5 inch display for 780 milliamp hour battery, the mediatek 6761 and yeah. Those are our main spec lets open this up, oh scratched around. Please let me let me just all right, for once i got a color thats, not black, because theyre usually sold out of these specific colors, and i have to wait ages to get this, but but that feels great in the hand. First, impressions very nice in the box im guessing this is a star manual, yeah, just manual, nothing else: charging, cable micro usb and our charging brick all right. First impressions, the display is actually pretty nice. I, like the the size of the bezels okay im gon na, set this up and get back to you all right. First, impressions its actually a pretty um snappy experience for the specs that we have so, as you can see its not too slow and right out of the box. You have the gesture notifications, of course, so so far for 80 dollars were getting a decent design like pretty good design. Actually i mean its pretty colors and all that and the speed is decent like this could actually be used. I mean itd be slow, but its for what, but so far its usable, i mean, of course, its slower, but for 80 dollars. This is what you can expect, despite it being slow its actually its actually usable. As you can see knife it writing that in it takes a little bit longer than you know, more expensive phones, because ive tested many phones in this price range, where its just unusable, like the app store, keeps freezing, keeps keeps it out with stutter.

You know stuff like that, but so far in my experience, that is not the case. So all those apps are downing lets see if we have face unlock what we most likely do. No fingerprint unlock, though yeah there it is face, unlock all right lets. Do this all right, does it work now from there it doesnt i dont know i wanted to close up to my face. It actually does work. Lets start one more time. All right so face unlock its a bit slow, but it works. Oh thats, a lot of stutter. Oh all right, maybe if you turn off ads now that does not really help our case. Oh, never mind kind of! Does oh wait. Dads are back. I thought i disabled. You oh im playing on my other account that didnt buy the premium. All right were gon na, have to use the airplane mode for this because ill just turn off wi fi, and this also works. So, as you can see, uh we cant completely avoid it. As i see, i dont understand why facebook of all apps need their own ad like. Are there not enough facebook users like billions of facebook users? Why do they need to advertise more? So, as you can see after disabling those annoying pop ups, the game increases significantly well. This is a shame because it advertises youre killing gaming on on budget phones. Stop it all right, one rider: this is going to be one of the first times.

I think that we actually test one rider of airplane mode, meaning what we wont get at so were gon na see the phones true potential this time, all right so, as you can see, that is pretty decent, but youre gon na have to keep in mind. If you want a decent gaming experience on this phone, youre gon na have to use airplane mode, but games that require internet like pubg, its not gon na work im, not even gon na test pubg, just because the phone you know the specs are really weak. You know but yeah gaming on this phone, like the mini games, theyre pretty decent, actually just got ta take the right precautions and theyll theyll run all right all right, so the speaker is a bit quiet and the quality is a bit tinny, but other than that. The quality is decent overall for 80 bucks. All right rear camera is 8 megapixels front. Camera is 5 megapixels. Your video is full hd front. Video is also full hd. Alright, first selfie here we go. Okay lets go outside its currently raining. Uh well see what we can do all right rear facing video trying trying to get this phone as less weight as possible, so lets focus on this leaves real, quick. Okay, let me know what you think and front facing video: oh, it aint getting harder all right. All right that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone well for 80 bucks, i think, were getting a pretty decent value.

I mean the performance, is you know the phones slow, but for the price, i think its pretty good. Actually the display. However, its really good for the price cameras, yeah theyre a bit bad kind of unusable, but you can get some decent shots. If you really tried speaker is not the best, but you do have a headphone jack one of the phones that havent eliminated it yet and yeah. That is pretty much it. So thank you so much for watching and i will see you in the next video peace.