Mid range, smartphones at very good price points, and this new vivo v235g takes things to the next level, starting at less than 400 dollars in the global markets. The v23 is littered with features and screams innovation. I mean this phone can actually change color when under ultraviolet light other than its chameleon characteristics, the vivo v23 houses, two selfie cameras, a 50 megapixel main selfie sensor and an 8 megapixel ultra wide selfie lens and get this. It has two dual tone: selfie led lights. Hidden in the top bezel, just above its flat 90 hertz amoled, display that flat display translates into a boxy design thanks to a squared off aluminum frame wrapping around the device in the box, we are treated to a silicon case, wired earphones, a wide earphone adapter, a Charging cable and a 44 watt flash charger. This is tech nick, and this is my unboxing and review of the vivo. V23 5g. The vivo v23 comes in two main colors, one being stardust black. That actually has a blue hue infused in it and another one called sunshine gold which i have with me here today. Both colors are made with fluorite anti glare glass back plates, which have a layer of fine full crystals and can colour shift at different angles, not to mention they have a matte finish for a softer fingerprint proof touch, but only the sunshine, gold color variant packs in The color changing technology that can automatically change color when exposed to ultraviolet light for more than 30 seconds.

It has a gold like sunshine, look before the uv light, hits it and a rich greeny blue, look after getting hit by uv light. This becomes possible with chemical change when getting hit by light of certain wavelengths and by the way, of course, sunlight works too. The color changing back plates is pretty cool, but ive got to say that the gold finish is my preference over here looks really neat and classy, and i really do like the fact that it can also shift color when lights hit your phone at different angles. Inside the device we are kitted with a 4 200 milliamp hour battery with 44 watt, flash wire charging, a mediatek dimension, 925g chipset lpddr4x ram and ufs 2.2 storage. The front display is protected by scott sensation, up front glass, which is actually pretty reliable and, of course, that fluoride ag gloss back and the middle of the two gloss sheets sits in aerospace, aluminum frame at the back. We are kitted with an 8 megapixel ultrawide sensor. A 64 megapixel isoscell gw1 main sensor and a 2 megapixel macro camera. The 8 megapixel ultrawide sensor takes a more than decent shot thanks to ai 64 megapixel main looks great, pinning it down to 16 looks even better at four to one bin. You can also use that bin shot to do two times, digital zoom or five times, and the max is ten times which actually still looks pretty decent. If you ask me in terms of digital zoom, getting up close and personal, you can take a pretty decent macro shot thanks to that 2 megapixel macro sensor, and we can also take pretty decent actually with almost no edge detection, bokeh portrait shots.

Here too, we do have 1080p 30fps ultrawide. This is the max resolution and frames per second, when recording using the ultra wide camera. We do have 1080p 60fps when using the main camera it looks more than decent. If you ask me – and we do also have 4k 30fps video recording, although 4k is capped at 30fps and cannot go up to 60 fps recording with the low frame rates at night definitely helps out in terms of lighting situations, as you can see over here, 1080p 60 at night looks okay, its a bit darker, obviously, due to 60 frames per second a lot more granules over here. Since things arent as bright. The exposure is not quite as high due to the higher frames per second counts, but 1080p at 30fps ultra wide video. At night is a big, no, no ive, never quite seen, quality as bad when recording using the ultrawide sensor, but taking photos with the ultra white sensor at night. Doesnt. Look too bad for a mid ranger over here and taking main shots at night looks actually pretty impressive even with night mode on. We can also turn night mode off and then enable it at two times zoom, which does a fairly decent job by brightening. The shot up, but it kind of lacks in detail same thing can be said with five times zoom, though it looks a bit better. If you ask me ten times, zoom b in the max for night mode on as well, and also just the max zoom in general, the triple camera setup is a bit of a mixed bag.

I guess you could say, but it actually kind of exceeded my expectations for a phone at this price point we do have a boxy design here, thanks to the flat aerospace, aluminum edges, which look absolutely phenomenal and by the way the pro model actually has a plastic Frame so its interesting to see such quality materials being put into the vanilla version. We have a power button on the right hand, side as well as a non split volume rocker at the bottom. We do have a dual sim 5g standby tray. There is a water resistant seal, but unfortunately no expandable storage options. We have a usb port at the bottom, as well as a single bottom firing speaker. Unfortunately, no dual speakers here and at the top of the display, underneath the earpiece, assists two more than capable selfie cameras, one of them being an 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor and the other one being a 50 megapixel custom main sensor. But the star of the show here is the two dual tone: dual led selfie flashlights, which vivo like to call spotlights the 50 megapixel shots at native 50. Megapixel looks absolutely phenomenal. Bin dance, 12.5 looks even better poker. Portrait looks the best that ive ever seen. Ultrawide selfie doesnt, look too bad. I mean its only an eight megapixel selfie sensor, but having an extra camera as an ultra wide sensor for selfies is just absolutely awesome. Yo whats up guys. This is tech, neck recording a 4k 30 fps.

Yes, you heard that right. 4K selfie video on the brand new vivo v23. 5G. Let me know what you guys think of the audio, as well as the video quality, when recording in a well lit situation. 4K selfies are awesome, but you can also do a 1080p 60fps selfie video recording, which is even better. If you ask me, thanks to the silky smooth frame rates – and we do have ultra wide selfie, recording, though capped at 1080p and 30fps, this cannot do 4k or 60 fps recording at night, with the ultra wide selfie does not look the best at all, but we Do have those spotlights so popping those on looks a lot better. This is a completely completely blacked out room over here and recording with the main selfie i dont know it does some weird glitch with my head, because this is recording 1080p at 60fps. When we switch over to spotlight mode, the head bobbing disappears, but it is capping. At 30, fps and 4k 30fps at night looks okay, so no head bobbing because of the frames per second counts over here, but as soon as we pop the spotlights on again, once again, we get drop down to 1080p 30fps. So you can only use spotlight. Video recording at 1080p 30fps with the selfie cam, which is a bit of a bummer im, sure something that can be fixed with future software updates selfies in that same pitch black room using the main camera with night mode off, look great with night mode on even Better, they look pretty darn fantastic, spotlights on and bokeh on, looks absolutely phenomenal, though some edge detection floors over there night mode off and on with the ultrawide sensor looks weird, and i do have beautify mode off on all of these shots.

But it seems to still be adding it in, but not for the bokeh very strange over there and taking selfies in a dimlet situation that is not completely blacked out does an even better job over here, as you can see, with some slight lights hitting my face Over here it does an incredible job in terms of edge detection when in poker mode, as well as just a general photos using the ultra wide selfie camera over here. The beautify mode still seems to pop in over here. For some very weird reason, i did triple check this to make sure it was off, hopefully something that gets fixed with a future software update. The selfies are probably the best thing about this phone and probably the best selfies ive ever seen on any phone period and powering on the device over here. We do have an always on display, as well as an under display fingerprint sensor. That is indeed optical and we do have 2d face unlock. You can use any selfie camera, you can actually cover one and it uses the other one, but unfortunately, no 3d facial recognition over here, despite having a notch at the top of the display. Speaking of that display, yes, it is notched which may or may not be your cup of tea. It is a 6.44 inch amoled panel with an aspect ratio of 20 by nine. It is full hd plus it has a max brightness of 629 nits, which is not necessarily the brightest, and it has a refresh rate of 90 hertz and 180 hertz touch sampling rate.

The refresh rate is, unfortunately, not adaptive or dynamic. So when its sitting at 90, its sitting at 90, when its sitting at 60, its sitting at 60, it does have smart switch where it can switch between 60 and 90, which is great and we do have fun, touch os 12 skinned over android 12 right out. The box, the software itself, is very simplistic easy to use its, not quite stock android. It has quite a few little nifty customization options and a new style for widgets over here as well as, of course, all google services. Google discover, on the left, hand, side and google assistant. The v23 is packed with up to 12 gigs of our pddr4x ram, though we do have extended ram over here, bringing it up to a total of 16 gigs of ram powering. The device is the new six nanometer dimension, 920 5g octa core cpu and when powering through antutu version, 9 yielded a score of 483 934 points. Of course, we can also game on the vivo v23 5g and we also have an ultra game mode overlay over here. In order to trigger on something such as performance mode playing a game at 90, fps feels nice and buttery smooth and were getting frame rates between 82 and 91 fps, which is fantastic for a mid range device. But what about audio since the device is only kitted with one downward firing? Speaker nevertheless, lets go ahead and give it a listen.

The vivo v23 5g has completely changed the game of premium mid range smartphones, thanks to its rock hard aerospace, aluminum frame, light and simplistic software experience, packed with android 12 out the box and, most importantly, its beyond impressive dual selfie camera system, packed with two dual tone Led spotlights that work surprisingly well in dimly lit situations when taking photos, but for some strange reason video is kept at 1080p 30fps when using set spotlights that being said, selfie video in general looks incredible. Thanks to its 4k recording capability, the amoled display is well sized and full of color, but is not the brightest around and due to the couple of selfie sensors, there is a small notch at the top of the display, which may or may not be to your Liking another possible deal: breaker is the lack of a dual speaker setup, which most phones include at this price point. One thing the v23 excels at, however, is its quality, bold and, of course, its head turning design thanks to its fluorite anti glare glass backplate that not only shifts color at different angles, but completely changes color under ultraviolet lights. It takes more than decent photos and videos with its triple back camera setup, despite having a slightly outdated main sensor and subpar ultrawide camera and boasts a large 4200 milliamp hour battery fast 44 watt flash charging while performing dimension 920 cpu that can reach 90 fps. When gaming, and even packs in 5g, which makes it easy for me to recommend the vivo v23, not only because it has almost everything, you could possibly want at this price point, but because it goes above and beyond to bring you a feature.

Packed quality built premium.