I gave myself the challenge to use the pixel 6 exclusively for a month, getting used to all the functions and the menus using a camera in my daily workflow and having the phone as my sole smartphone. This video is my combined experience of this month and, at the end ill give you a conclusion on my experience as a first time: android user Music, the pixel 6, comes in at three beautiful colorways. I ordered the most dull one, which is stormy black. Its striking two tone design the very flat colors and the modern design scheme of the phone makes it a joy to hold, watch touch and use and for a very affordable price tag of 649 euros or 599 dollars. This is a phone that plays in the upper leagues, but for mid tier budget and, in my opinion, is a fantastic price for phone that does almost all things great, with a 6.4 inch display that sports 1080 by 2400 pixels the colors displayed on that screen is Very intense it is sharp enough, especially when going through instagram or youtube watching photos and videos on the display is a feast and for a smartphone display quite a lot of fun. The only thing that i would have loved to get a bit more is brightness, which peaks at 500 minutes standard and 800 nits for hdr content. Another thing new to me, especially coming from an older iphone, is the under screen fingerprint reader, which is great tech and, especially in times of wearing masks a good alternative to face id.

I sometimes had problems with it, though not recognized in my finger, but that wasnt as frequent or as annoying as i thought it would be, and i would love to see the same tech in the next iteration of the iphone. Next up is the battery life, and i must say, as this had to be my all day, phone for a month. Its battery capacity is very good, calling scrolling taking photos watching youtube messaging and many things more. The 4 640 million per hours battery drain faster than expected and was overall not as good as the iphones battery. I dont have any scientific date backing this up, but in the evening i had 20 left on the pixel while using the iphone 13. I still got 40 of juice left in the tank. Putting battery life aside, android 12 is something you really need to dive in deep when this is your first android device, theyre, really tough and theyre, really rough and nothings working but theres, something inside of you. That says, i just have to follow that because you dont know who youre gon na know who youre gon na know. It took me quite some time to figure out small things, but when you are forced to learn new ways of using your phone – and it becomes really second nature, its good a lot of things are intuitive. Others are a bit harder to get, but overall the learning curve wasnt as hard as i expected it to be.

It still took me two weeks of frustrations to get simple things to work. The way i wanted them to work before i actually got it. What especially, was weird and felt somehow old in this day and age is the integrated messages app, which still uses text or sms messaging and making communications with other ios users pretty hard. There is no way to react to comments and it felt slow in the process. Im sure texting for the android users is good nonetheless, and ive heard that you can react with other android message users, but i couldnt test this myself, since no one in my immediate group of people uses android talking about most apps that i use in my iphone. Almost everything is available through the play store minus some speciality apps im, pretty sure that you can get 99 of the apps you are using on your iphone. Also on android, especially the most popular ones, are there and are almost identical to the ios counterparts. One of the most interesting features and im actually missing this on ios. Is the google now integration into the phone directly which lets you scroll through a lot of articles that can be personalized since reading stuff on the phone is the thing i actually do the most. This feature is one of the top things i like about the pixel 6. Another thing that was very impressive is the ki functions. Google actually integrated its, not only the million different ways that google uses its ki to learn your ways of handling the phone and making it easier for you to use, but also the simple things, such as the text to speech functionality, which is incredibly close to what I would describe as nearly flawless speaking of flawless, the pixel 6 inherits a two camera system which sits in a bar that goes across the whole devices back eliminating the wobble.

A lot of phones have due to them having a one sided camera bump. The camera bar is a great addition and hopefully shows other manufacturers that a one sided bump is a dumb thing that should be tossed aside very quickly. Inside the bar, we got a 50 megapixel main camera, coupled with a 12 megapixel ultra wide one when directly comparing the pixel 6 with the iphone 13. In most cases, it came down to preference of how you want your photos to look straight from the camera Music and now the same thing, but with the other side facing camera, i dont know how it looks, but it could look good Music. The pixel 6 had a cooler look to its colors, adding in more blues into the image or actually desaturating your image checking the white balance of both camera systems. The iphone 13 was much more accurate. The same goes for low light, photography in which the iphone is clearly on top of the pixel 6. But as always, the image you prefer is something very subjective and can be altered to your liking. In no time, speaking of altering things, googles phone uses a tool called magic eraser that does the same thing as adobe sense, aki, eliminating things from the background, while using a content aware filling method to blend everything seamlessly, it works very well as long as you, the User knows what hes doing and what the effect is actually capable of removing and whatnot speaking of video.

On the other hand, the pixel 6 does a good job in producing shake free, good, looking 30 or 60 frames per seconds. Footage that you can use in your videos or for your vlogs Music, but is it better than the iphone 13 pros footage? No, not really apples latest updates to the camera sensor and the better feature such as cinematic mode, makes it stand out and is an impressive update to its predecessor. So, finally, the only thing left is considering coming from apple ecosystem. Is it practical and usable? Do you need all the things that a closed ecosystem such as apples offer, and, in my case after using the pixel 6 for month? The answer is yes, messaging, using imessage having the interconnectivity with my macbook and the watch integration using airdrop to drop files to mine and other peoples macbooks, while at work. Well, this sounds like they are small things that made me go back to the iphone 13 after month of use, but its always those small things that make or break the experience with a device that is there to make your daily life actually more enjoyable. In the end, if you are an ios user who is willing to give android a shot, the pixel 6 is the best phone to actually consider trying it. It makes many things right while improving and adding new things in the mix that will become standard in the years to follow. Now it may not have all the bells and whistles you want it to have, but it is, in my opinion, the perfect android device for someone looking to get the best bang for your buck device in all of the smartphone market.

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