The p40 pro is a lovely looking device, and this is going to be about my day to day use of this device. Youve seen the hardware. You know those kind of functionalities. You know whats in there spec wise. You know the carrying 990 eight gigs around all that stuff. So im not going to jump in too much of that. But im going to talk about usability, so my sims in this device ive been using for a bit here. The first thing you want to ask is just general usability right: uh, the fingerprint sensor, the facial recognition work absolutely flawless. It is fast it is responsive. So getting to the device doesnt take time, and i like that, you know thats because of course, the in display optical fingerprint sensor and also the facial recognition with the dual uh hole, punch cameras. Now that aspect is pretty cool. The aspect i really like about this device, of course, is the camera and thats where of course, youre going to see a lot of people focus on, because the camera really does a good job. Now, youve seen my buddy supersaf has said. Look, this is probably now his best selfie camera and i have to admit, though it does a fantastic job with selfies and photos like that. As such i mean it does a good representation of my skin tone, which is something ive been talking about lately. In my camera, videos, because i realized look – a lot of the cameras nowadays do a good job, but also they do different types of work with different skin tones.

I am darker than most people, so for me, seeing that better representation of my skin tone with this camera makes a lot of sense for me, whether its the front camera or the rear cameras, which i really do do do a really good job now, in terms Of low light conditions, the camera also excels. There quite well, of course, were all at home and we cant really go out because of quarantine. So i couldnt go to a lot of the places id like to go to to take photos, but at least around my home and also my rooftop was able to see how good it actually comes out and looks. And i have to say i am impressed with the camera. I think theyve overall done a really good job with what this camera brings to the table now before we go away from camera, youre thinking, okay, what about the different zooms and things like that? Thats? Also solid and i have a camera video uh versus the galaxy uh s20 ultra. You can go check it out to see what it actually does there and see how it compares with another camera that has a zoom lens. Now i said earlier, my sim card is in the device, so what about day to day use? How do i use the device? What about my apps and things like that with huawei devices? There are a couple of ways to get your the first and easiest way.

Is a phone clone uh, which is an app you can use to clone all the apps from your device to, of course, this hardware device, which is nice, easy and simple uh. Since i did a fresh install there a couple of ways, i can use the huawei app store to download a lot of the applications that i use now. Not every application is there so what i ended up using for a lot of the other applications. I want to use is apk pure. I really love these guys now. This is not sponsored or anything. Uh apk apk pure, is a site that you can download apks. If you download the application from their website, you can go ahead and install directly from the app it acts as an app store on its own as well. So that is actually pretty cool. Also tells you about updates for your applications, so you dont have to worry about not having the latest version of application. It will work there as well, so being able to go in play. You know get my amazon store, netflix uh, you know pinterest, you name it all. Those kind of applications that you really want to use are also key. Now some of you go okay. What about banking app? So what ive done is gone ahead and pinned my uh banking sites. To my desktop, i use the edge browser again. This is not sponsored ive started using the edge browser from microsoft after they did the update on on pc, and i have to tell you i really like this browser, so the ability to pin those apps so ive got my bank of america.

Ive got my other banking apps. I also even have youtube, pin it as well, because of course, i cant use youtube on this device directly now in terms of email, i use outlook, i love looking using alcohol and you can use all your email services on there. Yes, even gmail too, so there are ways to use this device and i think, if you just spend just a little time in actually getting what you want, youll be able to use this device quite effectively. Um and i have to say, though, for a device like this it covers you know, usability is really good. Once you have everything set up, uh my day to day was easy to navigate between most of the things. I want to do except, of course, since im a youtuber, the youtube studio. App is just one thing. I cannot use well but again im a special case and thats not for everyone right. So for me i would say, usability has been great and people will ask about that to realize that this device is something you can use on a day to day basis. Now this video is not sponsored by anyone, not by huawei, not by any of the apps. I mentioned its just the fact that thats what ive been using and thats how ive used it and its worked quite well now, when youre talking about day to day usability what about battery life? How does this actually function? You know what kind of battery life am.

I getting, i have a 90 hertz display now on the camera, 990, its a 5g device, so ive got my t mobile sim here. I doesnt support 5g for the us here, but i will tell you my battery life has been really really good. Ive been able to do a full day with it and no issues uh, of course, just using the device, as is so. I do like that now. This is coupled with a 4200 milliamp battery built into the p40 pro. The other benefits of this device, too, is that youve got some really nice charging speeds. Youve got a 40 watt, uh wire charger and a 27 wireless charger. Now you can check out my results with the comparison against the galaxy s20 ultra to see how well it performs in terms of charging its about 59 minutes, or so, i think, for the wire charging. The wireless charging is like an hour 17, which is great so think about it. 27 watts wirelessly charge this device, thats, truly awesome, thats fast, thats, effective plus, you still have reverse wireless driving as well. So you can charge your you know your buds, your another phone, or something with it doesnt matter. Those are the things that i do like about this device now, as you would expect. Ive also done a considerable amount of gaming on this device, and what i can tell you off the bat is that all the games, you care about all the high performing games that you like to play.

Pubg call of duty mobile fortnite, run really well on this device. Ah, there are no hiccups. The kirin 990 processor does a little really good job there, uh, but also having that 90hz display comes into effect, so the games that support it do actually run well. At 90 hertz, i think overall, the huawei p40 pro is a really solid device. There are a few things for me to gripe about. I would like to see maybe improvements with the video recording in terms of stabilization that has gotten better over time and id just like to see more improvements. There um, i would like to see maybe uh going back to more of the the p30 look in terms of uh. Some of the night uh photos again just some not much, but i really cant complain, im stretching and looking for things here. I think, overall, the last two weeks using this device has been a pleasant surprise, uh being able to use most numbers all the applications that i use and also being able to game and function directly with this device has been great. So if youre looking to pick up the huawei p40 pro, i say go ahead, i dont think theres anything that should stop you here, otherwise guys dont forget to like share subscribe.