I will review this thing. Yeah i create this phone from a cardboard called sd emperor of homo simulation. Sorry, the camber is too dark, yeah and bulky. Okay – and you can see his signature – is everywhere here here and here in the seal yeah and behind also as you can make in the united states. So many people that in america know about sd charm, yeah, just people knowing his profile photo only if you want to know the full yeah i have nah. This is a full main focus, my camera. Ah, i set up my robot like this. Okay, this thing nothing. Okay, lets put it up now lets we unbox the phone from the cardboard here. I dont know. If s jump will watch this, maybe he will angry because his sing actor and his username, i also dont, know but, as we see the specs 4g lte qualcomm snapdragon 680 damage still 4g 2.4 gigahertz room 138 gigabytes, so big and ram 6 gigabyte, 5000 mah wow 16 megapixel wide wow, 13 megapixel 1080 pixels wow thats good and 12 megapixel 720 pixels wow thats great two time slot speaker naming in the earpiece is a loudspeaker julia and they used to ascends ascend sd card until one theta byte and android 10, and they use Wireless charging – oh my god, and they use nfc and radio. The model is the c e o h main one immature that we see in the here.

They use it defiant art and youtube. Ips 1000, ips, 1080 pixels thats, very great. The color i buy is whitey. Maybe i make him i mean i mean. Is i make okay now lets reopen the box? Yes, i could call this watch see the phone lets reopen whoa theres, a plastic in here open the phone just so hot, maybe upon here. First, why so hard to do open? Why is so hard i make? Even i take this about six days, this phone now. So hard whoa hi heres a punch, walk the phone, what packaging? What nvc? Oh? What is this focus, my camera? This camera can be focused. Okay, maybe it will make it yeah. Okay, this uh the kia and here the usb. Let me see sorry guys. My camera is so bulky yeah to do this im still using a very old phone. Okay, you can see usb like this – oh my god, its very large android, 10 phone using very big gear. That is crazy. Let me see if this thing is charging here. They use – maybe they also take a high consumption power. Lets put it okay, now that we see this thing – oh my god theres, so many theres theres, so many of his thing actually is everywhere and everywhere, and here this quick start gauge, and we see it behind. Just the numbers seen here: okay, oh, how to activate two time slot speaker go to settings audio speaker control, toggle on off two time; those speaker, oh here it will go when the access service watch three times charger; port wireless charging, best earphone, four port power bank 50, 000 mah or power bank only can reach about 100 000 mah yeah.

Let me see in here specs and contents paper, one time smartphone, one time, usb cable, one time quick, start view two times warranty card, one time, specs and content paper. One time key, open sim card slot s and sd card whoa. His signature is here, and we see this is a warranty card that you and can see hell be. Oh, my god. His signature is behind again still left. Oh my god, this so much okay! Enough of this knowledge see the font, see quick quick. So we guess if my microphone is very bulky, because im still using the sony experience that are ripping color, so yeah, ah and its a phone wow. This phone is quite big. You know quite big ncdb. Oh, my god, white color, white color, discrete sd charm, made in usa, 16 megapixel wide and in here and 30 megapixel 1080p second mirror and the front maybe around 720 pixels thats very good – and we see in here this maybe can be a sim card slot because He feels long and this volume buttons – and this is power on off and lock button, and this may be the sd card and we can see what actually opens the speakers in here right. But why the speaker in here and how to play a game? The speaker is this one off and not off my main, get closer sorry and here theres a earphone jack, and here the microphone is so small and you can see the port.

The charging port is very large and you can see this cardboard, this cardboard phone. My camera is hard to focus. You can see whoa its still good. Hmm, that is good phones, decide see the box if the same same is very same, but yes, they use android channel yeah and they use 4g and 3g yeah, maybe 10 30. Am this got more phone i use, and that wallpaper is around this yellow its. Like a fresh, yellow, lemon is still very good to see its a very good design, and i will see, but just this year, little thing this is this is a tape actually i make, but okay, this one is so good good design. But if you want to say this, design is bad man of mine, nevermind, thats, great guess now lets be re boxing, the phone okay now, but i still can be boxing the phone into like a sick package again its so easy. Okay, i might detect this whats that – and this thing we will put in here and after that, these things with one two three, so he seeing actual so much here i create this phone is quite good. Maybe the price will sell around if the phone is really. If not from cardboard the phone will price, maybe around 300 or 400, it will be expensive, but its still 4g. Now we can see this thing. This is uh good, okay, it is really good. Now, Music, we put in this thing.

Sorry, you guys always have a noise here in outside of this room. That is my mom. Actually sorry thats, my man like the singing every time. Okay, sorry, sorry guys if the things are very noisy in here, because it doesnt have any place to record, because all my house inside my house, all of them is a haul one day bedroom. I have just two one day about one bedroom: getting locked inside and very good, very good liquid, but if one, if you guys want to save batman and mine because its my i create this phone for him yeah, okay, now we see lets receive back, see. Ah, everything, okay, guys thanks for watching this video make sure if you want to like and subscribe. Actually i want to play this one. Indeed, i want to play gta 3. Could i still have a gta 3 and i have minecraft. I have a discord, also instagram. I dont know what id like this wallpaper to. Okay, guys, thanks for watching, please subscribe to me if you do want to subscribe, never mind you and give a like, also and comment dont forget mostly. I want us a comment if you dont want to comment. Also. Never mind so with my phone, the camera is very bulky and my microphone is also very bulky. Im. Very sorry. If you watch this video, if you not to relax because the what you have, i mean the camera, the what is so hard to focus and another one.

The microphone sounds is very weird and im very sorry. If youre watching this video yeah, if you feel uneasy.