Actually ive had a look at the software. I think its actually to be honest, pretty cool, mainly if youre somebody thats, maybe new, to editing videos or youre new to the likes of internet marketing, and you need to edit videos. Then i actually think this is. This is some pretty cool stuff, especially if youre someone that doesnt have much experience with using video editing software, because some of that stuff can be pretty technical, pretty complicated. However, with auto video creator, i would actually say its really really really user friendly. Now keep in mind if youre you know trying to operate within a certain budget, maybe you dont have much money to get started with then this could be something you might want to consider, but look im not going to take up too much of your time. I want to pass you over to somebody that knows a little bit more about it than me. If you like what you say and youre interested feel free to click, the link down below in the description and thatll. Take you through to the sales page and you can make up your mind whether or not youd like to purchase it or not. And of course, if you do, i am very appreciative if you do decide to buy through my link. That is wonderful and, if not then thats just fine as well all right guys, im going to leave you be with the other guys here to take over take care now.

Thank you. Bye bye welcome to auto video creator where creating videos quickly on your own couldnt be easier. Now you dont even need powerpoint, you dont need camtasia or any other video editor and you dont even need to speak. If you dont want to thats right, the computer will actually do the speaking for you, as you type in text, its extremely flexible, perfect for anyone who wants to create quality videos in a flash now to show you how quick and easy this really is to do. Weve put together a short demo right here within this very video, but weve also got some more examples below on this page. The reason is, you could do so many things with auto video creator. We wanted to get the full spectrum in there for you, so lets go ahead and get started okay, so i have the auto video creator software right here up on my computer. First, let me show you: you can switch between template sizes to get your desired resolution. So lets do that really quickly ill choose 640 by 480. For this specific example: okay, there we go so now we can change the background color or you can insert an image for your background either from your computer or you can actually search for images on picasa, pinterest, amazon and google right here inside the software. Now, for this example, i am going to keep the background color that i chose now im going to quickly create a call to action, video to get people to download my ebook.

Now this software can be used to make any kind of videos, but i just want to show you an example of how quick and easy this is for starters, alright, so ive copied and pasted what i want to say for my short call to action, video that Were making here now lets make the color of the text white so that we can see it, of course, Music and now lets make the font a touch bigger. Okay, great now, im going to insert an image for the product itself that i am offering. You can see that right here, Music and lets take the font back down a bit, so it all fits because it didnt quite fit in there Music and now bold, the headline a bit Music. All right now were going to get it all adjusted. You can see how fast this is going and make it look pretty its nice, because you can just drag the images to where you want them and now the fun part, since in this case i wont be importing my own voiceover. I want to set my speech settings here so lets do the actual female voice, thats included, it actually will say whats written and knock up the speed a bit and okay were knocking up that speed just a bit. Okay, i think we can make this look a little bit better. Music. Perfect. All right now lets create the video and heres how its going to go.

Well, choose mp4 and save it on the computer, where we want it and right when i click save it, renders the video and immediately pops up a preview. Get our free article. Buddy ebook learn all about the article buddy software and what it can do for your business. Just click download below isnt that neat, you can upload your video to youtube and be using it in minutes now that was quick and easy wasnt it. But you know what it only scrapes the surface of what auto video creator can do and we shed some light on many of the other things you could do with abc right below this video something else below our introductory price.