The new alpha armor x10 – and we have it here in review, so lets take a look. Lets start with unboxing at the top of the box. We find this envelope in which we have scene needle some armored, x10 user manual and varity card, and we also have another extra protective glass. The next thing we have its armor extend. We put it inside for a while Music here is one strap for easier carrying a phone, osb type c, cable, Music – and here is a 10 volt plus charger Music. Now lets take a look at whats inside the smaller extra box. This additional accessory for armor x10. Above its a quick guide, this is a special protective case for our smartphone, for example, for workers working on high altitudes to prevent daily shock drop and scratch. The protective case also comes with the 180 degrees rotatable back clip and a secure carbiner attachment for easy portability. Very nice thing im sure that many of hard working builders, roofers and everyone who works on hikes will appreciate it Music. Well, that was the contains of these boxes, so lets move on to the smartphone itself all found. It is best to make this phone not look like a regular smartphone. In other words, it paid attention to this design thats why it decided to bore the artwells design which we had earlier in the review, but they make the device smaller. It features 5.45 inch and the device is really compact comfortable to hold in your hand, the design of armor x10 is solid and rugged on the back.

It is high quality, synthetic rubber and, on the side, a solid aluminium frame that gives you a sense of high strength. It feels great when you hold it in your hand, and the weight is not very big, only 256 grams. As for manufacturing quality, there is nothing to complain about. It is the closest thing to some flagship phones, because other phone has always been working and providing quality products at the front of the device. It is a 5.45 inches display. There is no notch on the hole in the screen, just a good old screen, just like before. In a good old times, it is ips lcd display, with resolution of 720 by 1440 pixels and refresh rate of 16 hertz, just the right screen size for texting, watching videos or browsing when we turn it from the back. Here we find a nice design module of the dual cameras with the led flashlight in the upper left corner with the slightly above on the bottom of the cameras is the name ullophone and just below it. It is the dual speakers. As for the ports, the phone comes with usb type c port from the bottom covered, with the rubber plug on the side. The buttons are metal, as well as the frame robust and pleasant to touch on one hand. We have the power button with the built in fingerprint sensor and above the volume button. On the other side, we find the slot for dual c and memory card.

It should be noted that below there is a customizable, shorter button on the side for activating pressing 6 functions or accessing your favorite app, which is a great thing. Another great thing about this phone is the 3.5 millimeter audio jack that we find on the top of the device covered with the rubble stopper. The awful armor x10 is covered by the high quality static, rubber and rated by ip68 and ip69k, which means it is dust, resistant scratch, resistance, shock and drop resistant and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. In addition, it is also has the melee std 810 g certification, a military standard certification that ensures the integrity of the device is maintained in almost any situation on the front, we have a compact, 5.45 inch, ips lcd display above the screen. It is a 5 megapixel selfie camera with a face unlock function. The screen is bright, sharp colors and has wide weavering angles, which are more than great for consuming visual content of the youtube and other platforms. In short, with the armor x10, i will not say that this is the best screen, but in the mid range category you will get the best value for your money. A compact and good quality screen suitable for all media consumption. Whether you are watching the video playing games or browsing social media now we move on the back of the device on the back. You get a dual camera setup that features a 30 megapixel samsung primary camera.

This is not a photo oriented phone, so dont expect some miracles lets see what the camera performance are and how they look in this set of photos. Take it with armor x10. I think that they look pretty solid for this class of devices, but you will judge for yourself Music, so Music, hey Music. After part with the cameras, we can talk a little about the performance. All phone armor x10 offers solid performance in most of its basic and entertainment views such as browsing the web watching videos on youtube using social media applications even play games as everything works efficiently and without facing any problems. This phone will not kill performances and dont expect it from it. The phone is powered by the mediatek helio a22 chipset, based on a 12 nanometer process. Most of the applications run quickly with any problem running on the 4 gigabytes of ram. The internal memory is a bit more modest: it is 32 gigabyte of storage, but has the ability to expand by microsd cards up to 128 gigabytes in short, for multitasking, this smartphone will give you a very positive experience. The sound of the armor x10 is quite loud. Thanks to it built it hi fi, dual speakers with a high quality, sound system, it features, cinema, great sound quality that can produce up to 100 decibels. Loudness world mentioning is that the device has the handset free, fm radio thats right. It is one that doesnt need wired headphones to receive radio signals, which is great.

The full full armor x10 runs on the stock android 11 v2 light slightly customized user interface with ui that has a better guest. Your navigation controls dark team and contains most of the features that come with the system. The most important presence of all google services making the smartphone experience motor, and so the performance of this phone is more than good as a middleweight smartphone focused on daily use and it is equipped with the set of specifications and features such as the compactness and the Design make it interesting to experience. Armor x10 has a built in massive 5180mah battery. That will keep you 2d all day and half the otg function not only makes pclass data transmission possible, but also supports being used as a power bank to refuel other devices. All in all, i can say that the battery was very good ip68 rp69k rated and certified by melee std 810g. Armor x10 has the best resistance to water dust and falls, and it is tough enough to be survived in various harsh environment. If you ask me if dual phone armor x10 is worth buying or you can recommend it, my answer is definitely yes. I think armor x10 is one of the rare compactor large smartphones in early 2022, with the stylish design and decent specifications features such as nfc cameras and battery life, the armor x10 with the compactness and robustness, and it is ideal companion for all adventures and powder workers.

All in all, i can say that the armor x10 will definitely not disappoint you in this price range. So, along with the announcements of the armor, extend, the company also offers you to join the create awards program to win various awards. On top of that, ulufon has announced that the pre sales activity on the aliexpress for the whole phone armor x10 are alive. Now you can get this phone for just 129.99, so dont miss out on this great deal. The official sales links are below this. Video be sure to visit them and get your new armor x10 before the others. That will be all for today.