Links will be down in the description below if youre interested in one of these lets check it out. I have not opened this yet itll. Be our first time checking it out together, has a nice feel to it, so this would be if you want to use this lanyard here for safety. Put that through and run this through, that you want to be on the same side here, so it stays, but anyway theres that its got nice protective covers. You can adjust for glasses or not youll. Have your focus well get it outside here and well, get some sample footage with it. So this will screw onto here like so then youll use the twisty and you can align it to. However, you want and set it there, so this out of the way. This goes on to there and then your phone will go into this holder and then youll be able to record or take pictures of whatever you see. So we will get that out in the field and well be back farm across the road thats. Probably a couple hundred yards that tree is way out. There see my phone is trying to focus so its doing a lot of work for me but come on there we go theres a raven way out there hard to hold. Let me see if i can set this down theres a bird up there doing something see if i can get you guys, zoomed in a little further just hanging out there pretty cool its pretty way, pretty good distance away, thats, probably 80 yards from where im at Right now i have this thing on a table on the tripod holding steady, looking good, okay heres, how i have it sitting um the bird i just showed zoom in all right.

I guess thats all the zoom. My phones got today way up there. On top of that tree, pretty far up there, the ravens were way over there in the top of that one over there. So pretty cool, pretty good zoom on there good focus nice and sharp sharper than my uh cell phone here. But here you can see the the setup and i got you guys looking through that yeah i cant do it by hand, because i got the mount on there but um. Let me get you guys back in there and well show you a little more okay. We got you guys back in the mount got it pretty close. Where are those birds at over here focus? Oh its up here there they are again still up there. You can zoom in zoom out about two power, fills the screen pretty well. Let me set you guys back down again so that itll actually focus better there. You go, adjust it a little bit, so it fills the screen sharper, pretty cool birds, just hanging out up there lets go see what else we can find its taking video things so that those target deals down there. The red and white stuff thats about 80. Something yards really good view. You can see its very crisp dont mind me im trying to pan around and hold on to it, thats why its not um being super smooth, but tiggers focus on the kitty kittys doing busy there theres an airplane up there see if i can find it Music.

There it Music come on is how cool is that Music thats way up there awesome theres my chickens, Music, just resting on a fence post here, pretty cool, though my sons already looked through this. He loves this thing, its probably going to wind up on my boat though, but still works very well, the old bronco wood pile now grant. This is my phone. You know digitally zoomed at 1.4, so yeah, but either way it works very well. All right guys hope you find that useful. This is a great little tool good for walking around looking at stuff. You know whatever you need some magnification for so i dig it. My son digs it so like comment. Subscribe, follow links down below in the description if youre interested in one ive got more information down there or to purchase, and let me know what you think thats, how it looks with the phone holder on it.