Here, the infinix zero 5g, a fresh new budget friendly smartphone that should be ideal for gamers. It packs the dimensionally 900 chipset tons of dedicated gaming tools and their 6.8 inch full hd display with 120 hertz refresh support. Youve got a 5 000 milliamp battery loads of great tech for that affordable price point so lets whip the infinix zero 5g on out of the box. Take you to full into other hardware in the software and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do pog subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so. First up what do you actually get in the box? Well, first up naturally, youve got the infinix zero 5g smartphone. You got yourself a supremely beefy infinix charger, one type c, usb cable and even get a free perry, phones bundled in the box as well. Although they look like proper ear scrapers, they do so probably best used as a spare and infinix has even bundled in a condom case. Theyll protect your zero 5g really making the most of the the fact that its got that 5g support and, as usual, youve got. What looks like a american dollar bill except its actually an invitation to join the infinix x club, which still sounds all kinds of dodgy thats everything that you get bundled in the box so now lets check out the infinix zero 5g. So here we have the infinix zero 5g in its glory all set up and ready for action.

You know what for a budget smartphone, the design is actually pretty respectable. However, a slight warning before we begin the infinix zero 5g is an absolute a monster. It is a godzilla size, smartphone, the 6.78 inch display. So if youre after a compact, blower, youre gon na have to look elsewhere, certainly not a good one for the one handed use, though at least the bezels surrounding that display arent exactly super chunky, so you dont have too much added girth or anything got a good Heft to it, though, so youll certainly feel it when its lodged in your pocket now flip it around, and the infinix zero 5g actually looks pretty slick to be completely fair. It kind of mimics the design of the oppo find x3 pro. So, for instance, as you can see there, the camera chassis isnt completely level with the rest of the back end of the smartphone. But it is a gentle undulation. If you like, you can see there, youve got a smooth slope going up to the camera chassis rather than a full on camera bump, and you grab yourself the infinix, zero 5g and three different hues. Youve got skylight orange and horizon blue, which are both bright and vibrant and poppy and would look fantastic on camera. Otherwise, youve got cosmic black, which of course, is what ive got, which looks a bit more dull. But if you prefer something dark to something bright and life, affirming then job done and apparently this arse end is constructed from a composite material that mimics the look and feel of glass.

But to me it just looks and feels like plastic to be perfectly honest and because its a glossy finish here on the infinix zero 5g. That does mean that as soon as you start touching, the damn thing then instantly youve got fingery smeary greasy prints all over it. So if youre bothered about that, youll definitely have to give it a good old buffing up occasionally to try and get the worst of it off and yeah. That back end is probably going to scratch up fairly easily as well. So at least youve got that bundled condom case. You can slap that on. If you want a bit of extra protection and while theres no official ip rating for the infinix zero 5g, i did use it out in a bit of a rainstorm at the weekend. It was absolutely fine with that not hassled at all, so lets have a bit of a squint at the software and it is android 11 running on this thing, not the latest freshest android 12. Sadly – and it does look a bit different from your standard android thats, because its got the xos version – 10 launcher slatted on top, so everything looks and feels a little bit different and while youve got android staples like the apps tray on there. Also other bits have completely changed. Like you, dont have the google discover feed instead, youve got the xos version, which is basically a whole bunch of widgets which can help you to quick start a bit of exercise.

Action free up resources check your uh, your calendar schedule. All that good stuff youve also got a random motto: thing which appears up top, which changes every time and its usually complete. Bollocks can definitely testify someone who read a lot as a small child. I had no friends at all the more we do, the more we can do. Dont even know what that means. Where there are flowers blooming, there is hope or just lots of good manure, and if you just keep on scrolling, youve got an endless supply of news headlines to further depress you. Although ive got to say definitely intrigued by what the rest of this news story is and then like a lot of launches these days, if you swipe uh down the left hand, side from the top youve got fast access to your notifications, whereas from the right youve Got a control center style setup. This doesnt have many little toggles in it by default, but you can add lots of extra ones if you like, so you can add on a do not disturb vibration, style mode, ultra power battery mode. You got the likes of the gaming mode im, definitely to add in the one handed mode as well that one in particular, i think, is going to come in a proper, bloody handy im going to actually reach anywhere near the top end of that desktop and, like Color os the xos settings menu feels a little bit clunky a little bit busy to be perfectly frank, theres lots of stuff going on here.

It takes a little while to sort of learn your way around. This pretty much everything you could possibly want is packed in here. So, for instance, dive into security and youve got fingerprint and face unlock youve got an edge mounted power button, which has a built in fingerprint sensor here on the infinix, zero, 5g and so far touch word. Absolutely no issues with that whatsoever. It seems quick and responsive and accurate as well doesnt seem to struggle working out who i am even if my fingers are a little bit moist. Otherwise, if you cant use that fingerprint sensor for whatever reason, youve also got face recognition built into the infinix zero. Five g, which again, is certainly swift, no hanging about, although by the same token, probably not quite as secure as the likes of the samsungs of this world and plenty of other bonus features packed into the settings here, including a kids mode. Of course, if youre going to special function, youll find a lot of extra bits in here. So, for instance, youve got the likes of the smart panel, which can be dragged out from any screen and allow you to take a screenshot, a quick screen video. You can create dual accounts for your apps, like the game board, which ill definitely be showing off later, because you do get a bit of crap where pre installed here on the infinix zero 5g. As with all xos phones, the likes of aha games, which i just want to say, allen, porridge style, aha games, shes like bees and boom player and lots of stuff – i dont even know what it is.

Frankly, your party definitely sounds like one for the kids im. Far too old for this, but of course unfortunately a fair few of these apps you cant, actually uninstall. You can only disable them boo and then, of course, who only knows when the infinix zero 5g is gon na get an android 12 update and, as you can see there, its already sort of lagging on the security updates as well november, the 5th 2021.. So, if timely updates is your thing, the infinix zero 5g, probably aint, gon na cut it before we dive into media the infinix zero 5g rocks 128 gigs of storage. Ufs 3.1 is a pretty nippy stuff and if we prize out the sim tray, youll see its actually a dual sim tray. But youve also got space on the other side for a micro, sd memory card to boost that storage even further. So now the screen and what you got here is i mentioned before its a 6.78 inch panel, its an ips display, like most budget panels, something spacious enough to enjoy a movie on if thats your bag, only a dinky, wii pinhole, a camera intrusion up near the Top to get in the way when you go full screen nothing too bad at all its full hd plus resolution, so visuals are reasonably crisp. Despite the fact, it is a whopper of a display, certainly no troubles, reading, tiny subtitles or anything like that, its all good colors, not exactly super punchy or poppy, or anything like that.

So you know animation looks all right, not fantastic. Viewing angles are okay for an ips panel. You know the image does start to darken once you tilt the display away from your face. So if youre going to be cramming in a couple of heads watching something together, then yeah its not great but its okay and its not the brightest panel around. But i didnt struggle too much when i was trying to see what was going on outdoors even when it was sunny. But i do like how the infinix zero 5gs refresh rate is dynamic, so it can automatically swap between 60 and 120 hertz, depending on what youre up to so it only bumps it up to that super smooth, refresh rate uh when its required and for your audio Shenanigans well, the infinix, zero 5g sports, a basic mono speaker setup, its just a bottom firing speaker here on this bottom edge here uh, but lets see if its any good p54. You do get a bundled condom case in there as well. So you can wrap that around your expensive, shiny, new handset and if i had to sum the audio experience there up in a single word, it would probably be meh its okay, its not terrible. The top volume is respectable. I guess so. You can sort of hopefully be able to uh to hear whats going on if youre just kicking back with a bit of youtube in a fairly noisy area uh.

But the audio quality itself leaves a lot to be designed rather tinny and uh indistinct. But the good news is that you do have a headphone jack here on the infinix zero 5g. So you can get plugged in if you want to actually listen to audio that isnt crap otherwise got the usual bluetooth smarts on there as well so now performance. And this is one area where the infinix zero 5g definitely has an advantage over a lot of the competition, because it sports the six nanometer dimension, 900 chipset and thats actually backed by eight gigs of ddr5 ram as well, which is definitely impressive for a budget y Sort of price point, as you can see, theyre very respectable scores in the geekbench and everyday running has been pretty good. You know apps just basically load up as soon as you tap on them. No issues there you can multitask with the best of them. I have seen a couple of crashes uh. The system ui has just completely crashed on me a couple of times now, as have a couple of apps, so its not 100 stable, but when it is not crashing uh. Definitely the infinix zero 5g seems to run like a absolute dream, ready for a budget phone, and if you are a gamer on a budget, then the infinix zero 5g certainly worth considering. Because not only do you have strong performance, but youve also got dedicated gaming features built into this thing as well.

So youve got this dedicated gaming space where you can fast load all of your favorite titles and the dot league engine also offers up lots of different bonus features as well. So, as you can see, they can give your uh performance a bit of a boost when needed. You can reject incoming calls and any messages, youre not disturbed at mid game, and so i played a good bit call of duty mobile on the infinix zero. 5G. Absolutely flawless performance, even when i boosted up the graphics to the very high settings, a smooth frame rate throughout, even when things got proper, intense. The screen is nice and responsive as well, so no issues there whatsoever. So if youre into your fast paced online multiplayer efforts like call of duty or pub g, then definitely job done, then i decided to really put the infinix zero 5g and the dimensionally 900 chipset to the test by running a bit gentian impact, which is one of The most demanding android titles out there i just left it on the the default settings sort of medium level, and i got ta say i was impressed its not a flawless performance by any means, the frame rate did occasionally judder and shake and drop quite badly. When things got very intensive, but not to a horrific degree, the game was perfectly playable throughout, and i bashed my way through a good hour or so of gentian impact and the phone didnt heat up as well, which is partly due to the efficiency of the dementia Chipset, and also partly because youve got actual built in heat pipe here on the zero 5g as well just to help keep those internals cool and if you do do a lot of online gaming, good news is youve got sub six 5g support, courtesy of that dimensionally Chipset youve also got wi fi 6 support on this thing as well.

So if you find yourself in a lot of packed areas like stadiums and things all of a sudden in 2022, well, job done and youve got a 5 000 milliamp battery packed inside of the infinix zero 5g. And let me tell you thatll, keep you going all day long and helped out by the efficiency of the actual chipset thats running the show. Here i found that i could get hours and hours of screen on time. This thing, even if i was streaming video streaming music in the background, all kinds of stuff, so yeah its definitely up there with the likes of the red bees and the real mes in terms of general energy efficiency and longevity. And when you do finally run that battery drive well, its 33 watt wide charging just getting fairly respectable for a budget, smartphone and or wireless charging, of course, and now lets finish up this unboxing of the infinix zero 5g with the squint at the camera tech, and We got slapped on that back end. There is a 48 megapixel primary sensor, backed by a 13 megapixel portrait camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. So surprisingly, no ultra wide angle option here on the infinix zero 5g, which you often find even on budget smartphones. But as you can see there, it is a very busy camera lots of different toggles and features and bonus modes to play around with by default. In the ai cam mode, it shoots 12 megapixel images, though you can boost that all the way up to the maximum 48 meg.

If you want got loads of different filters and all the usual guff that you can play around with as well, and the first thing i noticed about the infinix zero 5g is it does struggle when the lighting isnt absolutely spot on in more ambient conditions like indoors And certainly in the evenings, youll get really soft fuzzy photos, especially when youre shooting a moving subject and to be fair, even in strong daylight. Sometimes a moving subject will come out a bit blurry the focus kind of struggles to latch onto them at times, dont expect natural color, reproduction or anything either. So definitely quite a basic snapper, especially if you are trying to shoot shots of the fam or pets. You got the usual beauty modes portrait modes – you do have a super night mode as well, which you can employ in low light if youve got a very still subject indeed, and it certainly will help to brighten up a scene if needed. Although again dont depend on you know accurate color, reproduction or anything for your video needs. Well, you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at 30 frames per second otherwise full hd at 30 or 60.. My little movie clips came out all right at that 4k level. Plenty of detail, if youre shooting in stronger light in the more ambient light things, do again look quite soft and occasionally a little bit out of focus theres next to no image stabilization.

If youre moving and shooting at that 4k level – or you want to be fairly still and also if youre, shooting outdoors and theres even a slight bit of bluster well, that will just completely ruin your audio and then last up were on the front end of the Infinix, zero 5g youve got a 13 megapixel selfie shooter, which again is pretty basic again at night times you get quite blurry fuzzy unappealing shots, but in the daytime, its all right and look a little bit soft. Those skin tones arent exactly super accurate, but its okay and using that front facing camera, you can even shoot 4k resolution videos of your lovely face talking with randoms waving in the background just ignore her and that last video was shot in the evening quite low light. For us, weve got a bit more light here, so hopefully something more detail going on not too much detail all those bags in the eyes looking bad im still having my lovely, is that in a nutshell, is the infinix zero 5g and, as i say, if youre On a tight budget and youre all about the performance, the battery life youre a really serious power user, then it will definitely appease. Of course yeah. Not everyone will get on with xos, but if you order a game and then youve got all those gaming features, the extra mods and stuff packed in there so yeah definitely worth a squint and for more on the list of greatest tech.

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