This is a review unit that was sent to me by vivo and they have removed the pricing, so i also do not know the pricing but based on the specs. What this has, i think so. This should be priced somewhere around the 20 000 price point. Ill. Add the pricing information in the description when i know all the details so lets open this up and guys uh, the one that we have is coming with: eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. I believe there are also two more variants: four gigabytes of ram and six gigabytes of ram, but all of them will actually have 128 gigabytes of storage, so uh here it is – and this is part by the new uh snapdragon 695 soc – and in fact this is A very good soc, in fact, if i recall the moto g71 had it, and i was really impressed with that – the performance of that chipset again dont be fooled by the name 695. This actually the performances, i would say it should have been named 760 or something now, its a very good chipset, very efficient, uh, again uh lets, say uh. This is going to be 8.25, so its going to be a slim smartphone. So lets have a look at this one, and this is going to have 120 here so refresh rate and again guys uh. This is a vivo smartphone, so im hoping again, the camera performance should be good because, generally most of the vivo smartphones cameras are really good.

They specialize in that so here so here we have a case and a big bunch of booklets and stuff so ill. Just keep that to the side nice that we are getting this case in the box, so you dont have to buy that separately. So here is the device itself lets just take it out, and this is having a 6.58 inch screen. Guys lets just open this up and again that shiny color that we are seeing. So this one also plays around with the light guys, but this is not glass back. This is again a polycarbonate back that we are having and looks like a triple camera setup on this one, and it says 5g over here guys but 5g. I have noticed here on the box that it supports only two bands of 5g anyways. This is the handset itself does not feel that heavy. It has supposed to have 5000 milliamp hour battery, in fact, uh. This smartphone claims to support reverse charging, so you can use this as a power bank also. So here uh we get a big charger and this is a vivo fast charger guys, but this is 18 watt fast charger and you get a type a2 type c. Cable. Also and a sim ejector tool, so thats what we get in the box. So let me just keep this to the side and let me actually show you the handset and itself again. I like this color because it plays with the light.

This is the new trend that we are seeing and we go branding over here and on the top the sim tray is here. We also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone. I doubt this will have a micro sd card lets, see because it comes with 128 gigabytes of storage lets, see uh. So yes, its a hybrid solution that youre getting, and we also have a rubber, gasket, thats interesting. So a hybrid solution that you are getting with this smartphone. Let me just put that back and on this end we have the volume rocker. The power come fingerprint scanner over here, and this is not a thick phone. Guys bottom will be your speakers. This is your type c port main microphone uh. Fortunately, we have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. I was not expecting that these days many windows kept so nice to see that this end nothing. So let me do one thing: let me actually just power this on guys and uh. Let it set it up and then we will continue so guys here is the device. So lets have a closer look at the same now and guys. It simply does not feel that heavy uh and its having a five thousand milliamp hour battery first thing. I noticed the weight balance has been done where we have the sign mounted fingerprint scanner, and this is extremely responsive. As you can see you just tap in you. Dont even have to press it and its just unlocked so very, very fast and guys.

This is having an ips lcd screen, thats a 6.58 inch screen, and this is having that 120 hertz refresh rate. And if you look over here, there is quite a bit of some unnecessary junk apps that are installed. For example, josh lets see if you can uninstall it. Yes, you can uninstall credits there, mod is there. There is a bunch of bloatware that is there, tuck talk, etc, but that looks like you can uninstall most of the chunks, so thats what it is and uh left we get the new google pane. If you go under the hood, you have quite a bit of toggles over here and also has a ultra game mode on this one uh because of the processor, guys as ive told you, the snapdragon 695 soc is a very power efficient. In fact, the gpu is also good, so you can also do gaming on this one. And if you go over here under the hood uh and if we go to about the phone uh, as you can see, uh fun touch os 12, which is based on android 12.. This is also one more thing that i like out of the box youre getting android. Well, not like some of the vendors that are giving android 11. They say: android 12 will come with the update out of the box youre getting android 12 on this one and uh. This is the eight gigabyte ram variant as ive totally other variants are also available and we also have the virtual ram option uh.

So you get extra 4gb of ram. If you enable that virtual ram option on this one. And if i go over here and if i go to and as you can see very smooth uh because its having that 120 hertz refresh rate on this one. And if you go to display and if you go to screen refresh by default, it will be on smart switch, so itll automatically switch it but im forcing it to 120 hertz. And i like the fact that you can even force it to 90 hertz uh. So other options are also the 60, 90 and 120 so again, very smooth because of that uh, the ui is very, very smooth again the processor, as ive told you is a good processor on this one. So this is what we have and handset feels a light to hold guys, and this one does not have a stereo speaker but lets test the speakers how, if its loud enough or not lets, say copyright, free, music and uh lets just lets just go to this One im gon na skip it too, so its its actually loud. I dont expect it to the speaker. Is here only this one, as you can see, i can block it, but its loud. Let me increase the volume Music, so definitely a pretty loud speaker, but its a single speaker that youre getting and in ui and operations its smooth as ive told you. The processor is a really good processor on this one and now lets also look at the camera.

Guys, if you look at the back, it says triple camera setup, but the main camera is a 50 megapixel shooter and the other two are just two 2 megapixel depth and macro. Instead of this 2 megapixel cameras, they should have gone with the ultraviolet. My frank opinion, but this is what we are getting and the front facing camera is a 16 megapixel and guys here are all the specs for your reference and now lets look at the camera on this one because again, its a vo phone so im expecting the Camera performance should be good and we have that tap two and we have the 2x zoom, but then again guys. This is just a digital zoom that 50 megapixel sensor its just doing that and its fast in the shutter speed thats, not a problem, but uh 15 megapixel uh, slow motion time lapse. We need to even have a promo video lets. See. Resolution cannot go up to 4k, no 4k; it cannot up to 1080p only they have given on this one and photo night mode portrait mode. Is there? Okay lets look at the front facing its a 16 megapixel uh. This is in the portrait mode. Regular looks like its doing a good job in the camera, but yeah yeah. But let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots outdoors so that you have a better idea regarding the camera on this one, some samples with the rear facing camera and in outdoor conditions.

The hdr does a good job and, as you can see here, you get some very good snaps. This is taken in the evening and here also, as you can see, the snaps came out good. It has punchy and has a lot of detail in the pictures. Now these samples were taken in completely artificial lighting in my office, and here also, i would say it is actually doing a much better job than what i thought here are some more samples that i took, and here i manually, adjust the exposure. Now these samples were taken in extremely low lighting situations, and here also it did a decent job now moving to human subjects, these were taken in a regular shot and the regular shots, as you can see, come out really good. Now these were taken in the portrait mode and by default the portrait mode has skin smoothing so reduce it uh. Now these were taken with the front facing camera and i feel the front facing camera performance thats. The 16 megapixel is actually doing a very good job and uh. These were actually now taken in the portrait mode with the front facing camera. I feel the portrait mode with the front facing camera is also doing a good job so guys this is the vivo t1 uh smartphone. What do you guys think about the same and as ive told you guys, i have opened this box before the launch, so i dont know the exact pricing ill.

Add the pricing in the description below so again check that out anyways guys.