This device is, on the low end, its not quite the cheapest device available, but its pretty close, and for those of you who just need a phone, any phone thats familiar easy to use and affordable. This is probably a device you should consider, but like most budget phones, the a03s does come with some compromises and depending on how you use your phone and what aspects and features you value, you may or may not be. Okay with that in this video im gon na go over everything, you need to know about the samsung galaxy a03s, all the good and the bad and hopefully, by the end, youll be able to decide if this is the right phone for you now to start off. I think the first and likely most important thing youll be looking at with the a03s, is its price and depending on where in the world you live, this could vary a little bit, but, generally speaking, youll see this phone selling for no more than a hundred, and Seventy dollars here in the us, the major carriers and prepaid networks all seem to have it and ive seen it selling for under a hundred bucks. If youre a new customer either way, you go thats a pretty enticing price point for a big name: brand 2022 smartphone. So i can see the appeal already and by the way, if youd like to do some comparison, shopping of your own ill leave some links down below in the video description to where you can buy this phone at its cheapest current price.

So, like i alluded to a moment ago, one of the first big features of the a03s is its big display. This is a 6.5 inch device, thats the screen size and in the hand, you absolutely feel every bit of that size. Granted youve got some borders and bezels to cope with too, including a noticeable bottom chin that seems to keep coming back to these budget devices. But if you like to watch movies and tv shows on the go, this is a great sized device to have with you. Also, i consider the a03s to be a relatively complete phone and what i mean by that is physically there arent many features or add ons that are missing. The build and form factor is mostly plastic, but even samsungs thousand dollar flagships are shrouded in plastic nowadays and while you dont get any form of water resistance or wireless charging, you do get a dual sim and sd card tray, which is great. The configuration options on the a03s are either 32 or 64 gigs, so youll definitely want to throw in an sd card anyway, theres a headphone jack down at the bottom as well. It charges via usbc, which seems unnecessary to mention, but even last year a couple of samsungs budget phones were micro, usb, which was weird and that power button on the side doubles as a fingerprint sensor again. This is something similar budget. Samsung devices lacked the a02s didnt. Have a fingerprint sensor so adding it on this new device is great and honestly, it should just be a default thing on every smartphone.

Still this one is relatively fast and accurate and really im just glad to have it by the way theres face, unlock too itll get into the phone quickly as well, though, on this device, the fingerprint sensor is my preference one other thing to just quickly mention the A03S offers a single downward firing speaker for your out loud listening experience and while its good enough for what it is, i think it could be better, adding dual stereo sound even on a budget phone like this, should be a must nowadays and heres a sample. So you can hear it for yourself: Music, jumping back to the display, lets dive a little deeper into the specs and viewing experience here, because theres both pros and cons with this, like i mentioned already, the a03ss massive 6.5 inch display looks great on its own, but Analyzing, some of the details you can tell this is a budget screen display comes in at just 1600 by 720 resolution. It packs 270 pixels per inch and its a 60 hertz pls lcd panel. Collectively, these specs are what youd find on a smartphone from maybe five or six years ago, honestly and its not exactly the prime samsung screen technology, you might expect, especially with some two to three hundred dollar devices, offering significantly more right now. Still, what you do get is a surprisingly bright display for what it is and a nicely calibrated default, color profile that offers again bolder brighter punchier, looking colors than what you might expect, surprisingly, even at its relatively low resolution for its size.

Its also kind of hard to pick out the pixels unless youre, really looking up close and the off axis dimming, is noticeable sure, but not the worst ive ever seen altogether. The big display on the a03s is a mixed bag. Theres. No doubt plenty of budget elements to it, but for casual movie, watching social media scrolling or website browsing, i think most people would be okay and, like i said there are even some elements that are better than average, but it just seems like out of everything. This is where samsung could have offered a bit more inside. The a03s is no doubt powered by some budget specs, but, like i explained at the start of the video, depending on what you use your phone for, this may not impact you as much. You get the familiar mediatek, helio, p35 processor and either two three or four gigs of ram mine here has three gigs and while those components dont sound like much, i think there is enough to work with now, one of the reasons to lean towards this phone versus. Maybe a similarly priced moto g pure for example, or any other random prepaid, android device is samsungs software experience. I think, out of all the lower end, lower spec devices you could buy at least here in the united states, getting a samsung a series phone offers. You a better optimized, more frequently updated, android experience with all the apps and features youd want now.

I say that, and you can see this device for whatever reason hasnt yet gotten the android 12 update, which is coming eventually according to samsung, but even as it is this phone for me has offered a decent user experience. There are some limits with a device like this, though, day to day app to app task to task. Youll experience a blip, some lag, an extra second or two of wait time if youre used to less powerful, less expensive devices, its, not really a big deal, and it shouldnt come as a surprise and if phone calls text messages, youtube, instagram web browsing the usual stuff, Like that is all you really do, then i dont really think its gon na be an issue. This phone is more than just a bare bones budget core device, though you can certainly push it a bit but ill say that when you do push it all the way like with games, for example, thats where it reaches its limit now, actually you could play your Favorite titles on this phone, if you dont mind waiting a minute and a half or more sometimes to launch the app once youre inside youll get a smooth gaming experience, which is great, but i dont know that id buy this phone. If graphics, heavy apps were a big part of your day, jumping up one or two notches in the a series lineup will actually get you a significantly better device than this thats, specifically better for gaming.

All in all, i think you just have to sort of analyze. Your day to day workflow and the apps you utilize most and deciding if this device is right for you to stay connected to the world and communicate to browse the web, use google maps and joystick videos or movies. This is a perfectly fine phone for all of that stuff, but for folks who need their games, who need to play them often and without hassle. Youll want to look at something more powerful now. Actually, one aspect of the a03s that benefits from less powerful, specs and more casual usage is the battery life inside this big phone has a massive 5 000 milliamp battery and because you dont have crazy powerful top of the line specs and presumably, since you arent gon Na be pushing this phone particularly hard, you can easily get two full days of use out of this device on a single charge and in fact the a03s is one of the longer lasting phones that ive tested 18 to 20 hours of screen on time. For me at least thats great less time on the charger is always a plus, but i will say for this phone in particular. It is a good thing because being on the charger is a bit of a chore. This phone supports just 15 watt wired charging that speed juicing up this large of a battery means youre connected to the wall for hours on end 30 minutes plugged in gets you less than 20 life and 0 to 100 is a three and a half hour.

Endeavor! No wireless charging either like i mentioned, but i suppose, if youre only plugging in every other day, its not really the worst thing in the world so finally lets talk cameras and to be totally honest out of everything on this phone. This is probably what disappointed me. The most hardware wise the triple lens setup around back, consists of a 13 megapixel main shooter, a 2 megapixel macro for up close picks, which, time and time again, i consider to be generally not very useful and a 2 megapixel depth sensor, which helps with portrait picks The selfie camera is just a 5 megapixel lens and altogether, while specs arent, necessarily everything you can still sort of tell that theres not a whole lot to work with inside the camera. App. You also notice a lot missing. No night mode is a big one. No slow mo options for video not having a wide angle lens either, is also a big miss. I think, over the last one to two years, smartphone cameras have evolved more quickly than maybe any other aspect of a device and pitting this setup against anything else is no comparison nowadays, theres just a lot thats missing in practice, the basic point and shoot setup can Take a decent shot in good lighting or outside. I dont have too many complaints, but my biggest tip actually is disabling the auto hdr option on this phone. For whatever reason, the hdr feature produces over brightened, overexposed, poorly finalized shots in dim and low light, and its just not something you should use in the end like i said this is a camera setup that will certainly snap a pic or capture some videos, but its Absolutely the feature set that lags furthest behind anything out nowadays, even on other budget and sub 200 devices.

All in all, i think you can see that the samsung galaxy a03s is kind of a mixed bag. Some elements of this phone, like its bigger than average screen size and, surprisingly, decent viewing experience paired with a massive long, lasting battery. Give you plenty to get excited about other things, though, like the camera in particular, and perhaps the more limited specs based on your phone usage, could entice you to get something else. I will say that, even if you almost never use your phone, i dont think you should get anything lower than this device. The a02 core or a03 core, for example, are definitely not worth it. This a03s is probably the lowest of the low end. You should get from samsung and honestly for the price well under 200. Theres still plenty to work with, but what do you guys think about the samsung galaxy a03s? Let me know in the comments down below id love, to know your thoughts. Of course. Hopefully you guys did enjoy this video, though, be sure to follow techdaily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.