In fact, it creates cinematic footages without need of any expensive equipment. It comes with a price tag of six nine dollars, which makes it the most budgeted gimbal in the market. Lets have a glimpse of the packaging first, on friends, name and picture on the left side are the features which we are gon na discuss in detail and at the back is the packing list and their goodson companys web address and their support, email top and bottom Is the branding lets open it and see whats inside it? First, we find a getting started card and envelope containing moses brand stickers and users manual desiccant to control, moisture and a soft pouch made of premium quality fabric, Music type c charging, cable and a camera control. Cable, a tripod with a standard 1×4 screw Music, and now we take out our gimbal, which is in folded position to open the gimbal. What we need to do is to slide the lock towards the right and rotate the other part anti clockwise to expand it Music. Now you can attach the gimbal onto the tripod for placing on the flat surface Music. Here is the power led indicator and above it, dial is uh operations button and further above it is the joystick on the right side? Is the rocking button for zoom in and zoom out, and there is a trigger button in the front on the left? Is the red power button, beloit type c charging port? You notice that there is another lock to open the mobile phone holder, Music.

There is also a additional usb port to power the phone. Now we insert the cell phone in the holder and try to balance it at the center make sure that the camera is on the opposite side of the gimbals motor. Now we power it up by pressing the red button, and now i place it on the surface to enjoy the full features of the gimbal download, the moza gd app. When you need to fold minions, rotate the upper part clockwise to lock the roller align, the flat part on the pan motor, also unscrew the tripod and place it in the pouch Music. That was the specification. Now we take to a brief tutorial long press, the red power button to turn on the gimbal long press it again to turn it off and short. Presses will go in sleep and wake up mode. The gimbal goes in pan follow mode in default. The mobile phone follows in the horizontal direction and it keeps still in the pitch direction now hold the trigger the gimbal enters in tilt follow mode. The mobile phone follows in the pitch direction: release the trigger to exit roll, follow mode for fpv mode click. The left button twice to enter the fpv mode. The mobile phone follows the roll direction at a maximum angle of 90 degrees click twice again to exit Music, any time press the trigger button twice to return to the default mode, sports gear mode click, the down button twice to enter the spot gear mode, the mobile Phone follows very fast in the horizontal direction: click twice again to exit in sports gear mode, the gimbal is more responsive and it moves more faster to meet the needs of the gaming movements, click the done button three times and the gimbal enters in inception mode.

Move. The joystick, leftwards or rightwards to rotate the mobile phone, the faster you move, the joystick, the faster your mobile phone rotates, but it rotates to a maximum of 315 degrees. If you want to rotate it to hole 360 degrees, you can do it with the twist of your arm to return to the center position, double press the trigger button, and it will go to its default position, all lock mode press twice and hold the trigger to Enter the all lock mode, the three axes are locked. The mobile phone doesnt follow the gimbal movements release the trigger to exit Music. Now we show you some gimbal moves taken with the same gimbal. Please stay with us till the end of this video Music Applause, Music. Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. To conclude, i would say its a great value for money gimbal and its features and its genie app, creates wonders its foldable and easy to carry around battery timing is pretty decent.