On the 9th of february 2022, the samsung galaxy s22 ultra debuted, alongside the samsung galaxy s22, the samsung galaxy s 22 plus and the samsung galaxy tab s8. You get the best bits from the samsung galaxy s21 ultra mixed with everything we miss about the samsung galaxy. Note 20 ultra and all of that is combined with the most up to date. Smartphone hardware, as well as the latest android software smartphone manufacturers across the world, must be shaking in their boots right now. Not only is it the best samsung phone you can buy right now, but its also likely to be the best android phone for those who dont mind splashing out a little, the samsung galaxy s, 22 ultra has had the biggest shake up of all of the s22 Phones, rectangular in shape it looks very different from the samsung galaxy s21 ultra and unlike last years, device youll now get the s pen included in the box, which can be housed in a handy slot on the handset. The display remains largely the same, although the adaptive refresh rate now ranges from as little as 1 hertz up to 120 hertz, which should help to conserve battery life theres. Also a new vision, booster feature, which is meant to make the screen more visible in bright sunlight. While the number of megapixels in the camera lenses has stayed exactly the same, there are loads of new and improved camera features to try out that includes new, auto framing, to detect how many people are in the shot and improved portrait mode and a better night mode Which you can now use across both photography and video to enhance the look of your videos.

The camera can now automatically adjust the frame rate according to the lighting conditions, deliver better hdr functions. Give you super steady, filming and theres a new adaptive pixel feature that merges the brighter image and a high res 108 mp image to produce a much more detailed shot. The samsung galaxy s22 series runs on android 12 with samsungs latest one ui 4.0 interface lets talk about the design and display of s22 ultra looking a little different to how you might have expected the samsung galaxy s. 22 ultra has a fresh new design that screams sophistication. You can buy it in a few different colorways, those being black white and burgundy. It looks a little like a notepad rectangular with sharp angular corners. The two long sides curve seamlessly around the edges of the foam, but one of the biggest changes is that, along the bottom edge theres a tiny slot for the included s pen to release it. You just need to press the end of the stylus. The four camera lenses on the back dont sit in a module; instead, each one stands alone and is integrated into the back panel. It looks very smart, dont get me wrong. They do stick out a little and the foam rocks slightly when you use it on a flat surface, but not so much so that it gets annoying. If you are reading this thinking, ive seen this before then youve hit the nail on the head. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra takes inspiration from the galaxy note series a phone that was built for productivity.

We didnt see a note 21 hit the shelves last year and now its clear. Why not samsung has combined the ultra and the note to create the ultimate productivity handset for professionals and enthusiasts made from armor aluminium with gorilla glass victis, the samsung galaxy s22 ultra should be durable and tough enough to withstand damage. If you were to knock it or drop it its also ip68 rated so will survive being submerged in up to 1.5 m of water for 30 minutes and it wont be impacted by dust or dirt. Samsung is committed to being more eco, conscious when it comes to its products and the materials used to build them. As such, the samsung galaxy s, 22 ultra, is made from ocean bound plastics like discarded fishing nets, and the packaging it comes in is completely recyclable as well its great to see those changes being made without impacting the premium look and feel of the phone bigger than The other devices in the series, the samsung galaxy s22 ultra – weighs 229 gram. If you have small hands or small pockets, you might find it a bit of a pain to use, but because its so big, the screen fits a lot of information on it at once. The 6.8 inch dynamic, amoled 2x edge qhd plus screen, has a peak brightness of 1750 nits to cut a long story, short, its beautiful, sharp and detailed. You can use this screen for just about anything whether thats photo editing or gaming streaming.

Video on it should be great, because the display is big enough to comfortably watch shows on more like watching on a miniature tablet than on a phone theres. Also, an adaptive refresh rate that is automatically adjusted from as little as one hertz right up to a seriously smooth 120 hertz, depending on the task at hand that should help to conserve the battery its a delight to scroll and swipe on this screen. Even though i couldnt delve too deeply into it, a lot of this phones hardware is complemented and improved by artificial intelligence, and the screen is no different vision. Booster intelligently adjusts the display, so you can see every detail even when youre looking at it in bright sunlight. It should maximize the contrast and make colors look more vivid. I couldnt test this out properly when i got an early look at the phone, but itll be interesting to see how well this works day to day lets talk through the camera tech, the samsung galaxy s22. Ultra keeps its lens is the same as last year, with a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 108 megapixel wide camera and two 10 megapixel telephoto cameras, one with 3x optical zoom and the other with 10x optical zoom. You also get a 40 megapixel front camera for selfies. You can expect to take some impressive shots on the samsung galaxy s. 22. Ultra. The camera system is one of the best youll find on any smartphone up to this point.

But this year its the new and improved camera features that are really worth talking about. When i got hands on with the device, i only had a short amount of time to try them out. So youll have to wait for the full review for an in depth. Look at everything the camera has to offer and how the new features perform. One of the most useful features is the improved neck mode. It blends multi exposure frames, which is meant to create clearer brighter shots. Then it uses ai to identify objects and samsung reckons its able to capture their true shape and color tones, as well as enhance the details in the shot and reduce noise. Itll be really interesting to see how well this works. Another cool feature is the nitography which should allow you to shoot videos in the evening without graininess or loss of detail its the first time, samsung has applied a night mode to both photography and video. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra features a shiny, new portrait mode as well, which uses deep learning to improve its accuracy. Samsung claims itll be able to pick up even the finest of details like a single strand of hair. The portrait mode also gives you studio lighting on selfies and automatic night portrait mode on the front camera and even a pet portrait mode. Keen on editing your photos. The new expert raw captures multi frame raw images to allow for more information in one picture and as such, more effective, post capture, editing youll also be able to choose your own settings, including the iso white balance and focus under the hood.

The samsung galaxy s 22. Ultra packs and the latest 4m processor, which could be either the exynos 2200 or the snapdragon 810 one depending on where in the world, you are alongside that theres, a choice of 8gb or 12gb rem paired with 128gb 256gb 512gb or a huge 1tb of built in Memory theres no microsd card slot here so youll have to make sure you get the right amount from the get go promising serious amounts of power. This phone will cope with anything you can throw at it just from using it over the space of a couple of hours. It was clear that this lives up to the note 20 as being a productivity focused product without spending more time with it. I cant come to a more concrete conclusion other than it feels fast browsing. The web should be equally as fast thanks to the most up to date, wi fi, 6e and 5g support, but its the npu or neural processing unit, thats, really interesting. Every time an app turns one of them on youll see a tiny, green icon in the top right of the screen, as well as giving you more peace of mind over your privacy. One ui 4.0 is samsungs most customizable os. Yet because you can create a custom and uniform look for the whole device. Youll be able to set a new color palette, match it to your wallpaper and apply to everything from your icons to your apps.

Youll also be able to get more creative in your messaging, because there are loads, more emojis, gif and stickers available on the samsung keyboard. Having the s pen included in the box will be really handy and there are tons of uses for it. You can take quick notes or sketches, and it can even translate your writing into digital text. It feels lovely writing on the screen. Smooth and effortless is the best way to describe what its like. I could have been drawing on it all day, but unfortunately i had a limited amount of time, its supposedly twice as fast as it was in the s21 series, which will go a long way to improving the efficiency of the phones. Ai based features like the night mode on the camera, for instance, keeping things up and running is a 5000 ah battery with up to 45 watt wired charging and 15 watt wireless charging. So it all bodes well in that sense, although i wasnt able to test this out myself yet more on that to come, the brain of the operation is android 12, with samsungs one ui, 4.0 interface. It looks fantastic and its super easy to use the privacy features. Have been updated to give you much more control over the system, which includes a new privacy dashboard where you can find all of your settings in one easy to access place, youll be able to switch off all of your camera apps from there as well.

If youre someone who gets worried about apps having access to your microphone and camera theres, a new indicator to show you when it is in use, the only negative i would point out is that the stylus seems very flimsy. So you will have to be a bit careful pulling it in and out of its housing. One feature i loved is that when you pull out the s pen from its garage, a menu appears on the screen offering up different places. You can use the pen, including quick access to your notes for my first look at the samsung galaxy s: 22: ultra everything about how this phone works feels very considered and suits the device. Perfectly honestly, i cant think of many downsides to the samsung galaxy s22 ultra after my first look at it. It wont be for everyone because it is very expensive and quite a big device. But if you want an all singing all dancing smartphone, then they dont get better than this. The new note features are welcome edition and make this just as suited to busy professionals and creatives as it is to smartphone enthusiasts. Easy access to the pen makes it much more likely that youll make use of it and thats not to mention how satisfying it is to write and draw on the screen. Samsung pulls it out of the bag.