We are using this phone for 7 8 days. The full review is gon na, be a bit different. You are going to enjoy this, but before that, if youre new to the channel Make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on the notifications as soon as we upload a new video Generally OPPO phones, especially the Reno series, are very good. Looking the display cameras are really good But Ill. Tell you what the looks of this phone are next level I mean seriously. I am indoors now look at this now Im outdoors. We used this phone without a case because youll need to flaunt it when you use it. That is what youll do all the time. It is really good. Looking they have given attention to each small detail. If you look at the camera module, which is dual tone, it has flat sides And Ill. Tell you one interesting thing: its pro variant, OPPO Reno6 Pro had curved edges and normal Reno6 had flat edges In this phone. They have done. The complete opposite. Pro has flat sides since 1 year, flat sides have become popular, People have started liking it more, But the implementation of this phone is really good. The sides are chamfered and are very light. So, even if you hold this phone for a longer time, You wont have any problem. They wont dig into your hands, feels very comfortable, So a big thumbs up when it comes to looks.

Looks modern from the back and not just from the back talking about the display. It looks modern from every angle. Look at the display. It looks a bit squarish. And I say it looks modern because it has an AMOLED screen, so the display is high quality. The bezels are flat, too. Excellent from the front, and not just about looks, but I wan na say this. Clearly it shouldve had 120Hz. It has 90Hz, Which has its own advantages and about that Ill, be talking moving ahead in the video, but this is an AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The advantage of having flat sides is the accidental touches, while gaming are avoided so thats a good thing of having flat sides. The screen size is manageable. 6.5. It does not have 6.7 or 6.2 its just the right size.. If you look at this display, while outdoors, it is quite bright Now Ill turn the brightness up to 100 and the colors look great. So even in bright sunlight, you can easily read the icons and texts. Even watching movies outdoors wont be a problem, so design and display are the 2 big highlights of the phone, And the display is really important for multimedia. As I already said, you get stereo speakers in the pro variant and Because the audio and display are top notch. The multimedia experience is really good and we used a lot of wireless earphones, So it also supports LDAC. So if you want to listen to high quality music and your earphones are of good quality, then youll love.

The audio quality Now lets talk about the performance. In fact, let me play a game. We played COD a lot more than BGMI and we got a continuous 55 60 fps And the gameplay was extremely smooth and the reason the performance was really good was this comes on Dimensity 1200, With 12GB 256GB. This is a capable combination for gaming. I wont say this is out and out gaming phone, but youll enjoy gaming on this phone. I wan na talk about gaming. This has a gaming mode, you can see the FPS and not only that you can boost your TSR Up to 1000 Hz. You notice the difference. You can feel the smoothness and touch responsiveness. There is also a 7GB virtual RAM, so the total RAM goes up to 19GB.. Now lets talk about the battery, some will say it: shouldve had 5000mAh, but then the weight wouldve been more. So this has a 4500mAh battery. It has a 6nm power, efficient processor, so it can last 1 day. 20 30 will still be remaining by the end Of the day and fast charging is also available. So it charges fully in 35, mins OPPO claims. It takes 31 mins, but it took us 35 mins for a full charge. The thermals are really good because youre charging at 65W, but still it doesnt, get warm., And even while gaming, the phone did not heat too much. The one thing that was a stand out for me was the haptic feedback is really good.

If you compare phones in this price range, This one is really good. Talking about the network, we inserted a sim card and there were no call drops, and even the quality of the earpiece was quite good. It doesnt have an IP rating, but the sim card tray does have a gasket. So if it drops in water you remove it right away. You shouldnt have any problem at the back. We have a 50MP primary sensor, 8MP ultra wide and 2MP macro, And even if it looks like it has 4 cameras, it only has 3. Just wait for low light photos. Look at the 2x photo by the primary sensor. The colors are beautiful, but if you look at the ultra wide theres, a slight color shift, So the ultra wide colors are a bit washed out, but the primary camera has a great dynamic range and the post processing Is more focused towards natural. So the colors do not pop out the colors in reality are exactly how they turn out in photos, But the night mode of this phone was more impressive. For me, turn off the lights. Lets click photos in low light., So this is low light. So if you look at the camera, theres not much light First Ill click on normal mode. Look at this. The picture is totally dark. And now lets try with night mode. Look at this photo. I clicked this under the same lighting conditions and the normal photo has a lot of grains, but in night mode look at the difference.

The secondary camera is of Sony IMX 355, which is 8MP, I wont say, the photos are soft, even the dynamic range is good. And the sky looks purple in ultra wide. It looks good, but the color shifts a bit 50MP is really good. The OIS shouldve been there in 50MP. You get a lot of AI features. You also get so loop templates, so you can easily post short videos on social media, But it is capped at 4K30fps. It doesnt have 60fps shouldve been there.. Slow motion is 960fps, but you can shoot videos in short, bursts only, but it works. Well. I wan na talk about the selfie camera 99 of the people are going to love the post processing of the selfie camera. The skin tone, dynamic range and clarity are really great.. I have used a lot of OPPO phones and the dynamic range has really improved. I dont have any complaints regarding the selfie. It has worlds first, IMX, 709 sensor, post processing is also good., But video shooting shouldve had 4K. Even the 60fps would be better.. I wan na show you some interesting thing. While clicking a selfie. The FOV automatically changes. If youre clicking a group photo Lets talk about the OS, i personally like ColorOS, it does have a lot of pre installed, apps, which you can uninstall. It is not at all buggy. So no complaints regarding the OS.The breathing light is a big feature that you can customize in settings.

. It also blinks when a call comes also, it can blink when a notification comes., So the breathing not only blinks while charging, but also for other features as well. If you want to make a statement about the looks, if you want a good display and good multimedia and you click a lot of selfies, this phone is for you, I wont say this is a out an out performance based phone, because, if youre paying Rs 40K, You expect a top of the line performance, But this is an all rounder phone. Except the 120Hz. Everything is good. The price is Rs 40K, because it is 12GB 256GB variant. We did this video slightly in a different way.