So lets get started with our thoughts on the design and display of the oneplus not ce. What we have is a phone that feels solid in the hand, does not compromise in terms of low and to top it off also has an above bar display. We have no curve displays or eye catching camera bumps. Instead, we get a phone that just sits in your palm and looks elegant from the moment. You take the north c5g outfits, retail packaging. The device starts to impress with its finely crafted exteriors at 7.9 mm. The oneplus not c5g, is also the slimmest oneplus smartphone since the launch of the oneplus 6t, its also quite lightweight at 170 grams, which makes it easy to carry around. However, despite its lightweight nature, the phone does not feel toy life, as it has a balanced head to it. Another interesting thing to note here is that oneplus has managed to add a 3.5 mm jack to the device, a feature that was missing from the original oneplus note. Last year, moving to the back of the phone, we have a back panel that flaunts a soft matte finish. This not only makes it look premium, but also nice to touch keeping with the clean scandinavian design language of the device. The back panel features only a small oneplus logo and vertically placed camera setup. As we explained earlier, all these elements come together to create a phone thats as easy on the eyes as it is on the pocket.

Moving on to the display, we have a 6.3 inch fluid amoled panel on the front of the phone. This panel can run a maximum full hd plus resolution. It also offers a high pixel density and is capable of handling fast refresh rates of 90 hertz. Since its an amoled panel in the make theres also support for always on display feature in our time with the device, we found the performance of the display to be quite good. It feels premium and works almost as well as any other panel fitted on a oneplus phone in the past, even under direct sunlight. The display can get plenty bright and also outputs, vibrant and punchy colors. Apart from this, the display also offers good viewing angles text. Legibility is also up to the mark and overall, the display helps the phone emerge as a good option for users looking to buy a device for playing games and watching videos and movies on it. Underneath the hood, the oneplus not ce5g, brings with itself a qualcomm snapdragon 750g chipset, which offers a decent punch in terms of performance. This chipset uses a base configuration of two performance arm: cortex a77 cores clocked at 2.2. Gigahertz sat next to six efficient a55 cores, which run at 1.8 gigahertz for graphics. We have the arduino 619 gpu on the chipset. This chipset also brings support for 5g to the oneplus. Not ce for smooth performance. Oneplus has paid the phone with 12gb of ram on the top end variant of the device.

However, there are also 6gb and 8gb ram variants of the phone. The phone is equally adept at multitasking between lightweight apps Music, as is the case with most oneplus devices. The camera department is one of the major areas of focus with the oneplus naught c. The device gets a triple lens setup, with a primary pixel bend 64 megapixel lens and support for electronic image. Stabilization, the lens flaunts, a good aperture size for decent low light performance, but more on that later, for now lets get through the specifications of the camera setup. Sat next to the primary lens is secondary, ultra wide camera. This is an 8 megapixel lens with a 119 degree field of view and an aperture size of f 2.25 oneplus has also backed this lens with eis for stabilization to make up the numbers, we also have a 2 megapixel mono lens on the device. The setup is backed by oneplus camera software. That brings a number of features to the table. As for performance, the two main lenses are a bit of a mixed bag. Talking about the primary lens, we got good daytime performance and decent low light results in well lit conditions, pictures come out, vibrant and with accurate colors. These shots also offer good dynamic range pictures clicked using the primary lens offer a good amount of detail to ensure there is little loss, even if you zoom or crop an image. Much of what we observe about the primary lens is also true for the ultrawide lens pictures like using this lens in daytime generally came out.

Fine, the ultrawide lens manages to do what it promises as it increases the scope of the frame at the press of a button and enables the user to click sweeping views thanks to its 119 degree field of view such as portrait and nightscape. Both these modes significantly improve the usability of the phones, cameras with the former clicking nice bokeh shots with creamy blur effect, while the latter enhancing the quality of image in low light conditions. During our time with the oneplus note, we clicked a number of low light shots with the nightscape mode, enabled the resultant images showed improvement in detail, proving that oneplus camera software was not just artificially brightening up images by increasing exposure time, but was actually stitching together. Multiple images to create a master image with improved detail, highlights and shadows Music on to the battery department. The oneplus not c5g, provided expected results. The phone does just about enough to hold its own, even if it doesnt go with the extra mile to help itself stand out from the cloud. The phone comes with a 4500 mah battery pack that also promises 30 watt fast charging. However, before you can actually get to the charging of the device, the phones, energy, efficient, chipset and its highly optimized ui ensure there is little battery train when you are doing simple tasks like texting. Browsing the web or even video calling the north ce5g battery also handles videos well with the phone returning over 15 hours of runtime during a video loop test.

So if youre, a medium heavy user and your phones average day includes streaming content from netflix clicking photos and browsing the internet, then the oneplus note c5g should easily get you through a day and some more that was our review of the oneplus naught ce 5g.