I truly appreciate you for coming through and chilling with me, but if youre already a part of the crew, so Music, but today were going to be taking a look at the oneplus nord n200 and were going to be talking about my overall experience of using this Device for about two weeks now, as my daily driver – and that means that ive been using this phone consistently for the last two months without taking my sim card out of it, and so that means ive been taking phone calls and that means ive been browsing. The web and ive been doing a lot of social media, as well as making a lot of phone calls, and just simply just using this device every single day in my daily life as my main phone, and so i kind of just wanted to share my experiences With you guys, so you guys can know how this device is. If you decided to pick one up for your self and if you wanted to check it out – and maybe you know think about purchasing it and everything of that sort, because after ive been using this device for a little bit of time now, ive actually gotten used To some of the features that it does have to offer, and so i kind of wanted to share my experiences with you. But overall we have a really nice display to look at on this device, which is one of the major selling points, because its going to have a really nice scrolling speed at 90 hertz and were also going to get a really nice colorful display to look at Which is definitely something that i really like about this device, because its going to be 1080 by 2400, full hd plus with um hd, calls youre going to get the voice over lte, which is going to be really solid.

When youre picking up phone calls and talking to people youre going to be able to hear them extremely clearly, because you have like these really this nice earpiece on this device, which is cool, and you also do get a side mounted fingerprint sensor for security. And you also do get a secondary option as well for facial recognition, but overall, this device has some pretty decent speed to it. It has four gigabytes of ram and it also it couples it with the additional 64 gigabytes of internal storage with the ufs storage 2.1. With the independent sd card slot and as far as the camera shots, when i was taking them with the camera that comes on here, its a 13 megapixel standard with a macro and then a portrait shot. Camera shooter on the back of there is pretty solid and on the front we have a 16 megapixel, but when it came to the photos that i was taking, they did look pretty nice. They do have like a mode on here which is really cool for detecting the ai and it will detect whatever youre, pointing and shooting at which is cool because youre going to get various modes on the camera like night mode, video mode, slow motion mode time, lapse. Expert mode macro and extra hd, which is kind of cool for getting some more detail on this device, which i thought was pretty cool and so ive been using this for about two weeks now and i wanted to just basically share my thoughts with you.

But overall my experience with this device has been really solid. It has a really nice weight to it. It doesnt feel cheap, its made of plastic on the sides and we do have a really nice scratch resistant material on the front which is cool because i hate, when screens actually scratch in the first week. This one hasnt done that whatsoever, but as far as the chipset on here, it is giving you a snapdragon 480, which is going to be pretty decent for gaming and youre, also going to get the adreno 619, which is going to be going to hold up to Really good speeds youre going to get the 2 gigahertz frequency when it comes to speeds and youre also going to be able to get like some some pretty decent gaming on here. So it does go up to like ultra, not ultra smooth, but it does have some pretty fast reaction time. So you can compete. You can get first blood and things of that sort. But i was just having a really good time using this, especially because of the design on here. It was really nice. It does go up to six times zoom, which is going to give you some pretty decent detail when youre zooming in, and you just want to capture the moment on this device and um. As far as the sensors on here, we do have the barometer gyroscope compass, accelerometer, uh, light sensor, proximity sensor, fingerprint and facial id on this device.

So i definitely think that its fully loaded with most of the things that you will need to use. So let me know how it sounds: its actually drizzling its like a real, cloudy overcast day and stuff like that. So hopefully you guys can hear me well, let me know how the microphone is doing, but this is the front facing camera. Hey whats, going on guys. So this is the rear facing camera on the the oneplus nord n200. Let me know how the microphone sound right now, its actually a really rainy day, very overcast and very cloudy, but hopefully you guys can hear me. So let me know how the microphone sounded. Also, let me know how the image quality looked on the front and rear camera of this device, but it does compact with android 11 red velvet, which is pretty cool, and we also do get a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and you wont have any real issue. Looking at this device in full sunlight its, if you put it up to full brightness, you will be able to see that, but you would have to put it all the way up to full brightness just to see the screen. So i just kind of wanted to throw that out there, but this is a really solid device. Overall, you can connect to 5g. If your sim company does allow you, it does permit that option, but the 18 watts charging speeds are pretty good when it comes to this thing, because youre gon na be able to load it up with a lot of juice in a short period of time.

It also does have bluetooth 5.1. So if youre listening to music youre going to be able to get that aptx, sbc, ac and ldac for for really good music, sound quality and its gon na be compatible with a lot of your headphones and bluetooth options as well. Split screen is on board as well. You also do get gps on here, so you can navigate very quickly from point a to point b and the loading times on here. Arent theyre not slow whatsoever. Sometimes it will hiccup. Sometimes it will stutter, but for the most part just to say the least. This device has a really nice overall performance and design to it headphone jack down below. So you can actually connect that to it volume rockers on the other side as well, and you have some pretty decent cameras which, like i said, you can get to six times zoom when youre, just recording with the video or just taking some snaps on the with The shooter on the rear or the front its going to be pretty decent quality, so i didnt have any issues when i was using it, and i did also notice that they do have some pretty decent stabilization on here when youre actually walking with this device. So you will be able to get some really nice still shots on here with the macro portrait or main camera, or even you know the uh, the um. You know the sensors that they do provide on the front, which is going to be really clear and its going to capture some decent light and some low lit areas as well as slow motion mode up to 120 frames per second.

So, like i said, i was really enjoying this device when it comes to the overall speeds and overall um. You know, functionalities and features that it did have to offer and also the design of this device just scream premium right, because those cameras on the back make it look really premium with the solid build and new aesthetic and just like new um. You know im saying like the layout of how everything is placed on here with the camera setups. The three lenses on top of each other look looks really good. You get the oneplus logo on the back of here panda glass as well as 2.5 d glass screen on here as well. So i was really enjoying the overall look of this device. It does have plastic material on the back and it does come in that black color or the scion blue, but it just kind of looks like that: mineral, green, color, right and um. You know this device was released in 2021 in june, but as far as the battery life, i was actually able to squeeze two days plus some more out of the thing. So i was actually really impressed with that, because um a lot of the times when i was using this device, it did, it was a battery beast and i was being able to you know squeeze a lot of you know. Um. You know energy added this thing, which is really good to see so um 5 000 milliamp hour battery was definitely impressive, its also a very customizable phone because you can change the icons.

You can change the layout to your own personal preference. You can change um a lot of things on this device to make it your own, like the accent colors and things of that sort and, like i said before its going to have a really nice display to look at with the 406 ppi, with a very high Density and the 90 hertz refresh rate with the punch hole on the bottom left hand corner so its pretty cool to look at when youre, actually gaming or just watching some content on your device. And you just want to kick back. Maybe watch a few movies and stuff, so its gon na be really solid when it comes to that. But the only thing that i wish that they did do was put the dual speakers on here, like they did on the n200 that i do have and also the n 10 5g, which i also have as well. So you could check out some of the videos that i did post uh just for you, but i definitely am enjoying this device so far after using it for two weeks, its been a really solid budget entry level phone that you can actually take advantage of, and At a low price point, so if you did want to take advantage of a lot of features for a low cost and still save a lot of money, the snapdragon 480 is pretty decent youre, going to be able to game youre going to be able to watch A ton of multimedia and the cameras obviously will perform pretty well for this price point: theyre not going to win academy awards or win uh.

You know any prizes when it comes to the performance of the cameras from day to day usage, but one of the things that i was really happy about was just the overall build quality feel in the hand and the basic functionalities that i was getting with device. Plus, more because you do get expansion with the sd card slot, which a lot of the devices are removing. Now you also do get the headphone jack, which is really important nfc, so you can make mobile payments, which is really huge. You also do get the fingerprint sensor. Facial recognition right and the gaming on here is actually you get pretty good gaming modes on here with the gaming that they do provide. So i was pretty impressed with a lot of the features that they just did pack voice over lte makes it really good for you to hear you other people when youre talking to them. So this is my two weeks with the oneplus nord nt and 200 5g. But let me know down in the comment section what you guys think about this device. Do you have the n um? N200. 5G. Let me know in the comment section down below and um. I truly appreciate you for staying locked into the end of the video and make sure you subscribe, get notified for more videos, just like this, but im going to get right back with you.