This is the mic recording from the bluetooth mic and you can see the background noise. How does it feel like now im going to remove it now? The bluetooth bike has been removed and check the sound quality. How does it and the background noise as well? Music, hello guys. So this is me i am at the chrome, beach testing this mic. The wind is super loud. I am at the beach behind me. There is a crown plus a restaurant Music check the how the sound quality with this mic name – dome, name, doesnt matter, because its a one mic with a different kind of name. So here the brand name is not important. Now, im going to remove the receiver and i will see the same result now i remove already Music beach. Now this is open camera where people are saying it have more option to catch. The crystal clear, sound now at the moment, im recording with internal mic of the cell phone now im going to connect the new mic receiver, its been connected and now ill talk to the mic. As i told you like five finger far away from me, so as you can see how the sound quality look like and on the sound wave, i can see it catch perfectly. Its not allowed its not lower its absolutely perfect. Its look like its going to catch a very crystal clear, sound lets, see well check it now, hello, hello, so yeah perfect.