see redmi note 11. new design, more powerful, better camera, better everything you know 10 last year for something in the less than 10k amoled magazine battery, not population charging engine on camera and pretty much everything is okay and pretty much. Everything was great about the redmi note 10., but this year xiaomi has ramped up a bit: okay, redmi note: 11 merrich pinaba, snapdragon, 680 processor, six, nanometers boyan a big jump from last years: 11 nanometers its. Why boomerang with the super amoled display full hd plus 90 hertz refresh rate last year without high refresh rate display on the redmi note 11. made up of 50 megapixel quad camera setup, but probably the best of all is supernan design, pokemon, of course, vince and youre. Watching unbox, ladies Music redmi note 11 easy access to the google apps. You use the most iron primaspex small box, sim ejector, pin dummy warranty card, quick, start guide safety, information guide, my extra bashang screen protector and, of course, jelly case nice mere 33 watts fast charger. At usb type c cord now orange, the curves are pretty nice and subtle. A very elegant look this year compared to last years, uh. Not so impressive. Look but yes in deep glass, although it feels like glass, its uh, its only plastic also decides. But yes, this black color right here looks very premium mid range phone up: 15. 000. 18. 000. It really looks good 50 megapixel, ai camera again led flash merchant 13 megapixel selfie camera good, but it does resemble the box type kind of design.

Does it look cool and shiny if i compare this right now to other entry level? Phones not at this price range, it is in 2022., even in 2021. Um phones at this price range on premium. Its about microphone, usb type support – and yes, you speaker again left side – is sim tray wrong. Dual and sim card slot, plus microsd card slot for expandability, ios and, of course, its a lot indented. My redmi users, which is display. I upgraded now to 90hz refresh rate amulet last year: casino, vs, xiaomi minutes and the majority picked super amoled, 60 hertz refresh rate. But guys gain another compromise: 90 hertz refresh rate full hd plus 6.43 inches amoled display under this phone guys. Finally, quality and speed on this phone. As you can see, on colors lcd display from the apps the its only available together, xiaomi 12. youll display your inaudible unknown display. Look at that bad guys, legit, put on a high quality display, catalog smartphone companies, sabotage full hd plus display 1080p quality contrast. This one is a legit high quality amoled display high quality refresh rate problem, but i will check my full review if that issue is here: Music, nato, the latest miui version from xiaomi with all the new features, which is a full review of pictures, looks like a Major improvement on the redmi note: 10., yes, 50 megapixel, ai camera c, redmi, note, 10, 48, megapixel, unboxing and first impressions of the redmi note.