, which comes with the fast Mediatek Dimensity 900 chip, which is faster and more power efficient than the older Chips., This phone supports 13 global 5G network bands and has Wi Fi 6.. Apart from these, this phone comes with features that you will not find in any other phone falling in this segment.. If you buy this smartphone on its launch day today, you will get Infinix Snokor, True wireless earbuds worth Rs 999 at only Re 1.. Now lets start this video with the unboxing of this phone.. This is Infinix Zero, 5G Phone, which comes in this long, big box.. On the box, apart from Infinix, Zero 5G highlights of this phone are also given. Made in India is also mentioned on the box.. Initially, this big box gave me the impression that the phone would be much bigger in size.. However, on opening the box, I found out that the box was designed in such a manner that the compartment holding all accessories was placed just next to the phone because of which the size of the box was much bigger. Inside the box. Apart from the phone, there is a Type C, USB charging cable, a 33 Watts fast charging adapter a TPU cover case, one protective film, a user manual guide a warranty card, a sim ejecting tool, and this OneXGold welcome card.. The transparent cover case is made out of rubber, on which there is this type of self designing.. The cover case is flexible, whose construction promises to keep the phone fully secure.

And all cuts too, have also been provided at proper places.. This phone is available in two colours: Cosmic Black and Skylight Orange.. According to the company, the Uni curve design of this phone is inspired by the G2 curvature of luxury cars.. On the front, there is a punch hole for the selfie camera and its bezels are also very slim.. At 8.77 mm thickness, this phone looks very sleek from the side and at 199 gm is also pretty comfortable to hold. The screen to body ratio of this phone is 92.. The screen has been provided with NEG Dinorex, T2X 1 glass. Protection. On this side. On the top right, there is a horizontal dual LED notification light, which also works as the front flash. On the right side. Underneath the volume rockers is the power button and the fingerprint scanner is embedded in it. On the left side is the sim card tray.. This phone comes with a provision for a dual 5G Nano sim and a dedicated memory card slot. On the lower side. Apart from the charging port, there is the speaker and two microphones.: The secondary microphone serves the purpose of noise cancellation. At the back, the camera module comes embedded in the uni curved designed glossy finished body, which imparts a stylish look to this phone.. This phone has a triple camera set up coupled with a Quad LED flash. Here at the left bottom in a vertical alignment. Infinix 5G comes inscribed in silver, which considerably enhances its overall look.

Overall in a Black Uni curved glossy finish. This phone looks pretty elegant and stylish., However, not to forget that its glossy finished back is a major fingerprint and dust magnet.. Now lets come to the specifications and features of this phone.. This phone has a big screen of 6.78 inches, which comes with a 120 Hz FHD LTPS display and the screen brightness is 500 Nits.. The chip in Infinix, Zero 5G has been manufactured by Mediatek through a 6nm process., And the phones manufactured through this process have more power efficient batteries. This Mediatek Dimensity 900 chip comes integrated with a 5G modem. Dimensity 900 is considered a highly efficient chip which, apart from enhancing the performance, provides faster frames per second during gaming.. Its processor is Octa core, which includes 2 fast ARM Cortex A78, cores whose frequency goes up to 2.4 GHz and 6 power efficient, Cortex A55 cores, whose frequency can reach 2 GHz.. Apart from this, this phone has a 4 core ARM: Mali, G68 MC4 GPU, which is considered power efficient. On this Infinix 5G phone. There is an 8GB LPDDR5 RAM, which is 1.5x faster than the LPDDR4x RAM.. Its storage is 128 UFS 3.1, which is seen as fast storage.. You can expand its storage to 256 GB.. According to the company. This phone has an extended RAM Technology through which you can tap a 5GB external memory space and add to its internal 8GB RAM. To make it 13 GB., I havent tested this feature yet so I will not be able to tell you about it.

In detail., It comes with Wi Fi 6, which gives a fast and more reliable Internet connection.. This Infinix phone comes with dual band, Wi Fi and it has been awarded a safe, fast charging certificate by TUC Rhineland. Coming to its sensors. Apart from the fingerprint sensor, you get an Ambient light sensor G Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Gyroscope, L sensor and E compass.. This phone is OTG compatible and you also get an eye care mode on it. Coming to its real performance. Lets. First talk about its display.. This phone has an FHD LTPS display, which is a battery saver, but it fails to reach the standards of an AMOLED display.. However, nowadays most of the phones in this segment are coming with FHD display only whether it be Realme, 8S or Xiaomi. Note, 11T or Vivo T1 all have FHD display, as this sort of display saves battery. And to make their phones power. Efficient companies mostly prefer FHD display., Though Motorola G71 comes with an AMOLED display. It has a lower refresh rate and a smaller screen size too.. This Infinix phone comes with XOS 10.0, which is based on Android 11.. Its Antutu benchmark is 475785, which is much higher than that on Realme 8S Xiaomi Note, 11T Vivo, T1 and Motorola G71., So performance wise. This is better than all those phones.. I didnt face any difficulty while multitasking on this phone, all applications opened smoothly.. Even when I kept on switching between different applications for long hours, the phone did not hang even once.

, Though there is Bloatware on this phone, you dont get to see unwanted ads. Coming to its audio. Its speakers have support for DTS surround sound. The audio. Apart from being clear, is quality rich too. Now coming to its camera, It has a Samsungs 48 MP primary camera and the 13 MP portrait camera is also from Samsung.. Apart from this, it has a 2 MP depth camera with 4 LEDs.. The camera features a 30x Digital Zoom and a 2X optical Zoom.. The selfie camera is 16 MP and there is a dual LED flash beside it. As far as video recording is concerned, you can shoot 4k videos at 30 fps and for slow motion videos. You get 960fps., There is a short video Mode as well as a super night mode. Too. Now lets talk about its camera performance., The performance of the front selfie camera is pretty decent, even indoors.. You can yourself see that Pictures come out clear and sharp.. The dual LED flashlight proves very beneficial when it comes to clicking night selfies. Coming to its rear cam. The primary camera of this phone clicks clear, sharp and bright images.. You can see all these camera samples. This will give you an idea about its camera capability.. It also has a Super Night Mode which shoots videos very clearly with many details, even during the dark.. The quality of 4k videos is also pretty good.. However, stability is there only when you shoot videos in the FHD mode, while shooting 4k videos stability plummets.

. If you shoot a video after mounting this phone on a gimbal, you will get a very good cinematic performance.. The selfie camera too, can shoot 4k videos at 30 fps.. Overall, the camera of this phone is pretty good in its category, which can even satisfy the photographer in you.. Overall, the camera of this phone is pretty good in its category, which can even satisfy the photographer in you. On this phone. Apart from the fingerprint scanner, you get a face, unlock feature.. However, it was very interesting to note that this phone was able to recognize a person even after wearing a mask.. Maybe its artificial intelligence feature is very effective and it has the ability to recognize a person from hisher eyes, forehead and hairstyle. To crosscheck the efficacy of this feature. I brought the phone in front of another person wearing a mask, but then it did not open the lock. Now coming to its gaming performance. This phone comes with a 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sampling rate, which together work to make this phone a very good option. For gaming. Touch, sampling rate means how many times the screen recognizes your touch in a second.. The more is the touch sampling rate. The faster will be its touch response.. Due to this, the gaming experience gets enhanced to a large extent.. Apart from this, this phone comes with Dar Link 2.0, which also enhances the gaming performance.. This phone provides you with a pretty fast and fluid gaming experience.

, Coupled with good graphics. You get a very enjoyable gaming experience on this phone. On this phone. You can play games smoothly in high graphics without any frame drop.. This Infinix phone has a hardware based heat pipe thermal module 2.0, which comes with 3D cooling master technology that protects the phone from overheating. Even if you play games on it for long hours., Even after playing games on this phone for a long period, I didnt mark any unusual heating issue.. The call quality of this phone is very good.. During calls, voices from both sides can be heard, clearly. And the places where there is a signal problem over there too. It catches signals. Coming to its battery backup. This phone has Marathon Technology that optimizes power and gives 25 more battery backup., And then the chip on this phone is also power. Efficient., The battery backup of this phone is fairly good. On extensive use too. The battery doesnt drain much. During normal usage, its battery, lasts for about two days. And on heavy usage the battery lasts for one and a half day.. This phone comes with a fast charging of 33 Watts.. Its 5000 mAh battery takes around 1.30 minutes to go from 0 to 100. Now lets see how this phone fares in front of others in its category. Realme, 8S and Xiaomi. Note 11T both come with a Dimensity 810 processor, which is an older version of Dimensity 900.. In the same way, Motorola G71 and Vivo T1 too come with SDM 695 processor.

Infinix and Motorola G71. Both come with support for 13 global 5G network bands, whereas Realme 8S Xiaomi Note, 11T and Vivo T1 support only 4 7 and 2 5G network bands respectively.. This Infinix Zero 5G phone comes with a big 6.78 inches screen, whereas its competitors have smaller screens., Leaving aside Vivo T1, which has a 120 Hz refresh rate. The rest phones in this category come with much a lower refresh rate. Now coming to its overall performance. In my opinion, this Infinix phone is the fastest performer in its segment, which easily beats its competitors through its fast and fluid performance.. However, if it had an AMOLED display, it could have been acknowledged as an undisputed leader in its category..