyhow so check this out.

So here it is. Actually let me kill all these lights here on the camera yeah there. It is look at that the moon, so this is a live view through the scope of the moon right now, right and thats. All there is to it folks, okay, okay, ill, give you guys more lets check out. Actually, how youd actually put this on your scope and stuff? Otherwise this would be the boringest review ever right, all right guys. So here she is so heres the adapter right, uh ill just point out a couple of things: real, quick before we um you know start putting this thing on the telescope, so theres three axes, two of them move with this. These two knobs here one of the axes uh moves with this uh knob. Here i just want to you know kind of point that out, because that way, when im adjusting it, you know you kind of know what im doing add this uh thin here lets you put this onto the eyepiece right and you use this knob to tighten it Down so first thing were going to do were going to slide this on to the eyepiece, so this is the battery zoom again um. So you know you basically retract this claw and this is again adjustable im, actually going just a little wider than i had. Okay, so and im actually pointing this pointing down on purpose. The reason is because you know, since this is a zoom eyepiece, the zoom mechanism will want to rotate.

If i point it like any other direction, so you almost like with this particular eyepiece – have to point down uh depending you know, on how heavy your phone is. You might have to do that anyhow. So anyhow, so at this point, what im doing is im adjusting uh that little knob to clamp down around the eyepiece. So now this thing is pretty secure. Now, mine um is kind of wobbly like the cell phone holder, so i dont really like that ill ill kind of check out and update you guys if i could find the fix for that. I dont know if theyre all like that, but mine was so. I kind of dont really like that. I will point that out. Okay, so you know you take your cell phone. This is the uh, my wifes galaxy note 10, because im or no 20 ultra, i should say uh im recording with my phone uh, so thats. Why? I stole my wifes phone right, good, husband, right, okay, so anyway, uh to put the phone in you simply. You know kind of open the little and then i just move the scope so were not playing at the moment. So its gon na be like a real. You know its like the real deal is how youre gon na actually do all this right? Okay, so now we have the phone in right im actually going to purposely. You know kind of move the phone to where its not pointed directly, you know into the eyepiece, so what i would do right is, i would actually preferably get the scope already pointed at you know, probably the moon or the planets, where youre probably going to be Using this, for probably the moon really um and then you know, put your phone on and hopefully not move the scope like i just did, but you know where the fun being that uh it.

Actually, you know this kind of brings up a good point. Lets see if i can move this yeah, i can move this far enough to where i could actually see through the eyepiece. You know partially so thats kind of cool lets see so im using my red depth, finder right now, right to um or hopefully using the red dot. Finder. All these bright lights from the camera make this kind of hard. Okay. There you go. I see it now. Okay, so im gon na reposition, the scoop so to where its pointing at the moon im. Looking through the eyepiece, you know roughly centering, the moon. That looks pretty good at this point. You wan na turn on your phone right. You go into your camera app, so we went to the camera app right, scram is screen, is black and you know the screen is actually just that its not capturing anything, because you know the phone is obviously right now its not pointed at the uh eyepiece right. So this is where were gon na use these two guys right to check this out so im moving the phone towards the uh towards covering the eyepiece right. Okay lets check out the screen now so still same knob and lets see so right now. You know you can kind of see you kind of know where your camera hump is so right now uh in uh, like you know and kind of like the axis.

That goes, you know that way. Um, i think, im kind of yeah over where the camera hump is so now im going to try to do the other axis right, the up and down axis so im going down nothings still on the screen. All right. Oh look at that. What do we got here? I got some action. We got the moon, so yeah thats. All there is to it right. Let me look at that. So thats whats kind of cool about this particular adapter um. You know the simple, cheaper ones. You know you can kind of do this, its just a lot more complicated. With this thing you know having those knobs to where you know you could kind of move it in all the axis. You know it makes it really easy. You know kind of aligning this now. You know quick pro tip for you so like right now were you know, looking at the moon and if i kind of press on it, the exposure is kind of okay right, but its not as good as it was before. What you want to do actually is you want to go to uh? This? Is you know on galaxy on samsung phones, you go to the more option. Then you go to the pro camera mode right, and this is where you could adjust the iso uh. Like the you know, the exposure and all that good stuff. So this is where you want to end up at right and then so now.

At this point, the image looks cool because i already you know pre adjusted this earlier, but just to kind of give you an idea. So if you know i could adjust iso like see, thats way overexposed right and then you know like underexposed, so you adjust to whatever you want. I think i had it probably like roughly there that looks pretty good and then you just snap an image right: pretty sweet, um, so yeah thats, all there is to it um and you know ill see you guys back inside well kind of conclude the review and Ill, let you guys know my final thoughts on this thing. See you in a bit alrighty guys and gals welcome back. So what did i think about the cell phone adapter, the celestron x? I think this is one of the most premium units out there on the market. You know that lets you attach your cell phone to your telescope spot in scope. I think even advertise it to be able to attach to a microscope, which you know its, not surprising. You know and its totally functional you know having the three axis adjustment right of where exactly your you know, camera is going to be pointed at. It is really helpful. You know you can adjust how far away it is from the eyepiece. You know, and usually you want to be smack that up against it um. I i found that the attachment point the way that this you know kind of clamps on and then you can kind of tighten it down works really.

Well, you know not too many issues with the you know. My unit, you know, like i said, is you know its a little loose on this axis like these axis, are totally solid, so im not sure if theyre all like that, uh thats, my only grape with it. Otherwise, you know this thing works pretty darn. Well, you know in which situations would i you know recommend this in versus, because i mean this, you know this thing cost. Like 75 bucks, i mean you could get like a dedicated. You know like a little astronomy camera like the saibon sv 105, that i reviewed you know same type of price range or actually even the two. If i really all right, you know if youre curious about that check out my reviews, um, you know to me like eyepiece projection, which is what this method is. You know called when youre you know using like a camera to basically record through the eyepiece, its kind of like a more raw type of experience. If you know um, if, if you want to kind of have the ability to capture that like lets, say the moon with your phone or the sun, if you have like you know appropriate filters for that, i mean ill look into some. You know without any filters. Um, i think this is really cool um, like one of the coolest things about this. You know like a few like months ago, we had like a little party here.

You know its just some friends and i had a telescope set up because im, like the only astro nerd that that there is you know like in the group of you, know, friends that we have um, and you know we had it pointed at the moon, the Moon is that right and everybody was just trying to take pictures. You know through their telescope through the telescope. You know because a lot of these people, you know theyve, never looked through a telescope before and you know having. One of these would be really cool and valuable, because uh back then, like honestly, i dont have an adapter. You know to where you know we were just kind of trying to handhold it, and its kind of hard to you know get a good capture to where this makes it really easy. Um. The other thing thats kind of nice, about having this and being able to capture with your smartphone versus like a dedicated astronomy camera is that um i mean its really quick. You know you just attach it. You dont need your computer there um and you could share it. You know instantly like on facebook or you know, whatever you want all right to sum things up and run the ship home. Would i recommend the cell phone adapter? You know for what its intended purposes are to align your cell phone with the uh eyepiece of your telescope. This thing actually works really well, so for that yeah i would recommend it now.

You got to decide for yourself whether 75 bucks is worth it. You know to be able to do that because, realistically to me i know i i mean the only thing that i can really like see myself using this, for is to take a capture of the moon with you know with my phone and share it really quickly. With you know, friends or family or again, if you have guests over you know and if, if youre one of those people that does have guests over and you want them to be able to – you know, get a you know capture of the moon. This, then does you know, make it really. You know cool with you know with their cell phones so anyway, hopefully you guys found this video helpful. If you guys have any questions, comments or anything like that, leave them in the theme below um.